How to Ease a Burn Fast

How to Ease a Burn Fast

Hey, guys, Dr. Ax here. Today I’m going to
teach you how you heal a burn or sunburn really fast naturally. I know,
you know, the summer months it’s so easy, if you go on vacation, it’s very
easy to get a sunburn. In fact, just about every person I know at least once
a year is going to get some sort of a sunburn. Obviously, the sun is great.
You can get Vitamin D from it, but you can get too much at certain times
and get burnt. The other thing is, you know, you may burn
your hand cooking. I know, actually, I burnt my hand the other day actually
making some food at my house. I know another thing that I’ve done
before is I’ve cycled in the past and actually fallen and gotten scraped
up and kind of gotten a road rash or burn in that way. What I want to do is go over the top things
that you should be using if you get a sunburn or a burn somewhere
that’s going to help the area heal more quickly and also it’s going
to relieve pain. It’s going to sooth the area and there are three key ingredients
you need in order to do that. The first thing you need is peppermint essential
oil. Now peppermint essential oil actually is known to help sooth
and cool an area. It has natural analgesic properties. So it’s
going to relieve the pain in the area and also it’s going to help sooth inflammation
in that area. So the first thing you need is peppermint essential
oil. The next thing is lavender essential oil and
lavender is probably the number one thing you can use to naturally
help heal burns. In fact, there was a French chemist who burned his arm. In
fact, he spilled chemicals on his arm, had burns third degree all over his
arm. He put his arm in lavender essential oil every day for three
weeks and afterwards there wasn’t a single appearance of a third degree
burn on his arm. He healed it completely. So you know, lavender has incredible
benefits especially for your skin, and so in restoring the skin and
reducing the appearance of scarring after a burn, lavender oil is essential. The other thing here is one of the things
that we know help heals burns is aloe vera gel and aloe vera contains polysaccharides
and other specific nutrients that actually support cellular communication
in your cells’ regenerating and healing. Aloe vera, the other
key ingredient you need in actually supporting your body in healing
from a burn. With aloe vera, you want to buy the organic aloe vera
gel or natural aloe vera gel. This is a great brand, Lily of the Desert,
one of my favorites. And so what you can do is number one, you
can actually take aloe vera with these two essential oils, and you can put
them in, let’s say, like a little glass jar and just put it on your body regularly,
or a plastic jar. You can actually make it into more of an ointment
by adding in some raw honey as well. So if you want to make it an ointment
you can thicken it up a little bit by adding in some raw honey, and that’ll
help it stay on your skin. Or one of my favorite things, and this is
the best for sunburns, especially, is mixing aloe vera with the peppermint
oil with essential oil and adding in just a pinch of water, about
half a bottle of water, just about two ounces and actually making a little
spray bottle here you can actually do, like so, and this is going to
have the thing that’s naturally going to heal this sunburn. So you can actually
just spray it all over your body. You put it in this little spray bottle. But if you use these three key ingredients
of aloe vera gel, peppermint oil, and lavender essential oil, these are
the three key ingredients that can help your body heal from a burn, whether
it be a sunburn or an actual burn you get from a heat related injury from,
let’s say, a stove or oven. These are three ingredients that are going
to help you heal from a burn very quickly.

100 Replies to “How to Ease a Burn Fast”

  1. I used pain killer and felt pain, after that the pain went gone after a few minutes. But I suggest you use aloe vera and lavender oil which stings not that hard mine stung very hard when I used pain killer, had to wash away the pain killer. Now I used aloe vera after pain killer

  2. I need info fast! My thumb is onfire! I don't want to know about cycling or how painful it is! Give me the info as soon as the video starts!

  3. um I don't believe that stuff has chemical that causes a burning sensation that will probably make the burn worst.

    its probably not a good idea to put something that burns on a burn.

  4. I thought it was a good idea to bang a foam bat that melted on the ground, a piece hit me in the eye thankfully I shut my eye at the right moment.. it didn’t hurt at all I don’t even think it’s a 1 s degree burn but now it burns a bit :

  5. Once again "Dr" Josh – flogging "remedies" unsupported by any solid evidence. Please shoe me the peer reviewed, independent studies systematic reviews, case controlled studies etc showing how peppermint oil or any of the other whacky woo treatments you flog here and elsewhere improves healing or reduces inflammation of the wound directly. And why not mention good old fashioned water cooling for 20 minutes – the recommended standard for all burns? This provides analgesia and reduces progression of the burn in partial thickness injury. In more sever or very large burns it is potentiality game changing despite being so simple. People don't waste your money or time on these ancient wisdom, ancient secret, mystery, wonder snake oil bullshit treatments. Keep it simple. Minor superficial burns need buggle all treatment and heal spontaneously without the need for any specific remedies beyond basic pain control and cleanliness and dressing of the wound. This guy offers snake oil cures for a host of conditions but cannot back up the claims with any decent evidence. When was the last time you presented all your wonder cures at an international burns conference Josh? I'm sure the real experts would be very interested to hear how they have got it so wrong.

