How to Get More Energy Naturally with Dr. Isaac Jones

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here with Dr. Isaac Jones. Isaac, glad to have you here today. Dr. Isaac: [inaudible 00:00:06] Dr. Axe: All right. We’re going to be talking about how to naturally
boost your energy. By the way, we are live right now. So hey, take a minute, let us know the city
you’re from, the state you’re from, the country you’re from. We’d love to give you a shout-out, and actually
Dr. Isaac here is a Canadian. Dr. Isaac: Yes. Dr. Axe: So any Canadians watching, hey, let
us know where you’re from. You’re from . . . Dr. Isaac: Toronto. Dr. Axe: . . . North Toronto, right? Dr. Isaac: Yep. [inaudible 00:00:24] Ontario. Dr. Axe: All right. There we go. So we’re going to be talking about how to
naturally boost your energy levels today, and answering some of your questions. So if you have questions, go ahead and feel
free to ask those. Also, hey, do us a favor. Help us spread the word that food is medicine. Take a minute right now, punch that Share
button. Click that Like button. Dr. Isaac has five great tips to take your
energy to the next level today. Dr. Isaac, what’s your number one tip here? Dr. Isaac: Sure. The first tip is to start out with a morning
ritual. I know that most people, they start their
day off really poorly. That it just turns into one thing after another
throughout the morning and throughout the day, where they’re just depleting their energy
and they’re not really creating the momentum that they should be creating. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Dr. Isaac: So a really simple morning ritual,
the night before, if you want to just have a glass of water ready for you in a particular
place in your home, where you can just enjoy some quiet time. Maybe five minutes where you write out what
you’re going to be doing for the day. You take your supplements. You drink your water. People have various morning rituals. I like to meditate in the morning. I like to get my scripture out of the day
on my Bible app. I like to just do various things that just
inspire me for the day, and even look at my vision board and things of that nature. But just getting in that morning ritual, writing
down maybe three things that you can do every single day can help you create a lot of momentum
to really create a really incredible morning. Dr. Axe: Awesome. Love the advice, Dr. Isaac. So what Dr. Isaac is saying, it’s so important
that you start your morning off the right way. Dr. Isaac, I saw this, the same thing, myself. Especially, even looking back to college and
thinking about, “Okay. What made a day to where I was really productive,
I felt good?” It’s all about how you start your morning
off, as you’re saying with these daily rituals. That’s something a lot of people don’t necessarily
do is, I think there’s some famous quotes, your habits determine who you are. Dr. Isaac: Yes. Dr. Axe: Your habits determine your outcome. Your habits really create a path for your
entire life. Dr. Isaac: Yep. Dr. Axe: So, “We are what we repeatedly
do,” I believe as Aristotle said, is an important thing to remember there. All right. I want to see who’s joining us, of if we have
anybody joining us here. I know we’ve got people jumping on from all
over the country here. Let’s see if we have any Canadians. All right. It looks like my phone is running a little
slow here, so we’ll go ahead and jump on to number two. Dr. Isaac: Yeah. Dr. Axe: What’s your number two tip? Dr. Isaac: So alkaline a.m. You want to alkalize your body in the a.m.,
because most of the day we’re acidifying our body. EMF creates acidity within the body. You’ve got foods that create acidity within
the body. But really what is energy? It’s getting your body into a really healthy
pH, and really creating that energy in the morning for the rest of the day. So what I like to do is start the day off
with a smoothie. I put in kale. I put in some various greens. I like the Superfood Greens mix that you can
get at the grocery store, because you’ve got baby swiss chard. You’ve got baby kale. [recorded audio playing
00:03:35] Dr. Isaac: Oh. Dr. Axe: That’s you. [Inaudible 00:03:38] Dr. Isaac: There you go. There’s all of these different types of baby
sprouts that you can put into your shake, and then I put in the bone broth protein. Dr. Axe: Oh, yeah. Dr. Isaac: Yeah. I love the collagen and bone broth protein. Chocolate is actually my favorite one. Dr. Axe: Oh, yeah. Dr. Isaac: Then, I put in different types
of healthy fat. So I’ll maybe put in some grass-fed butter
or I’ll put in some ghee, or I’ll add some chia seeds afterwards, because I don’t like
the way that chia seeds make the shake kind of come together a little bit too gelatinous. But if you add in those greens, I throw in
a little bit of lemon or lime into it. It’s just an amazing way to start the day
and it creates incredible energy for the rest of the day when you have a shake or a drink
