How to get pink lips? Lighten dark lips naturally at home in Tamil Beauty Tips Tamil Beauty Angel

How to get pink lips? Lighten dark lips naturally at home in Tamil Beauty Tips Tamil Beauty Angel

Hello Friends, Welcome to G studios, Tamil Beauty Tips I am Your Jessie Evangelin Today, what we gonna see is that most of them asked me about dark lips, scratches during summer for that we gonna see a tip for that we have to get into the show.. Today we gonna try a beetroot lipbalm 1 Beetroot (should be very reddish and fresh) Vitamin E capsule You can get this capsules in every medical shop Vaselin (it is just about Rs.5 Coconut oil So at first peel off the beetroot For lipbalm half beetroot is enough so, i gonna take half beetroot so i have cutted and i have grated the beetroot finely now, we gonna do filter of that beetroot juice separately So, i have filtered well.. see viewers add some vaselin into the beetroot juice and add 2 vitamin E capsule.. add Few drops of coconut oil so, the lip balm has ready … now i gonna preserve this in a small box… finally we got a beetroot lipbalm.. how easy steps we did right? now, i gonna use this a little bit on my lips its nice know??? i feel that its a real lipbalm which we use to buy in a shop as we done this by beetroot.. it is very natural beetroot will give you a perfect colour and will use to get rid from scraches as well if you use it regularly.. it will give you a perfect colour.. even you can use this before going to sleep and morning when going out as well friends, it is such easy tip you can this for so many days.. because beetroot has so much of power.. will give colour to your lips and will help to get rid from the scratches on the lip do share this tip to all your friends and relatives and do like my video do comment that what you feel about my tip If you aware of any beauty tips share with me.. let me try once if it is really gud then i will upload that video and my hearty welcome to my new subscribers if you want to watch my videos regularly then, you should subscribe my channel Subscription process is very easy.. just click on the below red colour subcribe button and click on the bell symbol as well So, that you can see my the videos for lifetime.. whenever i am uploading a new one, you will get a notification As of now i am uploading a video based on your wish.. even i will upload in future will meet you in next video until bye from jessie Love you so much and please take care

100 Replies to “How to get pink lips? Lighten dark lips naturally at home in Tamil Beauty Tips Tamil Beauty Angel”

  1. akka vitamin e capsule poita face lip and hair ku Side effect varatha? slunga akka reply fast plsssssssss

  2. Akka ennakku cream use pannunean face la.. Athu my face sora sora nu aairuchu… Pls any solutions.. ???

  3. hi da nalla irukkingala lip ku tips sonninga petrut vachu..but fridge,la vaikama evolo naal use pannalam sol da ma naan unga kitta peasanum aasai paduren epti peasa ur number

  4. I am not satisfied with ur lip palm tips because i 've prepared that lip palm as of ur guidance. But there is no color changes , if u check my comments please post that home made lip palm picture after few days of prepation.

  5. Akka ennaku 5 rupees Vaseline kidaikala …..35 rupees Vaseline than kidaichuthu ie..20 gram……so ethuku how much beatroot juice and vitamin E capsules podanum…. please reply akka…

  6. Edhu evlo days store panivakilam akka and veliya vakinauma ila fridge la vakinuma and oruthavanga velila vacha bad smell varudhunum fridge lavacha katiagudhunum comment panirukanga

  7. akka thanks for this tip but lips pink aaga evlo naal aagum akka? naan 2 weeks use panren! please reply pannunga akka!!

  8. Sister it's a very good tip and I am using this and it's giving me a good result and shall I refrigerate this lip balm because on yesterday when I was applying this it is giving me a rotten smell so that's what I'm asking u shall I refrigerate this please let me know sister

  9. Love you jessie Akka.
    My hair is getting thinner by thinner daily. I had no hairs in my side head. I had no thick eyebrows. So every makeup made by me getting fault. So please tell me some tips.sisy please…….

  10. Hai sis engaged v2la frig illa beetroot lip balm shenca lettuce poguthu veliya vechalum kedatha Mathieu lip balm sence kattunga blessed sis

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