How to Do Abhyanga, a Self Massage with Warm Oil

How to Do Abhyanga, a Self Massage with Warm Oil

Hi there welcome to Banyan botanicals My name is Alicia Diaz, and I’m here today to share with you one of the most grounding and nourishing practices in Ayurveda called, Abhyanga Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic term for self warm oil massage here are the things that you’ll need to complete your oil massage at home a squeezable bottle with about 2 ounces or a quarter cup of your favorite massage oil a pot with hot water a large towel to sit on and The warm space so that you don’t feel cold, or have any drafts while doing your massage First place the bottle of oil in the pot of hot water for about 5 minutes before you start your massage When it’s comfortably warm take a small amount of oil in your hands and rub your hands together Start by massaging your scalp Use your fingertips to really work the oil into your scalp even gently tugging up the roots of your hair With each step take more oil in your hands as you need Next move your hands to your face making circular motions over your forehead and temples cheeks nose upper lip and chin Pay special attention to your ears Massaging the whole outer ear and then placing a small amount of oil on your small finger to massage the ear canal Use long strokes to massage the front of the neck and the collarbone then the back of the neck and upper shoulders Firm long strokes help move lymph to drain toxins give attention to the length of the muscles and provide the most grounding touch for the body Next move to the arms using long strokes to massage the long bones of the arm Move from the outside towards the center of the body to bring fluids and lymph back into circulation Then use circular strokes to massage the joints the shoulders elbows and wrists Pay special attention to your hands massaging the palms as well as the knuckles and small joints of each individual finger Complete one arm and then the other Moving on to your torso massage the chest with circular motions Also massage the armpits towards the center of the body Women should pay particular attention to the breasts as massaging this tissue can help drain lymph and keep the tissue healthy Continue massaging the front of the torso with large circular motions over the entire abdomen Starting at the bottom right hand corner and moving up and over to the left and back Around this motion follows the direction of bowel flow and supports healthy bowel function while massaging the rest of the abdominal and pelvic Organ be sure to reach under the rib cage to massage the liver pancreas and spleen Once you finish the front of the torso massage the sides and flanks of the body with long firm strokes Reaching all the way from the upper ribcage to the hips Continue the long strokes to reach as much of the back as possible Complete the back area by massaging the lower back and then naturally move to your hips massage your hips with large circular strokes And the move your attention to the buttocks Using both long strokes and small circular motions with your fingertips and thumbs to release any areas of tension Finally massage your legs and feet as you did your arms use long strokes on the long bones Moving fluid and lymph back to the center of the body Use circular strokes on the joints the knee ankles and small joints of the foot Pay special attention to the sole of the foot and also the toes This completes your daily warm oil self massage a tradition in Ayurveda That says will help nourish and replenish the skin tone the muscles calm and soothe the entire nervous system Revitalize and energize the cells of the body awaken and tune up the functioning of internal organs and optimize the body’s ability to flush and remove toxins it can even support healthy sleep patterns and energy as You adopt this practice we offer the following five practical tips to make the process easier 1 keep a separate towel for this daily habit as it’s difficult to get the smell of oil out of towels 2 when you wash your hair first apply the shampoo before you wet your hair 3 take a warm bath or shower After your massage to drive the benefits deeper 4 minimize the use of soap 5 take caution walking with oil on your feet as it can be easy to slip and fall In choosing your oil you can simply go with clean organic sesame oil or you can choose one of the Vata Pitta Or cuff a specific oils to get the added Nourishment of those herbs into your body if you’re curious what your body Constitution is you can visit us at Banyan botanicals Calm and take our Constitution quiz then you can decide which of the oils you’d like to enjoy, so we’ll see you soon And enjoy your oil massage You

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  1. The neti pot video is also wonderful! An instructional video about shirodhara could be helpful.

  2. I just did this for the first time, tonight, improvising with some sesame & rosemary oil.  The scalp massage was particularly helpful: my hair's never felt cleaner!

  3. I heard about this today. I have written down a brand new daily regime and this is right next to rising daily by 6:00am. 

  4. Lovely!
    I incorporated this practice everymornign right before my asana practice.
    Its such a soothing way to wake up 🙂
    I use sesame oil with lavendar essential oils added to relax and balance.
    Would recommend this video on my blog!