smoothie in the morning like that. Dr. Axe: Love it. All right. What’s tip number three for everybody? Dr. Isaac: Tip number three is, typically
after lunch, people eat a big lunch, and then they feel this lull after lunch. One of the things that I recommend to a lot
of the high performers and executives, and entrepreneurs that I work with is to do squats. Dr. Axe: Okay. Dr. Isaac: I know this might sound a little
crazy. You don’t need to get into a sweat or anything. But what the research shows is that squats
can actually help to burn that sugar that you just ate for lunch, and it can actually
help to increase the testosterone and the various hormones to help you maintain a higher
level of energy throughout the afternoon. Squatting just 10 times a day has been shown
to be just as effective as doing a short 30-minute jog, which is just a jog that’s kind of like
a slow jog at the gym or something like that. So squatting has been extremely profound. It’s what our ancestors used to do. They used to get in the squatting position
quite a bit. If you just come down 90 degrees, come back
up, do that around 10 times to 20 times in the afternoon, it can actually help to boost
your energy quite a bit. Dr. Axe: I love that. As Dr. Isaac is saying, there’s some great
research showing you, one of the great things about doing squats is you’re working your
body’s largest muscle groups, which is going to really help rev up that metabolism, boost
your energy throughout the day. So again, these are some great tips. As Dr. Isaac is talking about, number one,
start your day off right with morning rituals, like being grateful, meditation, and practicing
other healthy habits, such as going for a walk. Number two, as he was talking about, get a
healthy smoothie. A superfood smoothie every single morning
for breakfast is key. Number three, do squats. What’s number four? Dr. Isaac: Yeah. So typically, we have one bad habit or maybe
two bad habits in the day that steal our energy. Right? It may be stressing too much, or it may be
eating something that you just can’t help but eat. Whatever you’re consuming or whatever you’re
doing in the day creates a lot of challenges physiologically, and it leads to depletion
of energy. So it’s important to understand how to change
those habits. Because really, all we are is a bunch of made
up habits. That’s how we live our day, almost robotically. So if we can understand how to actually shift
our habits, then you can start seeing some really powerful momentum in a powerful direction
to increase your energy. So what I want you to do is just think of
maybe one bad habit that you have, or perhaps two bad habits that you have. So the first thing that we need to understand
around that bad habit is there’s something that triggers that habit. If we can understand what triggers that habit,
we can then understand what brings us into the behavior that gets us the result. So when we understand the triggers to the
habits, we can literally change our behavior, because we start understanding or becoming
more aware of the things that trigger the bad habit. BJ Fogg from Stanford who studies habit transformation,
one of his bad habits was eating popcorn at night. He would come home and it was just the most
convenient thing for him to eat was popcorn, throw it in the microwave, and just sit down
and eat some popcorn. Well, it was obviously very bad for his health. What he did was he took the popcorn, he put
it in the garage. He made it more inconvenient for him to get
to the popcorn. He knew that walking past the kitchen on the
way home was the trigger to him making the popcorn, and if it was in the garage it would
be harder for him to actually get triggered. Of course, his habit started to change. He actually put something healthy in place
of the popcorn, and now he’s eating a much healthier diet because of just understanding
habit transformation and changing triggers. Dr. Axe: That’s awesome, Dr. Isaac. One of the things that people don’t do enough
is just find that simple replacement. Dr. Isaac: Yes. Dr. Axe: As Dr. Isaac is talking about, if
you’re a person that loves sugar, switch over to honey and stevia, and dates, and things
like that, those healthier alternatives. Making those swaps in your life can be key
to living a better life, having more energy, as we’re talking about. Isaac, what’s your fifth step to naturally
boosting energy? Dr. Isaac: Yeah. Absolutely. Getting good sleeps. Now, here’s something that you probably don’t
know about getting good sleeps is that we’re driving, driving, driving throughout the day,
cortisol increases. We have a lot of certain types of neurotransmitters
in our body that keep our brain going at night, making it harder for us to go to sleep, like
glycine, for instance. One thing that we want secreted before we
go to bed is GABA. GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter
of the body, and it helps us get those deep, delta-wave sleeps, so we can feel energized