  6. yesterday I was trying to make an omlet I let the oil heat but i started playing coc cozz it was so addictive i forget about the oil when i remembered it there was fire in my pan I tried to put out fire when i was doing a huge drop of oil hit my foot and my left foot is all burnt and i cannot even walk properly

  7. Dr Axe I used Aldara cream last year to treat my Pearly Penile Papules but it left me with white burns that didn't go away and heal would these oils help me heal the white burns or would there be something else?

  8. If I used the spray bottle and inside was some aloe, lavender oil and water, would it still work?

  9. Uumm, I did the eraser challenge and uuuhhh, I have a bad burn on my skin and it hurts, how do I, well how do I get rid of it??

  10. Just buy an aloe vera plant and use the gel straight from the plant. Raw honey mixed approximately 50:50 with the aloe gel is an excellent burn dressing. Good to know about the peppermint and lavender essential oils as well. Than you Dr. Axe. Good video.

  11. I got a bad rug burn cuz I said hell me up to my bf but got dragged like a rag doll now my elbow is burned and I can't prop my phone up to watch anime cuz my elbow hurt

  12. I got a burn from cooking as soon as I started using this the pain went away. But I had to keep reapplying when it dried. Not a bad thing just kinda Annoying. Would use this again! Thanks for the knowledge!!!

  13. i was pouring boiling water into a hot water bottle and it spurted up and soaked my hand so now i’m using toothpaste on it lol

  14. Hey I was wondering is there any ways or remedies that will help a 2nd degree sunburn and I'm not sure what to do


  16. My dumbass put a cookie tray in the HOT oven and I moved my hand up and it touched the hottest part!

  17. Shut the f*ck up and get to the point man geez..who gives a hell about the extras how do you treat it..

  18. I’m a kid and I like lighting things on fire so I got a small piece of tissue and lit it on fire it spread really fast and I got burned

  19. Misinformed! Essential oils can easily burn skin if they are used concentrated…..they must be diluted with baby oil or olive oil and then be applied…

  20. I got a burn on my face from using black African soap and it stings really bad but I read somewhere that honey is really good for burns and wounds

  21. I’d love to know if this would also help my friction burn on my penis! I know you’re just supposed to air it out and put thin layers of petroleum jelly and air dry… but it’s taking forever.

  22. Two fucking oven burn scars on my wrist. I look like a tiger. They're both small but the top one actually shows some pink flesh beneath my skin, the second is just a white line. Any way to get skin back over the flesh? I've had it for about 2-3 months.

  23. I was cooking dinner and boiling oil fresh from cooking accidentally fell on my dominant hand. I can handle scars, but the pain… it won't go away.

  24. Dr Josh! If you are reading this I want to thank you for your due diligence on all the information you place on YouTube. What I did notice is unlike many other sites nearing the end of this video, I attempted several times to click on more of your informational videos that popped up. Many sites if you click on them will take you directly to that site, however on this particular video it would not. I feel you are potentially losing out by this not being able to happen and taking us to the other videos.
    Thank You!
    Daryl Zane Wade

  25. Thanks a lot for this valuable information.. I was in so much pain from a third degre burn and this solution( raw honey and those 2 essential oils) gave me an rapid and
    effective relieve in less than 4hours. Thanks again for this video.

  26. A boiling pot of water fell on me yesterday. I did seek medical attention, was told I have second degree burns. I’m into the natural healing. I’m wondering upon cleaning & changing gaze; should I use the Aloe Vera or Lavender Oil?

  27. It works a treat. I’ve tried it. I make owie spray for everything, the burn is painless in 5 mins. Frank, lavender and teatree with fractionated coconut oil.

  28. OMG the best recommendation thus far. I mixed a couple of drops of both oils into some aloe Vera juice. The pain came back for a quick minute but quickly subsided. And the blister that was forming instantly chilled out. I did run cold water over it for about 20 minutes 1st. I tried some arnica gel but the pain and throbbing didn’t stop until I made this concoction. ♥️ Dr. axe

  29. My burns came from cinnamon leaf essential oil. I’m surprised another essential oil will heal it. Peppermint essential oil burns my brother’s skin, so I won’t be trying that. Aloe seems to help.

  30. Burnt my finger with fresh hot glue
    I fell asleep with it in ice water
    It always hurt when I took it out except when I woke up in the morning. The pain was completely gone
    Just to make sure, I rubbed some aloe vera gel on it, and it healed super fast

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