How to cure fibromyalgia? Is it possible to treat fibromyalgia in Ayurveda?

How to cure fibromyalgia? Is it possible to treat fibromyalgia in Ayurveda?

Hello ma’am and sir Hello Hello Doctor sahib Hello Sir, Ma’am, from where you have come? We have come from Kaithal. What’s your name? My name is Ritisha Ok, who is a patient among you? I am the patient You were a patient, but now you are not a patient. So what were your issues regarding health? In staring, I had pain in my right hand then it moved in my whole body. I had severe pain in my left hand and legs which was unbearable. Regarding this, I tried treatment from many doctors but no one could understand my problem. I have shown myself at Patiala, PGI Chandigarh, and also consulted with my local doctor too. But at the end all the doctors told me that they don’t have treatment for this and asked to consult someone else. Were they giving you any medication or not. They usually gave painkillers and steroids but mainly they gave me steroids. Like in Patiala and even PGI doctors gave me steroids. Did they diagnose your problem or not? In staring they just told that there is an infection in my ulnar nerve. I had pain in my right hand. So after a half month when this happened in my other hand, at that time my treatment was going on from Rajinder Govt. hospital Patiala, there Dr. Bakshi advised me to consult any nearby neurologist. When I consulted the neurologist he told that it is a nerve related problem and problem is there in legs too and asked us to go for MRI again. Before that, I had already done my BRAIN MRI from Patiala. But he asked again to go for whole back MRI so we did it again from Chandigarh of the spinal cord. But there were no findings in that MRI. So doctors were taking it very normally and saying its nothing just an infection in nerves. So they were not able to make a diagnosis and what is the problem. So we again consulted the neurologist then he suggested that if you are in Chandigarh, once get the consult at PGI Chandigarh. So we also consulted with the main neurologist at there from Dr. Modi. He did all tests, and he told that there is a little stretching in the nerves due to which this is happening and asked to start taking more proteins, double the intake of milk so he suggested all these things, also I also took medicines from there for one to one and half month. With those medicines, my hand started moving a little bit. My right hand was like this and was unable to grab anything from it. So for this, they gave me some calcium due to which some movement started in my muscles, and contraction and relaxation of the muscles improved with it. But still, there was pain and due it I had a lot of problems. So basically they diagnosed it as a nerve problem and did not diagnose it as any rheumatic disease. Nobody told anything, just they told that there is an infection in ulnar nerve. Did anybody tell you that it is rheumatic arthritis? In starting no one told anything but when pain becomes so severe then we admitted her at Harsha hospital in Kaithal, Dr checked her many times and after that they named some disease, fibromyalagia he diagnosed. I was also diagnosing the same that he might have definitely diagnosed Fibromyalagia. So he told that this is not going to be cured with our medicines you should try somewhere else. So they told to try from somewhere else. He just suggested us that they will be giving painkillers only. So you had painkillers. I had lots of painkillers, especially when I was admitted in the hospital they gave me painkiller injection three times a day. The drip was always on for painkillers. But still had no relief from all those painkillers I took. After that, we planned to meet Dr. Mukhereji at Apollo Hospital in Delhi. But my brother who is a manager here in the bank so he had heard about Planet Ayurveda and here Ayurvedic treatment is given. So instead of going to Apollo we came here. So how long it has been you are taking treatment from us? 4 to 5 months 4 to 5 months, so you don’t have any complain? Now I have no complaints as before when I used to do physical activity I felt pain but now its fine. So since when you have stopped your medication. Since 1 month I am not taking any medicines. So fibromyalgia is a disease where amaras which is formed inside the body according to Ayurveda. Amras means undigested rasa for example when we eat something and if our digestive fire is weak and we eat heavy food like cheese, meat, milk, and milk products so by taking heavy food this food doesn’t get digested which leads to the formation of undigested rasa (ama). This undigested rasa gets stored and start making fatigue, heaviness, pain in joints so this is very painful. This makes the patient vulnerable. So when patients go to the doctor and they also go through all tests and they find nothing in them so even doctors don’t understand what’s happening. Yes they did all my blood tests, sodium levels, calcium levels, all tests. All tests were normal. Yes all tests were normal. So ultimately they diagnose it as fibromyalgia. So the patient with fibromyalgia starts feeling sad as there is no treatment and also start feeling depressed. Yes there is always a tension. Then we according to Ayurveda, we start giving then treatment according to rheumatic