How To Get Rid of Skin Cancer Naturally

hi I’m robyn Openshaw and I’m known
online as the green smoothie girl and today I’m in a girly personal and i
wanna talk to you about what I did about my skin cancer so when I was growing up
I got including well into adulthood I got literally hundreds of sunburns and
you know you can see I’m a fair-skinned person my people go back to Scandinavia
and Europe and I don’t really belong in the Sun so much and I have a phobia of
sunscreen and some of it is warranted because I actually think sunscreen is
super toxic you can get a physical sun block that has like titanium oxide and
it goes on white people don’t like it but it’s not nearly as toxic as those
chemical sun screens and I have felt for years that those are every bit of
cancer-causing as damaging rays from the Sun when I was growing up my mother used
to put articles to clip from the paper should promote my pillow so I’m going to
bed note see this article and it would be telling me that I was going to get
skin cancer is 40 and you tell me you can get cancer when you’re forty and I
remember one article she left for me said if you have a terrible sunburn it’s
almost a guarantee that you’re gonna get skin cancer twenty years later well when you’re sixteen just the tip
for moms out there when you’re sixteen and someone tells you this will happen
when you’re forty you don’t care because when you when you think of
forty-year-olds when you’re sixteen you think of people who they know they’ve
given up on their looks anyway they don’t care right people who are fortier
almost dead duck that’s how I thought it was 16 I was like 40 who cares thats
like another like lifetime away so I was not future-oriented like most teenagers
and so here’s the thing twenty years later should I start
getting pre cancers may face I went to the the dermatologist it was diagnosed so
I’m not making this up that I have a bunch of spree cancers because the
dermatologist did diagnosed that what they do is they sliced it or they’ll
burn it and so I’ve heard both done in the case of this when I had it for
literally 10 years and I heard it sliced off by a dermatologist twice now this
was disturbing to me because my grandmother had melanoma and I she was
very skeptical of the way the medical model works which is your cut that skin
cancer are you gonna burn the spot that it’s on but it’s not sell selective air
just sorta taken a stab literally and they’re cutting healthy tissue and they
are also causing those cancer cells to proliferate and spread and leaving from
cancer in there so both times I got it cut off or burn off it came back I am
NOT giving you medical advice I’m not sharing this with you because I think
you should do this or not do that and I certainly don’t want to say don’t see
your dermatologist and don’t use their protocols but I do think people should
know that they have alternatives and I do think that people should be educated
just in general so I’m gonna tell you what I did for my skin cancer I want you
to know that would diminish show you I do not sell I do not profit from and you
can’t even buy it in the United States so after this one came back twice after
getting it dealt with at the dermatologist years go by literally six
years go by it’s still there but if I go out in the Sun it flares up and get
really red usually the skin cancers are ones I have on my forehead are scaly and
you can look up on the internet what precancerous look like rather than me
try to show you some gory stuff right now but they were peeled off and then
you get them again and so these these pre-cancer just keep coming back so you
can’t buy this on the internet from America to get this from Brazil called
black South blacks my grandmother used to million years ago people been using
this for hundreds of years and what’s really interesting about it looks like
I’m showing an infomercial right now but again they do not sell this letter from
Brazil blacks there is still selective it actually kills cancer cells while
leaving healthy tissues alone but I did it you can keep this for like yours years it doesn’t go bad I put a little
bit right on the spot and then I covered with a band-aid not super fun to go
around with a bandaid but guess what I would have had to if I gotta cut off at
the dermatologist anyway I weigh about 45 days and just as the internet has
taught me and as the company that sold me this I taught me basically the cancer
died and it fell out it literally came out and I was worried about it the big
thing that you worry bout of course is scarring right whatever friend who was
asked are cut out of her face from skin cancer and what the matter what the
doctor did to her was very scarring as well so pick your poison here another
thing people have asked me does it hurt to use the black south I’ll tell you
what hurt is getting it burned off and cut off the the dermatologist office
that’s what hurt the black so when I put it on there’s a little bit of stinging
very very mild and it doesn’t hurt at all but when the when the issue comes
out it is dead flesh so very very little pain compared to the medical procedure
but I study that’s probably knew since my grandmother and mother were doing
this my mother did put on the back of my brothers neck when he had skin cancers
and it is scarred back there my brother’s neck is scarred my
grandmother’s cancer which was very big one it worked but it did leave some scars of
course I was worried about this with my face so what it is now and this came
with it that I got is called sangre de Drago and of course what this means in
English is dragon’s blood I realize that this story I’m telling you just gets
weirder and weirder but it’s the name of this herbal stuff it to be reread which
is why it’s called dragon’s blood and as soon as I can’t fault you put this on it
so this is where I had the skin cancer I got rid of it last May so well over a
year ago and has never come back and the only thing that came out was like they
said the the cancerous cells now if that cancer goes really deep you’re gonna get
your gonna have more tissue come out and I realize that can be really
disconcerting so just three weeks ago just to give you an idea granted I do
have some some powder makeup on but I had too little skinny little
precancerous right here and one right here I put this on it I put band-aids on
it looked like a dork for a week or so and a chunk in all three cases a chunk
of skin cancer fell out of my face it was no fun and I have been worried about
it and I think that this is really help this this sangre de Drago I’m also
putting vitamin E that I got at the health food store
every night on those two spots and they think that their healing up very nicely
so these are things that I did for my skin cancer again this is not medical
advice don’t do this at home unless you take the risk yourself a new study
yourself lemon peel that you don’t really think of is being edible it’s
full of bioflavonoids they’re the most anti skin cancer compounds that are
known to man so putting a little bit of lemon peel from an organic lemon in your
green smoothie every day is a great idea towards avoiding skin cancer in the
first place use a little lemon peel as a preventive and honestly the only reason
I think maybe if it to the extent if I don’t look like a prune it has to be my
diet because I really should have terrible skin for how much sun exposure
I’ve had so your diet is the best anti aging and the best anticancer measure
that you can possibly use the lots of green juice lots of vegetables lots of
green smoothies choose a solid these are the things that we know are powerful
antioxidants powerful enzymes that keep our souls young and helper cells repair
so they don’t mutate so they don’t become aberrant cells so and guess what here’s another thing the Sun is our
friend vitamin D comes from the Sun people were meant to be out in the Sun
it’s the number-one anticancer nutrient if you will its kinda more of a hormone that a vitamin really
they call a vitamin D but in recent years I’ve discovered it’s a little bit
more like a hormone that a vitamin but we need vitamin D and everybody is
deficient in vitamin D so I will say this I may have precancerous skin
cancers guess what I have amazing vitamin D levels and the way you get
vitamin D can take a d3 supplement but your best way of getting it is from the
Sun there are literally hundreds of studies saying get your vitamin D is
your number one defense against all kinds of cancers so I don’t think we
should be afraid of the Sun but we should avoid getting sunburns so you
might want to get one of the physical sunblock that you can get a health food
store online that uses titanium oxide and you know it goes on white but it
looks you know it does though came after a while but you know it’s not the
funnest thing in the world but a lot better in those chemical ones in terms
of you know having really really harmful chemicals that they have spoken to your
skin into your bloodstream and there’s lots of carcinogenic chemicals
ironically enough in those sunscreens though lots of information I hope it’s
useful to you if you’re hitting mid-life and have pre pre cancers like ideal you
should know what your options are you liked this episode about skin cancer I
love to educate you about all things health nutrition and wellness go to
green smoothie and sign up for my newsletter so that I can send you
more great content like this and thanks for being with me on a green smoothie girl
see you next time

