How Michael Cured His Prostate and Bladder Cancer at Holistic Bio Spa

How Michael Cured His Prostate and Bladder Cancer at Holistic Bio Spa

JAKE: Hi Mike, this is doctor Jake Ames of Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Could you tell us your story how you came here? MIKE: Well in August of last year, which was 2017, I was diagnosed with malignant invasive bladder cancer. I was told that if I didn’t have very major surgery with major organs removed along with chemotherapy and radiation, that I had about two years to live and that I, in all likelihood, would end up wearing a bladder bag on the exterior of me for the rest of my life. Uh, that didn’t appeal to me at all! I decided that the establish medical cure or procedure for that was probably as bad as the disease! So I’ve been researching alternatives. I came across the Holistic Bio Spa and I was very fortunate in running across Dr. Ame and in following his protocols which at first I was more than a little skeptical of. But basically, the comment that he made that really tipped the scale for me was:
“Try it for 30 days; you’re, gonna know if the protocols are gonna work for you.
What have you got to lose?” I didn’t have a thing to lose. So I decided to try it. I knew after 10 days the protocols were working. I’ve now been on those protocols for about a couple of hundred days. I would guess a little over six months. The results have been remarkable! After 10 days on the protocols I knew it was working; after somewhere between 60 and 90 days all the symptoms of cancer had disappeared. Um – my concerns went from: ‘Am I going to survive this cancer?’
to: ‘Hey, I’ve had this enlarged prostate for 20 years, THAT IS improving! The bursitis in my shoulders is improving!’ So it it’s kind of amazing how in that fairly short period of time, my expectations went from wanting to remain alive and not have a rather unpleasant demise; to having some long term chronic problems resolved as well. And for that, I really have have to thank Dr. Ames and his low-cost protocols and the Holistic Bio Spa working with Dr. Ames. The other thing I’d like to mention too is, I keep referring to these as low-cost protocols. In the 9 – 10 months now, I guess, that I’ve been on these protocols, my total expenditure has been LESS THAN ONE CO-PAY would have been for ONE dose of chemotherapy. So I’ll give you some idea of the cost benefit, besides that, I have retained health better than I had 15 years ago. JAKE: “I understand you were urinating around every 10 minutes day and night”.
MIKE: Yes, it got really really bad Uh, I was… most nights… I was getting up (I wasn’t sleeping well at all!) But I was, even when I wasn’t sleeping I was getting up 10 to 13 times a night.
Now I currently, (mostly or about half the nights) I sleep through without getting up. The other half with rare exception I’ll get up once; and once in a great while I’ll get up twice. And that really depends on what I consume that evening. I’ve cheated a little bit and I have a couple of beers now and then, those tend to be the nights I get up twice.
JAKE: “If you look at the statistics of 49% of men in the world between age 40 and 50 already have prostate cancer. 85% percent of them will never know it, so it’s possible that you had prostate cancer in addition to an enlarged prostate.”
MIKE: I think that is highly likely. You had mentioned that before. At the 6-month point in this process, I went back to the same doctor that did the original ultrasound of the bladder and the prostate and I had him redo those exams and the ultrasound of the bladder showed that the full bladder showed no abnormal or maladies or tumors. The empty bladder showed that I was loading most of my urine. As well as a prostate had shrunk about 15% in 6 months. The doctor was pretty surprised about those results! That was in February, it’s now June and I can tell you from that, I’ve continued to progress and continue to do better. I’m sure the prostate has shrunk some more since then. So that’s very likely that we did have cancer of the prostate and that’s why I’m getting that size reduction JAKE: “I understand that you also have been plagued with asthma, a long time”.
MIKE: I’ve been plagued with asthma since I was a toddler and ever since a drug called ‘servent’ came out which is probably 35-34 years ago. I had been on a daily dose of that forever. It was just a part of my life and following these protocols my asthma just faded away, it’s gone! I haven’t had any medication for asthma at all. ZERO. None, zero. And zero, zip asthma now for probably 6 months, or more!
JAKE: “This is quite amazing! Also, of all of the therapy that you got here at the Bio Spa, they’re non-toxic therapies, there’s no drugs involved.”
MIKE: That’s correct, it’s all all natural things. That that’s why I was so skeptical because everything I had heard of was — you had to have surgery, you had to have radiation, you had to have chemotherapy. I never heard any real success stories about the holistic approach before I started talking to you folks at Holistic Bio Spa. JAKE: “You have anything else to say, Michael?” MIKE: Other than, if you’re having a problem like I am, you’re absolutely NUTS, for not checking this option out!
ZOLI: “So, would you recommend Holistic Bio Spa?” Oh, yeah! That’s that’s exactly what I’m saying! The downside to this… there isn’t any! It’s all upside: the minimal cost and time that you’re gonna spend and investigating this and seeing if it works. Okay, look at me, I was facing a very major operation. I was told that operation could take 10 to 12 hours. What would involve multiple teams of surgeons. I don’t know what it would cost but, it would be in the States, anyway it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time you were done with this. Okay, then you can move on, you get to have radiation and chemotherapy is as a backup to it. Okay and this whole thing [at Holistic Bio Spa] has cost me less than one copay for ONE –not one *round* of chemo– one *treatment* of chemotherapy! ZOLI: “Excellent, Michael! Thank you so much. May we post this on YouTube?
MIKE: You can post it anywhere you want that will help people!
ZOLI: “Thank you so very much!” MIKE: Okay

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  1. Congratulations! I am so happy you followed your intuition and found an alternative healing protocol at Holistic Bio Spa! YAY!!!

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