How to Fight Wrinkles Using Coconut Oil – Home Remedies For Wrinkles

How to Fight Wrinkles Using Coconut Oil – Home Remedies For Wrinkles

[Music] how to fight wrinkles using coconut oil plant-based oils like coconut oil have been hailed for their health enhancing properties they’ve been found useful for enhancing physical beauty as well especially virgin coconut oil while popularly used to moisturize skin and hair it can also help you prevent the formation of fine lines on your face so if you want to find out how to fight wrinkles using coconut oil here’s how one coconut oil has been found to have a positive antioxidant action in the body according to dr. oz it has a lot of vitamin E which enhances the skin therefore you can apply coconut oil to your face or body and ingest it as well however since coconut oil has significant amounts of saturated fat only consume moderate amounts if you have cardiovascular issues consult your doctor on how much oil you can ingest each day to opt for organic virgin coconut oil so you avoid absorbing toxins or chemicals that may harm your overall health go for cold-pressed options which means the oil has been mechanically extracted at temperatures below 120 degrees Fahrenheit in order to preserve its health boosting properties this type of oil is also not processed refined or deodorized those that are not cold-pressed may have less of the good stuff as the heat may have destroyed some substances 3 you can use coconut oil as a moisturizer apply it at night before you go to sleep and in the morning when you wake up after washing your face slathering on some oil while your face or body is still damp is ideal as the oil will help block in the moisture and plump up fine lines making your skin look smoother and feel suppler for you can also massage coconut oil onto your face before you get into the shower so that you protect your skin from the drying effects of hot water moreover the steam from the hot shower helps your skin absorb the oil better when you do this you won’t need to put moisturizer on afterward five using coconut oil as a makeup remover and facial cleanser is also recommended you can even forego soaping up when you do so apply the oil onto your face with a ball of cotton and rub it all over then leave it on for about three to five minutes you can do other things in preparation for bedtime in the meantime afterward rinse the oil off using very warm water doing this will remove makeup residue and excess oil leaving behind just the right amount of oil pat dry and top off with a non-comedogenic moisturizer this way you prevent adding new fine lines or minimize existing ones sixth do regular facial massages using coconut oil spend about five to ten minutes smoothing and sliding your fingers on your forehead cheeks jawline and chin using an outward circular motion make sure you apply light pressure in slow and careful strokes don’t forget your brow line and the area around your eyes do not be too rough with your under eye area as it is the most fragile and thinnest layer of skin on your face just put some oil on it using light feathery strokes 7 you can also mix in a little coconut oil into salads to boost the health benefits additionally you can use it to cook your favorite dishes using soaps made with coconut oil is another tip on how to fight wrinkles using coconut oil you can add a bit of oil to your natural facial masks as well to boost its hydrating and wrinkle fighting abilities [Music]

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  1. I benign knowing that from a little girl. Originally from Guyana South America, and that's how my mom made coconut milk, to cook, she use to put it on our hair and skin

  2. My grandaughter was born only 5 months (premature baby) the Doctor gave her virgin coco oil mixed with her baby milk since birth. She's now 5 yr old & very intelligent kid! Praise God & thank to all doctors & coconut oil.

  3. this has been around for ages coconut oil It has just become popular for westerners we use the oil for hair moisturising cooking and cos we have coconuts back home in the islands it's free lol

  4. Anything Dr OZ recommends I will dump it, he gave that fly by night check up to that fkr MANIAC, LIAR, WHO HAS insulted everyone, besides molesting women and a complete idiot that resembles Benito Mussolini, same disturbed facial expressions, that only a crazy person will have. Screw Dr OZ and Trumpies. I will use Preparation H, good for both faces, but be prepared to have you eyes irritated for days. ("_")

  5. coconut oil is organic which means it is attacked by air born microbes to be eaten and broken down while its in your skin pours plus the fact any oil including your own skin oils will block skin pours which means blackheads all over your face eventually.. this is why the truth telling scientist will always say the best thing is to wash your face with a mild soap NOT oils..think about it.

