How Long Does It Take Gut Bacteria To Recover After Antibiotics?

How Long Does It Take Gut Bacteria To Recover After Antibiotics?

Eric Bakker Naturopath. Thanks for coming back. We’re going to talk about, How Long it Takes
Your Gut to Recover After a Round of Antibiotics. A study was conducted and published in a journal
in October last year, I think it’s called Nature, well Nature Microbiology or Nature’s
Microbiology. They got a hold of 12 guys, basically. These guys were given antibiotics for four
days. These would be a similar type of antibiotic
cocktail that many people who are watching this will have received after some type of
medical treatment, okay. Often if they’re in ICU, the Intensive Care
Unit, or they go to the emergency room, and they’ve had some bad infection or something,
and they could be given a cocktail of antibiotics. What they do is they analyze the guy’s stool
directly after the four day treatment, and then a few weeks after, and then six months
later they analyzed the stool. They were horrified to discover that yes,
the microbiome did recover in most cases with these 12 men. But in all 12 cases, guess what they found? They found up to nine or more species of bacteria
that were completely gone and never came back. Well after, even six months after the antibiotics,
these species never came back. This is nine types of bacteria sitting in
those digestive system of those men that was permanently eradicated, never to come back. Imagine round after round after round of antibiotic
how you trash the gut, how you wreck it. It’s like getting hold of a really nice condo
or apartment and then getting scumbag after scumbag in there who just keeps trashing and
trashing the place more to the point where it’s uninhabitable, okay. That’s what happens to the gut with recurring
rounds of antibiotics. You just trashed the gut, completely destroy
it. Please, if you’re watching this I’m pleading
with you, don’t go on repeated rounds of antibiotics. It’s no different than pointing your… a
gun towards your head with one bullet in the chamber and keep on clicking, okay. To me, it’s no different. It’s insane. Round after round, it just doesn’t make sense. Why would you want to trash your gut to the
point where species no longer come back? What they also discovered in these guys was
within a six month period they found bacteria were coming back with spores, and no doubt
they would’ve found yeasts. They found several other species in the gut
of these men that they never had before, so it shows you when you take out good guys you
make room for bad stuff to come up. That’s what often happens is these spore forming
bacteria are not really good ones to have in your gut, so if you can avoid antibiotics
for routine things like dental exams, or little cuts, or scrapes, you should really avoid
them if you can because to me it’s not good, especially not for your future, all right. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget, you can click on the link below
and there is a PDF for you in the description box. Thank you.

10 Replies to “How Long Does It Take Gut Bacteria To Recover After Antibiotics?”

  1. Is there any hope for me? I took tripple therapy for h. Pylori for 2 weeks. How long do you think it will take to fully recover?

  2. My doctor has me on 3 different antibiotics. I can’t digest probiotic foods like raw milk, Kim chi or anything without getting really nauseous now.
    I told him the last time I took antibiotics it didn’t work out so well for my digestion and he looked at me like I was speaking a different language.

  3. I've been taking antifungals and prebiotics lately, but hadn't really took care of my diet properly due to school and improper sleep routine. Guess i gotta wait till i finally graduate to really follow strict anti candida protocol

  4. Thank you for spending the time making these wonderful videos!! Just wondering, so after long-term antibiotic use (1-2 years), such as with Lyme's disease, can you still recover from Candida, brain fog, etc. or is your gut just so damaged that you'll likely partially recover and not rid the Candida or brain fog completely because of this damage from the long-trem antibiotics? Thank you!!

  5. Well Mr Bakker, how can we get those eliminated bacterias back to our gut? Can we get them back with probiotics or is it really a permanent thing?

  6. This was such a nice and informative video! Dear Mr. Bakker, so you say that the gut never fully recovers? I am not likely to take antibiotics, but approx every 1 or 2 years I run into something for what I sadly need to take them.
    I take/took probiotics, doesnt that resolve the question?
    I have another thing I would like to ask: I am taking a selenium/garlic capsule 2-3 times a week. Can I take them at the same time with probiotics? My Mom says I shouldnt worry as they are other kind of bacteria, but my Mom is not a doctor. Would you please share your insights?
    Thank you so much <3

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