  5. What a wonderful and clear introduction to this practice!  Thank you!  I did my first massage this morning before viewing this video, and now that I've viewed the video, I can clearly see how to do the various movements.  Can't wait 'til tomorrow morning and follow these instructions.  Love the tip about apply shampoo before wetting hair.

  6. wow such an awesome self massage. i have been wanting to start this for so long now as well as dry brushing…thank you for the video, it is so informative. loved it! liked/subscribed

  7. liked self massage.14yrs boy & 2yrs,3.5yrs two girls my life is robotic. Masha Allah such a big house,3 kids,dusting , cooking,cleaning,feeding (day-night)if any 1 goes ill ,l don't get time to comb hair.But Shukrealhamdulillah, tried.Its nice,quite releaf.

  8. It is not my case, but what about people who have oily hair?? Adding more oil is not a very good idea while massaging the scalp no?

  9. What is the music playing along with this video? I am having trouble finding this perfect balance of ambient/indian/electronic music. Thanks!!

  10. If you're almost evenly split between two doshas, do you alternate oils made for each constitution? Or, what do you suggest?

  11. Which one is most beneficial lubricant for massage? Oil or Cream? In terms of tonning muscles, rejuvenation and overall health benefits. Please answer in details

  12. AbhyNga is the property of our ayurveda …………… For tho s who don't know what AYURVEDA is …. The ayurved is the ancient grNtha of our india ……… And it's ironic when those foreigners are teaching us how to do it …………. ……
    How can we be so lethargic that we aren't able to save our properties and specialities ………… It's very shame full …….And disappointing …?????

  13. Hi! I have a question regarding to a tip you have given at the end of the video. You mentioned to apply shampoo before wetting your hair. I assume this is to get all he oils from the massage out first and then dilute it with water to continue the washing. But if this is the case, it means we need to shower AFTER doing this self massage. But if what I assumed is the case, why would we do this on uncleaned body? Or we need to just wash our body first, do this massage, and then wash the hair ?

    I am a younger male,, I will say that using different oils is great.
    GRAPESEED OIL has many different benefits as well as some vitamins.
    ADVOCADO OIL has vitamin E.
    COCONUT OIL kills bacteria and can improve scar tissue.
    ALMOND OIL (most widely used) has a wide range of benefits.
    OLIVE OIL (most prevalent) is cheapest and can be picked up anywhere. It also can tone the skin nicely.

    Although I am only 22, as a male doing this relieves so much stress. It also is showing direct self-love which psychologically can change your whole entire life.

    Any happy successful person will tell you self Love alone can create massive success.

    Please Focus much attention on the hands and feet.
    the hands and feet have many pressure points.
    they are direct copies of the endocrine system. balancing them could end up balancing your endocrine system. feelings of bliss and well-being.

    reflexology states that your feet, your hands, and your internal organs are all connected. take care of the smallest parts of your body. the whole system is an interconnection.

    this in turn will give you more and more feelings of well-being.
    (this in turn can only lead to you becoming your greatest version)


  15. Thank you for this amazingly helpful video. Seems like loving yourself needs some efforts and priorities to be dealt with. ???

  16. Oil massage is very very important in life.I have been doing oil massage from childhood with mustard oil. Wonderful way to live a healthy life.

  17. What do you use to wash off the oil? Would warm water be enough? Or is there any natural cleanser that can be used?

  18. Hello. I'm French, so maybe I did not understand everything … Why do we have to take a shower after the massage? Would not it be better before?

  19. Awesome information and many people now have forgotten this practice in India.. but i remember my grandmother gave me a very good head massage every week..

  20. Why do you put shampoo in your hair before wetting it? What does that even mean? Should you scrub it of just put it all over? I’m assuming scrub with shampoo then rinse to get the oil out maybe?

  21. I used to oil my hair and take shower after soaking it for an hour weekly. Use coconut or sesame oil. You can feel the eyes cool after shower and gives us a good sleep.

  22. Does this mean I have to wash my hair everyday? Is this healthy and safe for my hair? Does this benefit my hair growth?

  23. How do we know that which oil to be used by us…i.e.plz explain of what is vata pitta kapha body types and related oils….really ? confused a lot

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