How to FARM EVERYTHING in Legion

How to FARM EVERYTHING in Legion

Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold
and today’s video is about how to farm EVERYTHING. Many of the routes featured in this guide
utilize realm hopping. The addons Cross Realm Assist and Server Hop
are available via curse. The owner of this channel (henceforth referred
to as “Reckles”) takes no responsibility if uninformed complaining-prone viewers (henceforth
referred to as “QQ Noobies”) don’t understand how the hell to use this addon. 1.) It still works. Blizzard Entertainment (henceforth “Blizz”)
defines Nerfed as Still Useful. 2.) Click a couple times if you don’t find a
group immediately, jeez. 3a) More groups are available to hop to if QQ Noobies realm hop
in zones that have available Emmisary Quests or Legion Invasions. 3b) If an emissary quest is up, that’s where
you should farm that day. By viewing this video, you agree to: like,
comment, and subscribe to Reckles. This is a joke. And, like, not binding. And stuff. Alright, we’re going to start off with Skinning,
because it’s my favorite profession in legion. The best spot for stonehide …leather
Oi! Mam8 said you’re wrong. You get more leather frough the
Look, dave, we’ve got a lot of information to get through, I really have to go fast,
and I just don’t have time for your crap today alright? So, I need you to just trust me. Farming things in wow is literally my job. And any of the routes out there, I’ve tested
each of them for at least three hours each, BUT if you want to double check my work or
see any of the details in those videos, I’ve got links to em all down in the description
so feel free to go check em out and if you’re looking for where to go for only one specific
item, I’ve got timestamps down there too. Is that alright? Kittens Can’t Twerk Alright, should be smooth sailing from here. For Stonehide Leather, you want to go kill
Young Bloodgrazers in Northwest Azsuna. If the World Quest “Bloodgrazer Swarm!”
is up, you can just hang out on this tiny little beach. If it isn’t up, there are a bunch of packs
all over the place. Just run around and AoE. If the world quest reward is a bunch of AP
and the emissary is up, there just gonna be a ton of people here. You can just stand in between 3 packs and
throw out your mother’s skinning knife nonstop. That’s actually faster and gets you more leather. For Stormscale, you want to go to Highmountain
and skin crabs in Shield’s Rest, along the coast.There’s a pack of 12 grouped up right
next to a tired ole Sea Skrog. As soon as you kill and skin them, server
hop and everything will have respawned. Just rinse repeat until your bags are full. Alright, on to tailoring. The best method for cloth farming is still
5 man kobald farming. Just east of Skyhorn, in Highmountain, there’s
this little kobald graveyard. Have a tank and DPS hang out by the graves,
and have 3 other people run around by the cave and the embankment, gathering up enemies
and just bringing them back to your tank. For tailors, this yields between 1,000 and
1,500 cloth an hour. More if your friends are nice and chip in
a little of their spare cloth. If you’re solo, one of the Suramar storyline
quests is called “The Full Might of the Elves.” This leads you on an invasion into Suramar
city. After you kill the first big group, run out
of the city, abandon your quest, and talk to that jerk Khadgar to do it again. You can expect 700-1000 cloth an hour depending
on your AoE dps. And then if you’re solo and have already
completed that quest, I don’t know man, go kill some murlocs in azsuna or something. You missed out. Alright, cooking! I’ve known a few people who have gold capped
from cooking alone. It’s not my favorite profession, but if
you sell this stuff on raid nights and you’re looking at an easy 50-100k profit. For Lean Shanks, the best spot is Feathered
Prowlers in Azsuna. These are like the Lothian prowlers, but they’re
feathered. It’s at the coordinates 64, 21. Run between the trees and pull everything
you can hit, AoE, Loot, Server hop. Do it again. II have skinning, so I procced extra Lean
Shanks but you can expect about 100 every 3-5 minutes. For Fatty Bearsteak, there’s a rock right
next to the stormheim bear elite, murderheimen. Gather all the bears up around the rock, AoE,
loot, and server hop. Don’t waste your time killing murderheimen,
but he does drop the recipe for bear tartare if you don’t have that yet. The best enemies for Wildfowl eggs are the
Young Bloodgazers, the same from the Stonehide Leather spot, but Cove Ravens are pretty amazing
too. They’re located at 56, 22 on the sunken
ship in Stormheim. Super easy farm, just clear the ship out and
server hop. Rinse repeat. Now, Big gamy ribs drop off large deer, elderhorn,
any other moose-type creatures, so naturally we’re going to Suramar and we’re gonna kill
some porcupines. The Suramar Cliffquill and Leytouched cliffquill
tend to evade easily, but if you stand at 29.1, 89.3 there are 10 of them within 40
or 50 yards, so you can easily round them up, kill, loot, and server hop to the next
pack. For Leyblood, the Wyrm Cave in Azurewing Repose
is fantastic. This was nerfed after my first video. They just no longer instaspawn whenever you
kill em, but you can still server hop here without a problem. Each pull yields 30 to 50 leyblood. If you’re ever in the area, clear it out
real quick. Also, Brewmaster monks are godly here with
their ox statue. Get boon of the bloodhunter from the Wardens
Quartermaster and just kill shit. You gotta be exalted even on your alts though. 🙁 At this point in the expansion, the best mining
results in legion don’t actually come from mining ore deposits or seams. If you’re over 860 ilvl, they come from
living felslate and living leystone. Essentially killing creatures and skinning
them for ore. This can feel inefficient though because at
rank 1 and rank 2, you only have a 10% drop chance on ore from minable creature. At rank 3 though, that jumps up to over 100%. For felslate, we’re farming the felfire
basilisks in felsoul hold. There’s a pack of 6 located in the northwest
corner. Round them up, kill them, server hop, and
they’re all back up. With my 870 druid, I’m able to get about
600 an hour. For leystone, you want to farm lagoon basilisks
in Azsuna. There’s a pack of 10 that you can hop around
for exclusively if you have enough available servers. If groups are sparse, you can do three pulls
along the beach, and this also ensures that nothing evades. Before Legion Flying, farming Fjarnskaggl
in Stormheim was super annoying to farm and the only way to do it efficiently was to do
cheesy strats like standing stationary in the middle of this patch of five nodes and
server hopping. Now it’s much more efficient to do a normal
route from weeping bluffs, around the big statue, down to the big boat, and back to
weeping bluffs. Server hop after each lap so everything can
respawn and you’ll get 50-100 herbs per lap. Another annoying herb before legion was Aethril. The routes the same, just follow the road
in a big loop and with flying, it doesn’t take 12 minutes anymore. With a server hop after each lap and rank
3 aethril, I can consistently get 150 herbs per lap and each one takes 8 minutes without
the glove enchant, and 6 minutes optimized. Yah, that little bell that just went off in
your head? Go ahead and do the gold per hour math. The only viable way to farm dreamleaf is by
killing Vilepetal rooters outside the Emerald Nightmare instance. At rank 3 dreamleaf, they have a 100% chance
to drop 4 to 16 herbs each. There are 3 places you can pull 4 to 5 of
them at a time, and then you server hop. Avoid the big stompy guys. Flying doesn’t really help here. Farming foxflower is super easy with flying
though. Head to shipwreck cove and fly from one end
to the other. Hop. Fly back. Hop again. Starlight Rose is the most relaxing herb to
farm now because you can pretty much just go anywhere and you’ll hit an herb within
5 seconds. There’s not really a route anymore. I like consistency though so I still follow
my old route that looks like a bone.

