How to cure stomatitis | Six natural remedies to relieve symptoms of stomatitis

How to cure stomatitis | Six natural remedies to relieve symptoms of stomatitis

Six natural remedies to relieve symptoms of
stomatitis. Stomatitis will cure naturally in a few days,
but in order to prevent infection caused by stomatitis and to speed recovery, please utilize
natural remedy which includes anti-inflammatory ingredients, antibacterial ingredients and
curative ingredients. Stomatitis is a generic term for inflammation
that occurs in the mucous membranes of the mouth and the surroundings, and there are
things that can be done on the inside of the cheeks, the gums, and the tongue.
It is said that it seems to be simple herpes because stomatitis becomes red and its surroundings
become red, but these two are completely different diseases. Stomatitis may be caused by signs of virus
or bacteria occurring in the mouth, poor injury, bad sanitary condition in the mouth, or excessive
smoking of tobacco . Since it is natural that the stomatitis is
completely recovered naturally in about a week, pain is not exacerbated and complications
rarely occur, so it is more likely to leave it, but we recommend naturopathy to protect
the affected area and accelerate healing . In this video, we will introduce six natural
remedies you want to try immediately as soon as you have stomatitis! 1. Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial ingredients,
analgesic ingredients, and curative ingredients, so it is recommended for treatment of stomatitis. When applied to stomatitis it protects the
affected area and prevents infection . Material. Three tree tea oil 3 drops.
1 teaspoon water (5 gram). How to make. Please dilute tea tree oil with water. How to paint. Apply tea tree oil to cosmetic cotton or swab
and spread on affected part. Please apply 2-3 times a day. 2. Mouth wash made with pomegranate peel. The healing effect and antibacterial action
contained in the pomegranate skin protect the affected part. Material. 1 teaspoon of dried pomegranate 1 (5 gram).
1 cup of water (250 ml). How to make. Put the pomegranate skin in the water and
put it on the fire. Please boil for 10 minutes when it gets on
fire. Please leave it as it is after stopping the
fire, please filter it down to room temperature. How to use. I will gargle with this water for 2 minutes.
Repeat twice a day. 3. Aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is a naturopathic medicine used
to cure wounds and it also has a high effect on stomatitis. Aloe vera ‘s antibacterial
action prevents infectious diseases while the effect of moisturizing action and regenerative
action speed up recovery . Material. Aloe vera gel 1 tablespoon (15 gram).
Three Tree Oil 3 drops (as you like). How to make. Take out the gel of Aloe vera with a spoon.
Please add tea tree oil as you like. How to paint. I paint the aloe vera gel on the affected
part and leave it as it is. Please do not wash away.
Please continue every day until symptoms of stomatitis are eased. 4. Birch mouthwash. Since birch trees called birch have antiseptic
and healing action, they will promote skin regeneration by applying it externally . Material. 1 tablespoon dried birch (10 gram).
½ cup of water (125 ml). How to make. Put the leaves of water and birch in a pot
and simmer for 10 minutes. After filtering, use it as a mouthwash.
How to use. Please use this water to gargle 2-3 times
a day. 5. Mouthwash of Toxa. Toxa with anti-inflammatory action will speed
up recovery by alleviating inflammation while alleviating inflammation in the area where
stomatitis is formed . Material. Tsukusa 1 tbsp (10 gram).
1 cup of water (250 ml). How to make. Put the toxa in the water and boil for 5 minutes.
After stopping the fire, leave it for 20 minutes and extract.
After filtering the toxa, use it as a mouthwash. How to use. Please gargle with cold tea tree tea every
time brushing teeth. 6. Baking soda. Baking soda normalizes pH values ??in the
mouth and saliva, preventing infectious diseases of executives . Material. 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (5 gram).
Water (lukewarm water) ½ cup (125 ml). How to make. Mix baking soda into lukewarm water and dilute
it. How to use. Pour lukewarm water diluted with sodium bicarbonate
into the mouth and gargle 2-3 times. Please use it every day until symptoms of
stomatitis goes away. Natural therapy to relieve symptoms of stomatitis
is very easy as we introduced this time. Please choose your favorite method and continue until
symptoms relax.

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