100 Replies to “How To Get Rid of Skin Cancer Naturally”

  1. My brother is currently doing this on the side of his nose & on the tip of his ear… i AM scared for him!! 🙁

  2. Now she tells me! Oh well, maybe not for many of you. Heed her advice and use what makes sense to you.

  3. Came across your video. Very interesting. I will have to look into this more. I have lived most of my life in the sun and got really badly burnt on several occasions and skin cancer is always on my mind. My mum and dad both had skin cancer. I look after my skin now and look for changes. I wear a hat and try not to go out between 11 and 4.

  4. So the black salve use for splinters for ,literately all my life, is not the same as the one you are talking about, from Brazil?

  5. I thought since your name is greensmoothiegirl you 'd be telling u s how yr smoothies helped w skin cancer….

  6. Pls use better med terms then "skin cancer fell out" – its really not that simple, an your painting a very simple story , I'll hv to think on this salve stuff cause I've been riddled over the years w skin cancer, prob like 10-15 surg now, so I take this very serious. As I speak now I have literally 4 spots, but I'm talking about basel cell your talking pre-cancerous.. So I suspect this is only good for pre-cancerous. Basel cell doesnt give up that easy though.. thanks

  7. Last thing is you said this cancer goes very deep , well it really doesnt , it works on the melonon layer, the melanoma type goes much deeper, via the lympth nodes usually, hense far more dangerous and nothing to play with .. My point is dont pain such a simple picture about this , but thanks for the help..

  8. GreenSmoothueGirl What about farmers lip or also called sailors/surfers lip?
    If black salve destroys bad cells and are ridded by falling out/off in dead chunks, How would the affected lip react to black salve? This is a serious question.

