How To Combat Antibiotic Resistance? | Antibiotics Good Or Bad?

How To Combat Antibiotic Resistance? | Antibiotics Good Or Bad?

– Thanks for tuning in for this episode, hopefully in under three minutes, how you can learn how to become better emotionally, physically,
mentally, spiritually through better digestion of the gut. And if you don’t have time for this, hit the upper right hand corner up there, just save the video, and
you can watch it later. But again, for those of you that are watching at a later time, thanks very much. Today we’re gonna be talking about antibiotics and
probiotics, very important. Now, a lot of times I talk to people, and ask them questions, and probiotics, you know, they may have
heard about it, maybe not. But then I always ask about antibiotics, and generally everybody
knows what an antibiotic is. Now, why do you take an antibiotic? Generally it’s because your
immune system is broken down. You’re sick, you don’t have the ability to fight disease, infection, et cetera. And so what happens is that your immune system becomes compromised and you become sick. So what people do is you take antibiotics and it generally just wipes
out all the bad things, but it also wipes out all
the good things as well. Now, why is that important? It’s important because the
way that your body works is actually it supports and it goes to build a strong gut, a strong immune system through having a significant
amount of probiotics. So you want those probiotics there, and sometimes, if you are sick, generally what that
means is the bad bacteria are actually overpowering
the good bacteria and that’s how you become sick. So what happens is that when
people take antibiotics, it basically just wipes the slate clean. Again, in theory that sounds great. So you wipe out everything, including the bad bacteria
and the good bacteria, and you start over from square one. But generally most people’s lifestyle does not allow them to do that. They’ll just get right
back into the routine of having things that generally can help to break down their immune system. And the easiest way that
I like to explain that is let’s pretend that you are a mayor of a small town. And let’s say everything’s going great, everybody’s happy, but all of a sudden there’s a rash of burglaries, there’s some vandalisms, maybe a robbery, I don’t know,
throw something out there. But generally it’s something that’s not good for the town. What can you do? Well, you know, the first
thing that you should do, if you’re a mayor of a small town, is you question people. You find out specifically
what the problem is, and you talk to witnesses, and you go through all of those things, and then you make a decision,
and you question more people. But you go and try to find
the root of the problem, which is that person, or
persons, or group of people that are causing the problems. Now, what would happen, let’s say, that if you’re the mayor, all of a sudden you have some
of those rash of burglaries and you decide that you’re just gonna throw everybody in jail. The good, bad, indifferent,
doesn’t matter. You’re just gonna round up everybody and throw them all in jail. Now, you may solve the problem. You may not have any
burglaries or vandalisms. Why? Because everybody’s in jail. You don’t have anybody there. That’s not the way that you do things, and that’s when you take an antibiotic. That’s how your body treats it is that essentially you are
throwing everything into jail, and that includes the bad
things, the good things. You’re throwing everything that can cause some significant issues
to your gut into chaos. And so, that’s not the way to do that, and unfortunately that’s the
way that antibiotics work. So what’s the end result is that if you have some sort of sickness and your doctor or
somebody questions and says you should take an antibiotic, what you should consider certainly, I’m not saying that you have to do this, but you should certainly consider about replenishing that good bacteria
so that you can actually kill or destroy the bad bacteria there. So if you do decide that
you wanna take antibiotics, make sure that you take probiotics or eat fermented foods to
actually replenish and make sure that you have the good
guys in there as well, that if you’re the
mayor of the small town, you can throw everybody in town, but make sure you replenish
the town with good, hardworking people that’s going to do great things for that community. So that’s the difference between antibiotics and probiotics. Hopefully you learned something there. Again, if you didn’t,
send me a comment below, or like it, or whatever you wanna do and let me know what you
thought about the video. But I appreciate you guys tuning in. Again, the difference between antibiotics and probiotics, very important. Make sure that you take
cultured foods or probiotics and strengthen that gut
so that it can destroy those bad bacteria. Thanks guys, have a wonderful day.

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  1. I've found that if you want to take probiotics with antibiotics, it's best to not go the cheap route. What has been your experience after taking a significant dose of antibiotics? Have you noticed your gut health deteriorate?

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