How to Clean Up Your Kidneys 4 Easy Herbal Home Remedies

How to Clean Up Your Kidneys   4 Easy Herbal Home Remedies

In the same way you wash your skin clean with
soap and water, if you follow these 4, easy, steps, you’ll be able to clean up your kidneys
and take good care of them. Using just herbs and all natural home remedies,
cleansing your kidneys will be an easy and effective process. In this video, I’ll show you how to detox
your kidneys without the need for expensive ingredients or tools. Hello and welcome, this is Katherine from
00Kidney. Why is it so important to keep your kidney
healthy? A lot of people think that they are already
taking enough care of their kidneys, drinking plenty of water and avoiding processed foods. Still, there’s a chance you could be experiencing
symptoms like chronic fatigue, bloating, urinary tract infections, back pain, bad taste in
the mouth, itchy or dry skin. This is because the kidneys play a crucial
role for the overall wellbeing of your body. When the kidneys are overburdened, wastes
and toxins start building up in your body, causing many symptoms. Even with a good diet, there’s a chance of
a calcium oxalate or struvite buildup in the kidneys. These buildups are dangerous. The longer you let them grow, the more at
risk you are for kidney stones, kidney infections and kidney disease. How long has it been since your last kidney
detox? One last question before going straight to
the recipe� how can you get the best results from this kidney detox? If you’re serious about cleaning up your kidneys,
best way to do this detox is approaching your health as an all in one type deal. This means that, starting at least one week
before the cleanse, you should be removing from your diet all the chemicals, toxins,
sugars, GMOs, fried foods and processed foods. Stopping smoking and drinking is also recommended. Whatever is healthy for your whole body, is
going to help with kidney health too. There’s a reason why I always recommend having
a healthy lifestyle, to drink enough water, to get enough sleep, to keep a healthy weight
and to stay active. In this way you will give your kidneys the
best chance of a full, healthy recovery during the detox. Now, let’s start with the recipe! Write down the ingredients:
1 Dandelion Dandelion leaves and roots have been used
for centuries to treat not just kidney illness but even liver, gallbladder and joint problems. In 2011 the Journal of Ethnopharmacology published
a study showing the effectiveness of dandelion in treating urinary tract infections. Dandelion leafs are often recommended as a
safer alternative to antibiotics in case of UTIs. Its health benefits are well known: it can
soothe an inflammation and can dissolve kidney stones. Dandelion is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A
and iron, it is also a powerful detoxifier and the first ingredient for our kidney cleanse. How to find it? See comment section for some trusted sellers. 2 Stinging nettle
Stinging nettle is often used medicinally to treat various ailments affecting the kidneys. Also called stinging nettle, this herbal remedy
is approved as a medical herb in various countries across Europe. Nettle’s active components, lectins and polysaccharides,
have anti-inflammatory properties, since they prevent the production of prostaglandins,
naturally inflammatory substances. Nettle is especially useful in combination
with additional water intake. This way it will be able to force more fluids
trough the kidneys and urinary tract, acting as an irrigation therapy. If you don’t have any stinging nettle naturally
growing available, you can find it in sifted leaves. We have posted some trusted sellers of certified
organic stinging nettle sifted leaves in comment section. 3 Cranberry Juice
Cranberry juice and cranberries are one of the best options for preventing UTIs naturally. Several studies have been done on the subject. The results never left any doubt on the effectiveness
of Tannin, cranberries active compound, as a natural remedy against UTIs. It prevents the adhesion of bacteria to the
bladder and urethra walls. Cranberries also contain quinic acid, a compound
that prevents the formation of kidney stones. They are rich in antioxidants, fibers, Vitamin
C and are believed to help not just with kidney ailments but as an immunity booster, prevention
for cancer, cardiovascular problems and even aid weight loss. However, supermarket juice is often diluted
with many other juices and is full of sugar and preservatives. What you should be looking for is 100% organic
cranberry juice. Or cranberry supplements. 4 Apple cider vinegar
Useful for detoxing the whole body, boosting the immune system and improving overall health,
apple cider vinegar is an important component of our kidney detox plan. Used for centuries as a remedy against a multitude
of ailments, many of its properties are today supported by science. It can help with diabetes, some types of cancer,
high cholesterol, weight loss and urinary tracts problems. This is why it is extremely popular in the
natural health community. But what can apple cider vinegar do for your
kidneys? The acetic, phosphorus and citric acid present
in apple cider vinegar can break down kidney stones. They can also prevent the adhesion of bacteria
to the bladder walls, creating an environment unsustainable for UTIs. For your kidney detox be sure you buy organic
raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. How to put all this together
Let me talk about incorporating these herbs and homer remedies in your daily routine. Like I said before, one week before this kidney
cleanse, start removing from your diet all the toxins you can: no foods containing chemicals,
sugars, GMOs, fried and processed foods. To get 100% from this cleanse you should stop
drinking and smoking too. A good kidney cleanse program should last
at least 3 days. During these 3 days, you should drink a tea
made from dandelion and stinging nettle first thing in the morning. To make tea, pour 9 ounces of boiling water
over 1 and half teaspoon of dandelion leaf flakes and 1 and half teaspoon of stinging
nettle leaf. Always use purified water. Do not use demineralized water but just purified
water. Leave to infuse for about 10 minutes and serve. Add honey to taste. Drink one cup twice a day. Also you should be drinking 2 tablespoon of
apple cider vinegar in a cup of water two times a day. You can add some honey to smooth up the taste. Drink at least 8oz of cranberry juice a day. This is already a lot of water, but you should
add even more. Ideally, you should drink 3.7 liters or 125
ounces of water per day, including the teas and juices. Remember to always drink in small amount during
the whole day. Drinking high quantity of water all at once
is not particularly healthy. Bonus: the kidney detox tea
In case you still need an extra boost to your kidney cleanse, there’s the kidney detox tea
recipe to look at. It is a very powerful recipe and should be
considered if you want to do a whole week of cleansing after the first three days. Results are almost guaranteed and lasting,
especially if combined with the standard kidney cleansing. How to make the kidney detox tea:
First thing, supply all the following ingredients from a trusted brand (see comment section)
Ingredients: 1 Horsetail, known for its diuretic, antioxidant
and anti-inflammatory properties. 2 Marshmallow Root, really powerful antioxidant,
great for the urinary tract. 3 Uva-Ursi, useful for neutralizing all unwanted
organism in the urinary tract. 4 Goldenrod, an aquaretic agent that can treat
kidney stones. How to make the kidney detox tea:
in a glass, heath resistant pot, put the following ingredients:
-two cups of purified water. -one tablespoon of Horsetail
-half tablespoon of marshmallow root -half tablespoon of Uva ursi
-one tablespoon of Goldenrod Let it soak for the night, then bring the
pot to a simmer in the morning. 6 minutes should be enough. Serve warm or let it cool and drink the two
cups during the day. Don’t use artificial sweeteners, brown sugar
and honey are recommended to taste. I’ve talked more extensively about the kidney
detox tea in one of my previous videos. Feel free to browse if you want more detailed
informations. Ok, so now you’re set to go. Ingredients are ready and the pot is boiling. But how often should you be doing the kidney
detox? Let’s ask Michael Wright. How often should you do a Kidney Detox? I do it every 3 months, at the beginning of
every season. If this feels like too much, try starting
with two times a year This is all for today! If you liked this video, please like and subscribe! Feel free to ask any question in comment section
or in our blog Thank you for watching!

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