arthritis with a focus on digestion of ama. But aamvata is stronger than this. It was the milder form which you were thinking were very severe. So aamvata is much stronger than this. It causes fibromyalgia. Her milk and milk products were completely stopped. She has not taken products made from milk and outside eatables too. She can’t take any packaged food, soda drink, or coca cola. You cannot take biscuits or any packed food from the market. She has been given RumoGin 5. Give some ginger along with meals. Ginger digests ama and Vata. RumoGin also consists of ginger and other similar spices which digest ama. Yogaraj guggul, RumoGin 5, Agnitundi vati, and Joint aid plus was given. For strength, she was given Female health support. So RumoGin 5, Joint aid plus and Boswellia curcumin are our Ayurvedic medicines. Curcumin, i.e. Turmeric is very good for fibromyalgia. Spices like ginger and turmeric increase digestive fire and enhance the appetite. You can take half teaspoonful of turmeric powder after food with plain water. I will not recommend milk to her. As I told, you can take ginger and turmeric alternatively after meals. Her medicines were stopped since one and half month but as today she visited me I prescribed her coral calcium complex. It is natural calcium made from pearls from Planet Ayurveda. RumoGin 5 consists of ginger extract. You can take it if you want but not then also its fine. Take for one or two months and then stop. I recommended her Dashmularishtha. In Ayurveda, Dashmul is used for treating Vata originated diseases. As we come through people saying that these pains are due to Vayu. So for treating Vayu i have given Dashmularishtha. So doctor what are the causes of this disease? As I told you if heavy meals are taken and it does not digest properly than it results in low digestive fire and low appetite which causes gout or arthritis. Amras is formed if food is not digested properly. To digest it things like turmeric and ginger are used. Remember not to take milk and milk products and heavy meals. So now you are fine. We have a combination for fibromyalgia. I think Hakam churna is also there in it. Yes, we took Hakam churna too. Ok so you took that. Halim, kalonji, methi and ajwain, are present in it. So it consists of Hakam churna, RumoGin 5, and Joint aid plus which treats fibromyalgia successfully. As you got successfully treated from here. So what message do you want to give to our viewers? I want to give them the message that I am very much satisfied from here. Management over here is also very good and doctor’s consultation is also very good. It is better to come here from treatment rather than wandering somewhere else. Now this place is not unknown to you. I feel like that I am saved by coming here otherwise I left all the hopes and this is a reality. From the place, we get relief that doctor is God to us. Because we completely lost the hopes. We wandered to many places. We have to hold her in order to take her anywhere. Even we have to hold her to take her to the bathroom. There was so much problem. A lot doctor a lot. There was much difficulty in standing and sitting too. I was very much stressed mentally. She is studying in 12th standard. Earlier from the place we took medicine those doctors were also nice. Like Dr. Modi in PGI he helped us a lot. See in allopathy concept of amaras is not there. In allopathy what is the treatment for fibromyalgia. According to them she have pains. They will do nerve conduction tests as pains are due to nerves. They’ll give pain killers. So till when they can give pain killers. There is no solution to it. Yes we took many painkillers from Dr. Shah. Like Dr. Shah is also very good and helpful doctor. He helps people a lot. He also gave very good advice to us. He told us about the medicines which he gave. We are giving painkillers. Painkillers and steroids were mixed in his medicines. He said to us that if there is any other option you can take it. So did he said that in Ayurveda there is the treatment for it? Yes! He said that in allopathy we will give you pain killers which will have bad effects on your body and its treatment is only in Ayurveda. So consult any Ayurvedic doctor. Doctor said a very good thing. He said that in allopathy there will be many side effects of pain killers. Yes! It affects kidneys. Even after medicines from here we met him. We have good relations with him. He have a very good behavior. Even he asked for your address in order to refer his patients when needed. I want this as well that allopathic doctors should understand Ayurveda and study about its herbs. So that they will faith on these herbs that they work efficiently and patients get treated successfully. Definitely patients get treated successfully. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you ma’am and sir to give us your valuable time. Thank you doctor.

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  1. Sir muge बडी आत मे अलसर ह 8 sal se phle m homyopethi se dvai li aaram aaya prntu fir se ho jata h fir mene dubara adoskofi krvai fir muje jaipur se vha se muje 800 mesacol di din me 3 time lene ko bad me 1sal 5 mhine aaram rha fir dubara hogya vhi dikt ab m 1200 subh 1200 sam 1200 night me leti mg ab fir dikt ho gi

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