  9. According to this actual research, black salve is extremely dangerous. Please watch this video.

  10. My dad started getting small things removed from his face, back, etc. Squamous cell carcinoma, Then he got melanoma . Four years later he died. It spreads very quick. My Dad was told that even if he avoided the sun he would have gotten melanoma -his mom had it and he carried the gene

  11. use mud as well for sun block. cool as well .. ancestors knew more than us . we got corp lies and rape for are lives . hemp oil with thc in it kills skin cancer too . thanks .. i got it after looking. nobody tells you they have white skin cancer .. no wonder we die off. no information or edited and covered up . thanks i try this first instead of making hemp oil and facing prison .. probably got white cancer ..

  12. Thank you for your insights. Like you my story is similar but I also represent Terra Kai Organics with a product called Juce found in Costco, west coast and we also have some lemon peel in our drink along with 40 fruits and veggies. I look forward to your subscription. Blessings,

  13. You keep saying skin cancer. You mean PRE SKIN CANCER. There's a BIG difference. And you keep saying titanium oxide. It's titanium DIOXIDE. Educate yourself before you make a video. You sound ignorant.

  14. I am VERY fair and spent many summers from age 8-20 burning on the MA, CT & RI coast in the USA and also lived in Sydney Australia in my 20's. I have had basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and Actinic Keratoses. I have had Mohs Surgery, Excisional Surgery, Curettage and Electrodesiccation, Cryosurger and Photodynamic Therapy and also used a topical ointment (basically topical chemo). ALL have come back…yes even Mohs ! The topical was the worst, for me. Since they all have come back I really didn't want to do any of the "proper" treatments from the dermatologist anymore as they have failed me. Thank heavens for the internet. I started to do some research on natural or alternative ways to treat skin cancers. I have not tried black salve but I have tried organic apple cider vinegar with the mother ( I used Bragg's) and had a similar reaction as Green Smoothie Girl did with black salve. Kind of hurts, cancer falls off, leaves a hole, then red mark. You can research treating skin cancers and pre-skin cancers with ACV. Best of luck and love to you all.

  15. I love Robyn and am a lifer in the detox program. Trying to wrap my head around the black salve treatment, which I don't need just now, I found this video by Dr Greger. I do often appreciate and respect what he says – not always, but most often. So this is what he says – love to hear what others think, even Robyn.

  16. Also if you do get black salve – get a good one

  17. Im really sad, my best friend ( i know him for almost 12 years ) told me today that he has skin cancer, he has a lot of black spots all over his body …..

  18. This is very dangerous and not only kills some cancer but also healthy tissue and does not go deep enough to kill all the cancer.It will also leave scars at times. However a much better provenn treatment is BEC5 which only attacks cancer cells and not healthy cells. Dont use this corrosive salve.Your Grandma used what was available, but now there is something so much better.

  19. So much of the masses are mind controlled and brainwashed by western medicine. All their lives they have been lied to…all in the name of greed! $$$ It will be interesting to watch disclosure as doctors, mainstream medicine (lies) and healthcare industries are called out and sued over and over which is already starting to happen…BIG PHARMA being one of the biggest scams and deadly to millions of people and those poor souls who are now addicted. Natural/holistic medicine is the best and safest route!

    What is the death count of holistic doctors now (murdered/died mysteriously)…about 83 or so that have been killed because they are calling out (whistleblowing on) western medicine!

  20. Has any of you who used the salve been to the doctor so that he can check to make sure cancer is gone for good? My aunt died from skin cancer years ago . My sister has had hers removed twice, but it continues to come back and now it is on her nose. She has scarring below her eyes from previous surgery. I want to tell her about this salve, but first need to know if any of you precious people have been to the dermatologist after treatment on your own? May the Lord touch each one of you with His healing hand!

  21. I had a Basal cell carcinoma on my head. I used Black salve from my naturopath. It took 40 days for the scab the size of a quarter or Australian 20 cent coin to come off. It was unbearable for me a couple of days I looked like death warmed up with weakness etc. But now I have no scar and the tissue is healing nicely with a pink hue and a tiny little mark. Don't believe me I can send photos. This lady is telling the truth.!!!!!!!!!

  22. I had my melanoma surgically removed. It did not return and I would definitely do it again.I am VERY skeptical of this message.

  23. According to Anthony William (Medical Medium), carcinomas are caused by a variety of Epstein-Barr Virus that has mutated and created cancer. The
    mutation is triggered by the presence of toxins (Heavy metals, and/or chemicals like DDT, herbicides, fungicides, solvents, detergents, perfumes, etc.) In order to
    grow it needs bad foods (Avoids) in diet. Reduce animal and bad fats in diet to promote blood oxygenation, all dairy, eggs, animal fat, canola oil, corn, wheat, processed sugars
    and syrups. Your diet high in fruits and veggies is what is truly healing you.