the next day. So one of the best ways for you to secrete
GABA right before going to bed and creating a really deep, rejuvenating sleep is to stretch. I’m not talking about an hour-long yoga session. You could stretch for just five minutes, two
minutes. Dr. Axe: Wow. That’s cool. Dr. Isaac: But when you stretch, you see that
increase in GABA. What you do is when you’re secreting that
GABA, you can really see yourself get into that deep sleep. I’ve noticed a big change in the just rejuvenating
sleeps. I wake up earlier when I stretch before bed. I know sometimes I’m so tired at the end of
certain days where I’m just like, “You know what? I need to stretch, because I know that it’s
going to help me get a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.” Dr. Axe: Yep. Dr. Isaac: If you combine the stretching afterwards
with some essential oils, where you just breathe in some essential oils before you go to sleep,
man, that helps you get such a deeper sleep. If you’re habit tracking and you’re tracking
your sleep, you can actually see how much deeper you’re getting into those delta waves
when you do that. So it’s very powerful, and obviously sleep
is primary to increasing your energy throughout the day. Dr. Axe: Yeah. I would say it’s probably the biggest thing. Like I remember years ago, on a radio program
I did, I would have people call in all the time saying, “Dr. Axe, I’m just really lacking
energy.” We’d go through things like their diet and
their activity levels, and it never ceased to amaze me how many people would say things
like . . . I’d say, “Well, how many hours of sleep do you get at night?” “Four hours.” Dr. Isaac: Right. Dr. Axe: How can you possibly have energy
when you’re getting that little sleep? So listen. Sleep is actually essential to energy, as
Dr. Isaac is talking about. So remember these tips, as he’s gone through. Number one, create these healthy habits. Every morning, have your, I know as Tony Robbins
used to call it, the “hour of power,” “15 minutes to thrive.” Dr. Isaac: Yep. Dr. Axe: Or those things, getting your morning
started off right through being grateful, through meditation. Number two, hey, get a good breakfast. Start off with a superfood smoothie, lots
of green superfoods and bone broth, and berries, and things that are really energizing. The number three thing you talked about, Dr.
Isaac . . . Dr. Isaac: Squatting. Dr. Axe: . . . was squatting, really working
on working those large muscle groups and really helping balance your hormones. Well, I’ll tell you, listen. As Dr. Isaac said, you don’t have to go and
do an hour of squatting. It’s two minutes. Dr. Isaac: Yeah. Dr. Axe: You do a quick, little two-minute
drill, and look at your timer here. Just body weight squats, it makes a huge,
huge difference there in your overall energy levels. Then, number four? Dr. Isaac: Four was just changing your habits. Dr. Axe: That’s right. Dr. Isaac: Understanding those triggers to
what creates those bad habits, and then understanding what those triggers are and maybe changing
the triggers, and really trying to shift that habit or behavior that comes as a result of
that. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Great. Then, number five? Dr. Isaac: Number five is really stretching
in the evening to secrete more GABA, because GABA is that inhibitory neurotransmitter. It helps you get those deep, delta-wave sleeps,
and it just creates such a better experience while you’re sleeping, so you wake up feeling
energized. Dr. Axe:Yeah. So many people, as you’re saying, I know not
only lack sleep, but lack flexibility. Dr. Isaac: Yeah. Dr. Axe: I look at my own dad . . . Dad, if
you’re watching, please do this. I’ve already told you 100 times. But sometimes, I mean, getting your family
to change things is one of the hardest things in the world. Now, my parents are pretty healthy. They retired from Ohio down to Florida now. My dad water skis all the time, and he’s a
really fit guy. But he could definitely work on his flexibility. So listen. Five minutes, right when you get up in the
morning, after a walk or a workout, and then especially, before you go to bed at night,
as Dr. Isaac is saying, helps improve GABA, but also increases circulation to all of your
joints. A lot of times, our joints kind of . . . If
they don’t get motion, there’s not fluid in there. What that’s going to do is you have a greater
chance of arthritis building up in those joints, having chronic pain. So you’ve got to get movement in those joints. Flexibility and stretching is a great way
to do that. Well, guys, we want to say thank you so much
. . . Dr. Isaac: Thank you. Dr. Axe: . . . for joining us down on Ancient
Medicine again. This has been Dr. Isaac Jones, a good buddy
of mine here for a long time. We’ll be back next week with another Ancient
Medicine Today. Dr. Isaac: Thank you.

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