  6. I use it on everything,it is awesome , especially if you are going through menopause,it helps your skin from being so dried out,awesome on your hair as well,good to add to coffee or salads or really any dish

  7. The only thing that keeps skin you is speeding up your metabolism. It helps renew skin cells. The reason you age is because, like a photo copier, it looses its value

  8. all commentator here..if you don't know where you can find a virgin coconut there is a lot in super if you want a real coconut tree you can find in Asia counrty.and what the vedio say it is true.

  9. Going to buy some of this coconut oil. I have been hearing a lot of great things about it fighting wrinkles

  10. It would be nice if they showed before and after pics of women in their 60s-80s, rather than using models who haven't developed wrinkles yet.

  11. Good advise except the caution for ingesting saturated fats – old dated obsolete data. Sat fats are healthy and help hydrate cells from within. Lack of saturated fats in our diets lead to problem skin

  12. I have dermatitis and coconut oil has helped me a lot 🙂 I also use it to clean my whole face because water makes my dermatitis worse.

  13. hi ..mam when i use coconut oil in face my face become very dark..what i am doind??plzzz tell me …

  14. People…they Do put coconut oil in shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and skin lotions. You all sound like a bunch of teenagers or millennials without a clue. I use all the things I've mentioned and I'll also try this. Plus, I'm telling you what I've used so far, I use altogether and it makes you smell so good. I'm thinking coconut oil can only add to that. Plus soften your skin. Most oils do. Worth a try.

  15. im so ashamed on the person who has shown this nonsense

    im indian .. and no coconut doesnt reverse wrinkles

    it may help people who never used it to slow down the process – for me it increases dandruff, causes more trouble for me since i have used it a lot from childhood

    it doesn't reverse ageing …

    this is such a sickening drama honestly

  16. Where's the old lady in the picture on the right thought she was going to be in the infomercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I have been using Argan Rain Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment on a daily basis for a number of years now and feel that it helps my face stay in the best possible condition. I am now 64 years old and have a few wrinkles as my face has softened throughout the years, but have confidence that this perfect product is still doing its job. I have never used it for stretch marks, so cannot comment on that, but do feel that it helps my facial complection greatly. Thanks for Argan Rain

  18. I use this as a moisture Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment and I think it helps my skin stay young looking. I would highly recommend this product and I thank my friend who told me about this product. Great skin cream to help prevent wrinkles. I found it by searching on Google as an Argan rain.

  19. I'm using unscented coconut oil after fighting face rash and my skin was left all dry and damaged.
    The face is really improving though slowly since my skin was badly damaged.
    I live in Nairobi though Mombasa people use virgin coconut and they have most beautiful skin.
    Best thing is know what works for you

  20. coconut oil is actually a heart-healthy food and helps you lose weight [ Check Details Here >>> ]. Here are 3 scientific reasons why coconut oil is super awesome for weight loss: #1. Coconut oil keeps you full longer #2. Coconut oil fires up your metabolism #3. Coconut oil is a fat that's less likely to be stored as fat

  21. Amazing!!!! Makes u look years younger!!!! I will definitely recommend argan life oil to anyone that wants younger vibrant looking skin in just days!!! Love it!!

  22. With the pictures which you use you are putting our intelligence under question
    It makes me not to want watch any videos with these kids of photoshop pics 😡

  23. She looks Great &rejuvenated! Although the PICS look more Believable than most of these home remedy vids …I was still thinkg :💁is this REALLY the method used on her??! If so its Amazing!

  24. I have bought products Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil and am happy with their products and so is my face and skin. It absorbs nicely, doesnt clog my pores, and doesn't feel heavy, greasy or oily on my face. I wear it under my moisterizer, sunscreen and makeup without any problems.

  25. I am confused, pls help. You said coconut is cold pressed to retain full nutrients. But that is not coconut oil. To obtain the oil, you have to cook the "cold pressed liquid" which is coconut milk, at temperatures above 212d fah. After cold press we get coconut oil without cooking?

  26. Nothing will protect wrinkles just stop worrying, using makeup instead eat healthy food and sleep 8 hrs. We are the result of what we eat.😊

  27. Is that a doctored picture? Ok I se coconut oil and it works well enough for me to ditch the lotions and potions and I like it and it’s dirt cheap…

  28. I love how you photoshopped the picture of the elderly lady by using the same picture… great job

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