How Studying Holistic Nutrition Changed My Life

veggie mani freak hello this is Anne from veggie mini freak and today I’m coming to you from the red couch as usual but we’re going to be talking about an exciting topic a lot of people ask me about my holistic nutrition studies so I just wanted to make a video to talk to you guys a little bit about that if that’s something that interests you and maybe I can inspire you because it’s certainly something that has changed my life and so I’m happy to share all about that so a little bit of backstory here I’m actually a voice-over artist and a performer and about four years ago I had this epiphany and I realized that I really wanted to study nutrition basically I was at a point in my life where I was kind of searching for something and I didn’t exactly know what and I knew that I loved food and health and nutrition and just life optimization and spirituality and all these things my friend Deanna recommended this institute to me and so after a bunch of research I started studying holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which we call iin so here are some of the reasons why I chose to study at I and first of all it’s holistic there are so many different things that nourish you as a human and it’s not just food it’s your lifestyle it’s exercise in your your habits and your spirituality and all these kinds of things that really contribute to your health and well-being and I really appreciated that this goal was all about looking at all of those aspects secondly its online so I was in Paris studying at an institute in New York via my iPad amazing plus I saw that this Institute had lecturers planned by so many different people that I admire and that I had already been studying Auto D tactically like Alicia Silverstone and Yul Barnard and Julia Cameron David Wolfe all these people that are such powerful influences and I saw that they were on the roster so I was excited about that but also what’s specifically really cool about I again is that they also provide business training so part of the curriculum you learn how to be a health coach but also about how to run any sort of business which has helped me so much with creating veggie mini feet with Chloe but also the coaching skills that have come through studying III and have been extremely helpful for me as a person really in my relationships and they talk a lot about psychology and different questions to ask to be a more mindful listener and a better communicator so that was a huge perk of studying at AI an versus other schools [Music] so is I am vegan no it’s not a vegan Institute it kind of teaches all these different types of eating styles among them vegan vegetarian it talks about all sorts of different eating theories because iodine is all about this idea of bio individuality which you know is interesting I think it’s important when you work in the nutrition field and in the Wellness field to understand all the different theories and all the different ideas about nutrition and eating and it really makes you a stronger professional I think that being said I went into studying integrative nutrition as a vegan and came out of it a year later feeling even more solid in my convictions and in my choices as a Whole Foods plant-based vegan so you can say it I an regardless of which camp you fall in but you’re gonna learn about different types of dietary choices that being said I’m also looking forward to doing more plant-based certifications I’m looking into the T Colin Campbell school that is a partnership with Cornell that’s really interesting to me I would love to do that one day and then there’s also the Victoria Moran vegan lifestyle Academy which is really interesting so if you study that either of those places let me know in the comments below and let me know about your experiences I’m certainly a lifelong learner and I’m so passionate about food and wellness and you know plant-based lifestyle so let me [Music] so it’s studying holistic nutrition for you maybe you’re wondering it may be and it may not be here are some of the reasons why it might be something you want to look into maybe you’re constantly struggling with say health issues and you don’t understand why and you’ve suffered a lot just with the way your body works or doesn’t work and I could provide you with a lot of whys and how’s and give you tools to kind of do your own detective work about your own health or maybe you’re just dissatisfied in your career and life and you’re interested in pursuing some sort of new career path maybe you want to study holistic nutrition and become a health coach or you might end up creating a wellness movement like Chloe and I have the possibilities are endless I certainly feel that I derive so much satisfaction from sharing health and how to improve your quality of life that’s something that makes me sleep well at night or maybe your family has been plagued by sickness and disease and you want to get to the bottom of it and you’re not just expecting that just is something that happens and you want to learn more about prevention or different lifestyle habits that can affect the function of your body so you could be sort of a panacea for your family kind of elevate the overall health and well-being of those around you or maybe you’re just curious and the lifelong learner I think that was me initially and yet setting iin allowed me to blossom and it totally changed my life and kind of allowed me to find my life purpose and I think being curious about nutrition or health or well-being or just lying to elevate your life is there a great reason to to study anything that you’re interested in that being said it is a year commitment and you’ll probably work between say 4 to 10 hours per week depending on the module and depending on your schedule but it is flexible which is really cool so I was able to work and do voiceover at the same time as I was doing my integrative nutrition studies so that’s my experience studying holistic nutrition it’s been a real life changer a game-changer it’s changed my career path it’s allowed me to hey start this channel with Chloe and of course Benji minifee so it’s been amazing and I just wanted to share that with everyone so there you have it if you’re interested in the holistic nutrition I’ll leave some links below in the youtube comments box so you can check out a lot of different things and if you use my name and Christine when you enroll you get a bunch of different bonuses which are really exciting so I’ll put those below as well so you can peruse them and I think it goes without saying that studying holistic nutrition was one of the best things I’ve ever done and so I’m pretty passionate about it of course if you have any more questions about what it means to study holistic nutrition or anything leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you also if you feel it maybe you’d like to work with a holistic health coach let me know I’ll also leave some information below on a wonderful one that I know I don’t currently work one-on-one with clients because I’ve got my hands full building veggie mini feet with Chloe but in the future one never knows so make sure to join us over the blog at veggie feet com we are on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram the links are in the comments box below thank you all so much for watching I hope that this video has been useful to you and may be answered some questions or created some questions in your mind and make sure to give this video a thumbs up and we will see you next week bye [Music]

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