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  13. @wtbgold I'm able to farm about 400 felslate/hour with the living felslate upgrades. a couple questions, though: you said rank 3 gives "over a 100% chance to mine felslate." could you elaborate a bit? i've found that about 1/3 of the basilisks i mine give only grey items, no ore. when i do get ore, though, i get up to 3 ore per mob. the amount of ore im getting is fine, I just want to know if you get similar results (i.e. do you get grays fairly often instead of ore). Also, do you have recommendations for prospecting this ore? I've read that mass prospecting isn't advisable, something to do with the gem chips predicting what color gems you're going to prospect. do you mass prospect or no?

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    Normally the blood enchant have an internal CD if i remember (like 2 or 3 per hour if i remember, i tested it myself while i was farming leather on a usual 2 hour session and this was true for me).

    For me, the best way to get blood is :
    1- skinning (rank 3)
    2 – gathering herbs (rank 2)

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  26. What's up fellow gold makers! Coming at you today with a bit of information that y'all might like! I've recently started doing the stonehide leather farm featured in this video, and not only is it great for farming two different types of raw mats, but it also is a great way to get the world drop twink gear that sells for 20k+ on some servers per piece (depending on ilvl and bonus stats such as leech, speed, etc.). These drops are an excellent way to supplement an already lucrative farm.

    I've been increasing the speed at which I farm mobs in this area with 2 items: stonehide leather barding and fighter chow. How do these increase efficiency you ask? Simple, the stonehide leather barding prevents you from being dazed while mounted, so you can butt pull a couple of groups of mobs quickly. Pulling more mobs, means you get hit more, thus taking more damage. The fighter chow helps here by increasing your out of combat health regen by 400%, so while you are skinning up your conquest, you are quickly healing back to full health and ready to pull again. Hope this helps you guys out, and happy farming!

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