How music therapy changed my life

How music therapy changed my life

(music) Hi. I’m Keenan. Or you
can call me KJ for short. I have sprue palsy and psychosis. I
struggle to correct the false realities of my illness. Before
music therapy there was a lot of struggle. A lot of things I
didn’t understand. I had puzzling thoughts. And when I
concentrated too much, those thoughts turn into nightmares.
When I met Tony and started music therapy, it was like I
jumped into deep water and started swimming. (Tony) What’s
our thing? You had an idea. (KJ) Okay, my idea is something
jazzy. (Tony) Jazzy. K. Do you want like, happy jazzy? (KJ)
Happy jazz sounds good. Yeah. (Tony plays piano)
(KJ sings) With Tony’s help, music therapy helped me to heal. Music takes
me on a journey where I feel safe. And I can express myself
freely and openly without judgment from human eyes. I am
free to be myself, and not what anyone else wants me to be. In
the music I create, I hope to pass the same effect that music
had on me to someone else. I love music. Music is my world.

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  1. This You Tube by KJ is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.  It gives hope to so many other children faced with so many challenges.  Good Job KJ – love you much. Your talent will indeed take you on a special musical journey . .and so will the people watching this – will travel with KJ.  Now this is raw-grit talent.  Are you watching TV WORLD.  Take a long bite out of this true story.

    Venice and Pat Perry

  2. Music heals the soul. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing each other, in psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs, in grace singing in your hearts to the Lord 3:16

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