How POWERFUL is Hypnotism ? | Motivational Videos | Personality Development | BV Pattabhiram

How POWERFUL is Hypnotism ? | Motivational Videos | Personality Development | BV Pattabhiram

Greetings! Welcome to Pattabhi Ramabanam. Today we are going to
discuss about hypnotism. In the comments which I am getting, every week nearly 50 to 60 people are
asking to teach them hypnotism, and to tell them about hypnotism
and what is hypnotism? Okay, in the coming edition
we will discuss about hypnotism. Today we discuss What is hypnotism? What is hypnotism? People think that hypnotism
is a skill of mental manipulation, a skill of putting a person in one’s
control, it is a part of magic. Like in hypnosis, if we do like this
people are taken under a spell. These are in promotions,
ofbmovies if they do like this. If a magician does like this,
a man will stand up. There is no relation with these acts and that. Hypnosis means not an awesome
and impossible energy. There are five important rules in hyptonism. If you know about these five rules then
you will have a clear idea about this hypnosis. First one, hypnotism is not sleep,
it is a sleep like stage. Today I am not saying what hypnotism is? I am saying what is not hypnotism. The first rule is,
it is not a sleep. Going into sleep
and doing something. No one can do anything. If they wish to do,
if they want to do they will do. That is the first principle. Second principle, we can not hypnotise
anybody against his or her will. We can not hypnotise the person
who says ‘let us see you hypnotise me.’ Some people ask me
‘come on hypnotise me.’ I will say it is impossible,
he will say try once. It means hypnosis means we should
not have resistence inside us. Here surrender,
surrendering means, To leave the cigarettes,
I will listen to you. To get rid of fear
I will listen to you. We should surrender in that way, we should
not surrender totally and do what ever they say. The third important rule is, It is not an occult science,
it is like yogic sleep. It is like meditation. Every one thinks that occult means
infinite power mainly hypnotised people. You can see in pictures like this and
I showed in my picture also wheels. What it means, We should do like that or else
it became an emblem to hypnotism. To say symbolically circles
refers to hypnotism, seeing like that. It does not have any relation to that and this. For some things,
certain signs remain. Next 4th one, we can not
hypnotise criminals to elicit truth. Some people asks me
even some police officers ask. Sir, I have one person he is not saying truth
hyptonise him and elicit the truth. If we hypnotise and elicit, if a hypnoitist has that much power,
every police station in the world will have one hypnotist
on the job. If I want to hypnotise you, firstly you should think that
I am ready to be hypnotised. They should be prepared that
I am ready to say my inner words. Why would a criminal accept?
So we should not try criminals. Some times some people come to me
and ask sir my daughter loved an idiot. You hypnotise and get him off her mind. No sir, it will not happen,
if I hypnotise love will be incresaed. In our clinic instead of such routine
problems there is a major problem. What that is, People ask me to hypnotise them, no matter what,
I will give all the money you want. Here to get hypnosis, it is just not
reading chants or giving an injection. Stare at a light and not all these things. They have more trust. Sir, hypnotise me and
tell me who I was in a previous birth. Nothing is there like that,
I have done P.hD. at Osmaina University. My paper was corrected by three Forigeners. He will do, let him do. Whenever anything happened means,
we should think logically. Suppose I hypotise him, by saying that in a previous birth you were a
farmer and you were murdered by some people. You feel very happy,
that they killed very good person. Where is the proof? Once I sent a boy. After hypnotise he said that in
previous birth you are a doctor. As you are helping others,
you compitetors made a plan and killed you. He felt very happy and
he came to me and said, you are thinking something,
but it is correct sir. I said grow a beard and go back after one month. You visit again, he visited after three months,
those people did not maintain any records. Okay he visited, as soon as he visited
he wa hypnotised again and was told, You were a diamond seller in a previous birth,
as you are diamond seller some one had kidnapped you. He suddenly came out and
said, “previously you said I was a doctor.” That hypnotist was suddenly shocked. What I said was about an even more
previous birth. You can visit any number of times. This happened in Rajasthan. Then he said sir, how many money minded people
are there means, not money minded cheaters. Remember that. Fifth important rule is, Once we hypnotise we cannot make them to do
things against their deep rooted moral principles. By surrendering themselves through hypnosis. Forcibly doing and “you are giving
me all your money in your pocket.” You will be going like that and
in these days I saw in the movies. You will hypnotise him
and you will kill him. He will go like that and
kill him and come back. See somnablistic state is there,
that is walking in sleep. But no one do false things in that stage. How much serious this hypnosis is, So that British Government has banned this,
this can not be done by signing fake degrees. Some people in Gujarath,
Delhi do hypnotism during MBBS. How much portion of hypnotism
will be there in MBBS? Not even one chapter. If they have done M.D., M.Sc., means its okay,
but the thing is it is a special science. Infact what they said in US
when I am taking training was, you should not even know about Medicine. Why because if the person
does not get hypnotised, you feel like giving him an injection. So, remember these are five
principles for hypnotism. In this while hypnotising
we should make everyone stand like this, This was the program
done by me in Mandapeta. I would give suggestions,
they will call induction. Relax.. relax.. relax. Like a mother’s lullaby. After sometime some will sleep,
some fall down and some will stay like that. Then we call it lethargic stage,
then we do a small test. Then the hand is numb,
it is only a suggestion. You don’t have any type of sensation. At that time, if we poke them with a
sterilized pin or what ever may be. If we show any smell and say this is
your favourite smell means they will listen. He is Ankleswar,
these are arranged by Pharma company. This is about 30 years back. Then next stage is called
hallucination stage. Here, if we say that you are good dancer. They will do the dance what they
know, see in that picture now. Some are doing dances and
some or standing like that. In that dance only some are playing
guitar and some are doing like this. They will do what they know. Some will be like going to war. It is called hallucination. And third is somnambulistic state. Here walking in his sleep and
treatment should be given here. It mean you don’t have
fears from today onwrads. You will not be afraid of lizard or a bull. you will not repeat the same work. You will not wash your hands 10 times. You don’t like to wash. You will be angry if you wash. Like this based on the suggestion,
here a small thing. If these people previously
used psychiatric medicines. or else if they come in middle with treatment,
this hypnotism does not works. Why because after this psychiartist stage. Psychiartist means ultimate,
no treatment works after their treatment. This is just for learning that’s it. After going to them we should continue. In our India many people use psychiatric
medicines and stop them in the middle. Why because our neighbour
said those are sleeping pills. They don’t know and
doctors know when to stop. They will do in a phased manner. So, in the same way,
to make this popular, I requested Jandhyala that all are
saying it is necromancy, or else black magic, with me he made a small
concept like what is hypnosis? in 2006, that girl
Sri Lakshmi knows cooking, but doesn’t. So, here we established in the story. We did not make her do some impossible work,
we asked her to do something she already knows. In the same way after going into
a deep trance in Swetha Naagu film. We hypnotised her and cured her fears
of snakes and all. In this way it is only used for good. Not like that if we do that and this means, After this Soundarya, regularly
every one has problems in shootings. When she is free,
she used to relax. So, remember one thing. Hypnotism is not a black magic,
we can not hypnotise every one. We can not hypnotise
where ever we want. This is one of the scientifically
proven science. Okay, let us talk what can we do
with this next week. Greetings! I am very happy that you are
watching this regularly. If we want to make this program
much better, all of you watch this program,
comment and tell how to improve it. Along with that, don’t forget, share this with your friends
and relatives. Share this and make them subscribe. I, them and the society will be
benefit from this.

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