How to Cure Hepatitis B, Liver cirrhosis, Ascites & Edema? – Alternative treatment

How to Cure Hepatitis B, Liver cirrhosis, Ascites & Edema? – Alternative treatment

Namaskar Sir. Namaskar I welcome both of you to Planet Ayurveda. What are your names? Sir, my name is Ramswaroop, I am from district Mathura in UP. And what about you sir. Sir my name is Devdutt and I am also from district Mathura. What relation you both have with each other? He is my uncle and I am his nephew. And you both are taking treatment from Dr. Vikram Chauhan. So tell us what health issues you have for which your treatment is going on? I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B, my nephew searched over the net about doctor sahab then I ordered medicines online for Hepatitis B. I took 3 months medicines in 4.5 months. So when I started the medicines my viral load was 93000 and after taking all these medicines my viral load came 2925. It means with these ayurvedic medicines your viral load have come down within three months of taking medicines. I took it for three months but was not regular had the gap of 6-7 days sometimes. You should have them continuously which might have shown more good results. Yes, I should have taken them continuously. Now my bowel is not clearing properly. Doctor has written the medicine for that also. When you came to know that you have hepatitis B? Sir, I came to know about 1 year back. Where else you took treatment for this problem? Sir, I got very frustrated with this problem, I took treatment from Agra, Mathura, Delhi and other places for 2-3 months but got no relief. Ok so you took treatment from many places but got no relief. No sir, I was very disturbed as I took treatment from many places. So then Devdutt who is your nephew told you about Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He stays outside, one day he visited me then I told him about my problem that I have Hepatitis B. He told me about online medicines which have good results and he ordered them online as he is educated, he knows about these things. Devdutt I want to show your prescription to our viewers so that they should know what is written in it. These are the reports when we started the medicines. In it the viral load is 93400. After which these medicines were prescribed by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. After which your viral load came down when you did this test, in it the viral load is 2925. Here is the date, we did it on June 2018 after which we stopped medicines, after stopping the medicines we did the test again 2 months back. In this report the viral load has increased little bit as he had stopped taking medicines. You don’t have to stop the medicines. Please continue with the medicines till your viral load becomes zero. You have to stop the medicines only when Dr. Vikram Chauhan tells you otherwise you have to continue with this medicine. Now Dr. Vikram Chauhan has prescribed these medicines. He has little issues related to intestines. And Devdutt ji , what was your health issues and what treatment you took? Sir I am diagnosed with Hepatitis B and cirrhosis of liver. You are diagnosed with Hepatitis B and also with cirrhosis of the liver. When you came to know about this illness? I came to know about Hepatitis B 2-2.5 yrs back and I took allopathic treatment for this but got no proper cure. Ok you are taking the medicines but not getting any positive results. My viral load had reached in crores and I was also diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Fluid started accumulating in my abdomen, swelling in hands and feet and there was loss of appetite also. And all my reports were not normal. When did you start your treatment from here? In December. Ok, so it’s about three months. How much relief you have got after taking treatment from here? Now fluid is not accumulating. Ok, fluid is not forming now. And your SGOT and SGPT values are also better. Please show it. SGOT was 231.5 and SGPT was 167.8 and these are latest values of LFT. Ramswaroop Ji you are only diagnosed with Hepatitis B and your viral load has come down significantly, after getting treatment from here but you were not regular with the medicines and stopped them without any permission from the doctor. If you have continued with them, your reports might have become normal till now. It’s my suggestion for you to continue with these medicines and these are very effective medicines and ayurveda has very good treatment for liver related ailments. So continue with these medicines and your viral load will become negative. Ok Sir. And Devdutt Ji, you are diagnosed with Hepatitis B and also liver cirrhosis and you had accumulation of fluid in the abdomen and swelling was also there. So now fluid is not forming and swelling is also not there. Do you feel hunger now? Yes, I feel hunger now. And SGOT and SGPT values have also come down. They are now approximate with normal values. And viral load you have not done yet. I will do it next month. You continue with the medicines and I pray your viral load will come down too. Sir also tell about your dietary changes which you did? To follow dietary regimen is must. It is as important as medicines. Please tell our viewers some important tips. You have to avoid fried food, things made of maida, milk and milk products. You have to take only 2-3 fruits, khichadi, chapati made of multigrain flour and diet chart was provided to me which I followed. Refined oil to be avoided totally and salt should be limited. All these things have to follow. You have diet chart with you. Please show it to our viewers. Left side contains all those things which have to be avoided and the right side has all those which have to be taken. This diet chart was provided to you by Dr. Vikram Chauhan and you are following it. This is a flour which is specially mentioned here and I was eating chapatis prepared from this. And all things mentioned here have to be avoided. Sir, some of our Youtube viewers are watching your this video, what message you want to convey them through this? If anyone has liver ailments like us so within three months we get very good improvement and with our experience we can say that if any person will take doctor sahab’s medicines and will follow the diet properly, will get relief definitely. Ok, Thank you.

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  1. Hello sir Namaste..
    Im Anil from Bangalore..
    Im suffrring from Fatty liver i use lots Alchohal some pain in right side of stomuch what shuld i do..?? Wher i can get treatment..??

  2. sir want know one thing i had hepatatis b + but my liver is nomal by measure. my hatatis b is chronic it can be cure or not?? am worry about it. God blees u sir

  3. Sir muje pet dard rehta he, gas banti He, pet me dard rehta he , lekin blood nahi aata to me konsa pack sharu karu ibs or ulcerative colitis wali?????

  4. Sir mujhe hepatitis c hai mujhe march mai blood ki vomting aye the us k bad dmc ludhiana mai mera treatment hua liver mai bending ki gaye us bakt he mujhe hepatitis ka pta chala liver cirrhosis b hai wo fibroscan mai 31.7 meadian aya hai sir kya is ka treatment hu jaye ga Platlett b kam hu rehe hai or hepatitis c ki medicine chal rehe hai 15 days se. Plz reply sir

  5. Hepatitis b ka sach mai ilaz sambhav hai kya sir please sir tell me mai bahut paresaan hu sir please sir bta digiye.

  6. Dr.Vikram Chauhan Ji
    Please Guide Us
    I have Hepatitis B Positive
    Then We want to Meet Your Hospital So Sir Please give your Hospital Adress and Contact number
    Please Sir.

    Thanking you!

  7. Sir me kalkata se hoon or muje vi hepatitis b he sir badi kripa hogi ki aap sob kuchu sunne dekhne ke bad ohi se dawa bata de apka number

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