  24. Thanx for sharing this video with us, you can also try Planet Ayurveda CRAB CARE PACK. its really effective natural herbal product with no side effects.

  25. Sunscreen is not carcinogenic. The reason some people have increased skin cancer that wear sunscreen is that most people don't put on enough, and then don't reapply, and have a false sense of security so stay in the sun too long. Fair skin people can make enough vitamin D with only 5-15 minutes 3 times per week. Mineral sunblocks are good however and less irritating. Even better are sun protective clothing and hats. Black salve does destroy healthy tissue. Anywhere you put it will die…don't believe me, put it on a healthy spot. You can choose to use this on your own if you want to, but at least give yourself the benefit of getting a biopsy. You don't even know what you are treating. Cancers can mimick other cancers, and benign things can sometimes look like cancer. Lastly, skin cancer frequently is like an iceberg. Treatments like this may just get the top of the cancer, leaving the roots. It will then grow under the skin until it grow large enough to notice years later.

  26. Don't trust this video. I'm sorry you are suffering with cancer, seek a real doctor's help. This video is digital snake oil.

  27. I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on my left ear a month ago. I went on Intermittent Fasting Regimen, and Raw Food Diet, and the cancer has healed. I have posted my story on my youtube channel, in the form of daily vlog, where I describe my challenges, my diet and the miraculous outcome. Nothing is impossible, with the Power of NATURE. Heal yourself, if you believe Hippocrates, he has said:"Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, and Let Thy Medicine Be Thy Food". There is the way, not for the faint of heart. Be brave. In your body lies the Power that has created this Universe. You are a small replica of its Infinite Healing Potential.

  28. OR you could go and get the skin cancer removed painlessly, safely and quickly from a professional qualified doctor that spent years in uni

  29. I was going to use it for cancer, but I used water fasting and that worked so well that I didn't need anything else.  Water fasting is like immunotherapy.  After 48 hours you lower Heme Oxygenase which is what is tricking the immune system into protecting the cancer.  It also lowers IGF-1 which is what causes cancer to grow and Methionine which cancer is dependent upon and Glucose which is food for cancer.  Not having food to digest allows the trypsin and chymotrypsin produced by the pancreas to be used to digest the fibrin around the cancer.  Plus, it gets rid of viruses, bacteria, fungi and bad mitochondria.  Cancer is a mitochondrial disease.  They proved that.  They used to think it was a gene problem, but they took a nucleus out of a cancer cell and put it in a clean cell and it did not produce cancer, where they took a nucleus from a healthy cell and put it in a cancer cell and it did produce cancer.  Water fasting gets rid of the mitochondria, which produce cancer.  I am interacting with someone else who tried it and had breast cancer go away in 7 days of water fasting.

  30. Dr Josh Axe has a link how to make your own healthy homemade sun screen. Eating more Cucumber and watermelon are supposed to be beneficial as well . I have basal cell on my chin, which was diagnosed by a dermatologist. I would rather try a natural cure. I have watched some videos on Black Salve and some were concerning, so I never tried it. Also heard applying Eggplants on these spots locally supposed to help. Thank you for the tips Robyn. I may give it a try.

  31. Great video, thank you. One thing I would add is that I believe it’s best to take vitamin K2 along with your D3. Check it out ??

  32. Well, everyone should do their homework. Just for an FYI, this is what I found:

    And it scares me quite honestly

  33. I have very small dry patches on my face, about four of them. They are too deep to go away and Ive tried alot of facial creams etc. Could this be skin cancer?? I'm concerned because I've already had 2 squamous cell places removed on my left leg. Can't really afford a dermatologist but I will find a way if I need to go. Somebody help me out with this please…Thanks so much

  34. Thank you for educating people on the benefits and use of black salve. I have similar skin as you and have used BS on several places on my body. This has been in use for centuries and is most certainly a viable skin cancer remedy. I am currently treating an area on my forearm. The BS will go after only the skin cells that are cancerous and leave the good tissue alone as you said. If there is no redness or swelling after the application, then there is no cancer present. You will see a reaction with in 24 hours if there is one. It is not sold in the US for human use, but is OK for veterinary use (I am told). I too put it on and cover it with a band-aid and let it do its magic. It will take about a week maybe a little longer, but it will form a eschar (scab) and fall out. Don't pull the scab out just let it fall out on its own. Post scab treatment with vitamin E oil is helpful. I have not used the dragon's blood although I will give it a try. I can send pictures if interested to see the progression. I would also not apply it to an area larger than a quarter in size. It is very powerful and can cause pain and discomfort. I got mine through Dermatologists will not tell you about this and will most certainly recommend minor surgery to remove it. Take your own health in your own hands and do your own homework. Cheers!!

