Basically my whole life I was always a fat kid Middle school. Everybody would always flick my nipple give me purple nurples if those guys I also know the feeling of walking in school and then if the wind blows on your shirt you’re like pulling down on your shirt because you don’t want people to see your Physique through the shirt man. It’s high school suck So let’s get into this all right, how long does it actually take for you to get rid of your gynecomastia So if you do not know already, my name is Jeff kidding If it’s the first time on this channel be sure to subscribe because I’m gonna make lots of videos in regards to the topic of Well getting rid of your gynecomastia and just being happy with your body All right, so I’m gonna make a lot of fitness videos a lot of diet tips and a lot of no fat videos So all in all this channel is gonna help you tremendously so subscribe the whole long does it take you to get rid of your gynecomastia a little back story of how I Started this whole gynecomastia or getting rid of journey. I guess you could say it’s back in. Well, basically my whole life I was always a fat kid Middle school, everybody would always flick my nipple. Give me purple nurples if those guys and in high school I was insecure just because I didn’t want to take off my shirt During the gym just during high school Activities like PE. There you go physical ed or even being in the locker room I was embarrassed to take off my shirt because I know that these other truckers are gonna So well basically scare my man boobies it make me feel uncomfortable. All right I also know the feeling of walking in school and then if the wind blows on your shirt, you’re like pulling down on your shirt because you don’t want people to see your Physique through the shirt man. It’s high school sucked. I know even a college that probably is the same issue So if you’re – look at me right now here – look at my chest If I don’t know if I have like there’s still some residual Fat on my chest. I still consider it man boobs, but I mentally but I mentally got over Having man boobs. All right. I almost feel like it’s all So unique quality that I have that but not much other guys have but in reality a lot of guys have bamboo Pictrain my intro is actually me in high school. That was the heaviest I’ve ever been. That was me at around to 80 Probably a little less in that picture I actually got a little fatter than that a few months later but that was me around 280 and the after shots or the after picture of me in the Introduction was the me like last year alright so you guys saw my man boobs back then and I was fat and my physique now is Want to be less embarrassed of all, right So how long did it take me to get rid of my man boots, but what you need to understand is that your body is? Made of three things. All right skeleton Muscle or your organs or whatever tissue with there you go skeleton tissue and fat That’s the main thing that your body is made of or the composition I guess you can see I’m not going to get into the whole micro level and say yeah, it’s 90% water. Whatever, right? But that’s what it is. All right. Matt boobs is part of the fat that is on your body all right again, I know there’s guys who’s gonna talk about real gynecomastia and pseudo gynecomastia Pseudo gynecomastia is basically the fat and real gynecomastia is basically actual Tits real breast tissue. All right, how you can tell the difference feel it feel behind your nipples Alright, don’t don’t get don’t let yourself from it, but feel behind your nipples. Alright, and if there is a Hard substance, then it’s most likely real breast tissue before you consider surgery let’s try this first the route that I took okay, which is changing a physique changing your lifestyle and developing a well masculine physique if you will before Before before you even consider surgery, okay, so knowing that So knowing that there’s two types of breast tissue Breast tissue the first step to take is try your best to get rid of body fats by getting rid of body fat you are second handily gonna get rid of breast tissue or a fat tissue on your chest so much brings me to the Main point is that do some weight first? All right. Let’s lose some weight. Let’s try to die. It. Lets die in exercise Alright, if you are a person who are very very fat. All right, you most likely have man boobs so if you’re my size in the before picture It could honestly take you around 3 months 3 to form 1 to get rid of your man boost And To develop a physique where it’s well pretty much less embarrassing one where it’s a little bit more lean and your chest fat is gonna disappear and You can take off your shirt with a little less embarrassment around three to four months It all depends on how much body fat is on your body so how do we get rid of body fat diet and exercise there is a lot a lot a lot a lot of Different routes of diet and exercise. Ok, there’s people who eat six meals a day. There’s people who eat three meals a day There’s people who eat one meal a day. There’s people who eat zero meals a day fasting. All right, there is different routes. I Tried them all I tried them all. Okay, and me personally found that fasting works better for me So one of the main things we realize is that if you pick a route to losing weight aka Losing your manboobs and the key is is to stick with it. Okay, and to full handedly full handedly Commit to that route. Alright, so one day you can’t be doing fasting into the next day be like, you know, what? I don’t think fasting works and then do six meals a day. No, no, no. No. Alright stick with one There’s also more science behind it If you’re gonna do six meals a day or three meals a day and you gotta consider calories if you’re gonna do one meal a day you semi can consider calories But you don’t really have to you have not already ad me an Instagram DM me and let’s talk about how I can help you To lose your manboobs. All right, Jeff getting on Instagram add me right now. What is the average weight? You could lose per week Alright, so me and the before picture I was losing around probably three two to three pounds per week Okay, and that was me actually doing doing the whole 46 meals a day kind of thing All right, working out 45 days a week actually five to six I don’t want to get too into detail about what? Workouts what workouts I did that’s for another video if you guys want to see that video comment down below Let me know what you guys want to watch in regards to gynecomastia Again, I got some requests to do some vlogs This is considered a vlog right but I’m gonna do a full day vlog in regards to gynecomastia Alright guys, so case in point. How long does it take you – well lose your manboobs It could take her on three to four months even less it all depends on how much body fat you have on you all right, the picture of me use that as a Scale that you guys could scale from the picture of me back then that I got rid of my man boobs in Approximately a summer two to four months of diet and exercise. I became a little bit leaner and It was less embarrassing to take off My shirt Oh, another thing to keep in mind is that some people actually naturally hold on to fat on their chest right me I’m an example I naturally hold on to fat on my chest like it’s dose off right it’s fine if I was to diet and exercise even harder and really commit to becoming lean I could definitely shred off majority even more fat off my chest and Probably look like one of those Instagram models, which is lame. Hope this answers your question that’s how long it took me and If you’re to diet and exercise You could lose two three four pounds per week it all depends again on how your diet and exercise is if you guys want more help DM me on Instagram and Comment down below. Alright, let this channel help you guys in regards to gynecomastia and losing those mad boobs. Okay I hope this video is helpful. So guys since you’re here again, be sure to like this video. Be sure to comment down below I probably said that a million times in this video and if you have not already subscribed So you guys get to stay tuned and be part of this community of no FAP and basically bettering yourself All right, better yourself bettering your life and become the man you’re meant to be. So guys. Thank you so much for your time Remember, whatever choice you’re going through. It’s all uphill from here So guys thanks again for tuning in as always god bless. You have the plan D ever

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