  35. Just put sulphuric acid on your skin to eat the cancer off. Or just dig it out with a pocket knife. Black salve is just as non discriminitory as acid. The necrotic lump that falls out isn't just pure cancer cells. A basic knowledge of cellular biology will show you that there is no way that zinc dichloride can just decide what cells are cancerous.

  36. You should still get your skin checked professionally and insist on a biopsy if you are suspicious it is better to be sure. I have had a few BCCs on my face the one on my nose nearly ended up needing a skin graft and one in the corner of my eye. Not fun having injections into the eye when they do surgery it is like a horror movie and all surgery is painful. Don’t play around with cancer you wouldn’t be taking tonics if you had cancer in any other part of your body. GET CHECKED REGULARLY it doesn’t cost anything.

  37. People are saying black salve is no good.

  38. DON'T USE THIS STUFF. I just did some research on it and it burns through healthy tissue as well, not just skin cancer. This black salve can actually burn a quarter-size hole in your skin and leave a deep permanent scar.

  39. do you have any thing for  a k actinic kerotose  on my hands red spots that wont go away   that I can do to make it go away.   thank s love you

  40. I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and its been 3 weeks so I am planning to treat with the black salve and then covering with gold salve

  41. The cure for all things lie in nature. Even medications based on plants or seeds. Excellent video. Very well explained. It draws it out ike a poultice….nasty afterwards but you good work f9und solution. I hope this helps lots of people..
    Can you buy black salve in health shop or Amazon? N dragon blood no problem in Spain I'm sure …you do accent very well. Muy bien! Gracias n continued good health..other video above he say is right …sun lotion on just pushes in toxins…..its only rubbish. There is a new nsafe one on market without all the parabens n rubbish. But living in the sun….I never use nor do I abuse skin by lying for hours in it. But its so so good for you!

  42. Very rich saying that chemical sunscreens cause skin cancer when the vast majority of skin cancer patients haven't worn a drop of sunscreen in their lives!

  43. Thank you so much for your video can’t afford health care and funding your video on alternative medicine that has been used for decades to get rid of skin cancer is really my only alternative. Sit and watch the cancer get worse or try and fix it. Obama care totally bankrupt us! My friends said just pretend your a illegal immigrants and everything is free. Free health care shouldn’t be for foreigners breaking into our country it should be the Americans right to have insurance since we’re being taxed to death anyways. I figured I would die from cancer since Americans have become the enemy of our politicians especially white peoples. Cripple with bone disease can’t work because my neck is collapsed on the bones. Bone on bone very painful doctors when I had insurance refuses to cure me since insurance doesn’t pay for cures. For two and a half years on 20 different pills was how they choose to help me. I finally had enough of this fake medical care which left me still unable to work yet no chance of getting social security or disability since I’m still able to walk. 10,000 dollars later in debt I quit medical care stopped taking all medications and it’s been over a year and I feel better in a vegan diet. Still have pain and can’t work but luckily I have a great partner that takes care of me. Sadly I watch every day illegal immigrants being busses to our social security office to claim benefits that Americans are no longer Entitled to. We have become slaves to foreigners who break into our country and we care for them better than our own people. While I watch Americans benefits they paid into their whole lives being stolen from foreigners because not speaking English is considered a disability. This makes me so mad that Americans will die before they are helped medically were foreigners who break our laws are treated for their medical needs and we the people are paying for it. Forced to look for alternative medicine for skin cancer that I have to figure out how to get rid of or die. We can’t afford Obama care 3000 a month for insurance.

  44. Did you see the video on YouTube, about how you are meant to use the 'Dragon's Blood' Extract? A woman shows you how you can (super easy) turn the liquid into a paste, which is used like a bandaid/plaster, to seal the wound after the cancer is removed. It has antiviral and antiseptic properties. Amazing!

  45. What is this bullshit going on with internet. Saying black salve is cell selective and kills cancer cells only. It doesnt seems to be true…

    from wikipedia:

    The extract of bloodroot is called sanguinarine, a quaternary alkaloid which attacks and destroys living tissue and is also classified as an escharotic.

  46. So i have a question – where can i get black salve and dragons blood and will this work on melanoma? With a link because i couldn't find it. Please reply fast cause I'm scared ?

  47. You cannot buy it in western countries because it is illegal and insane. It is such a dangerous thing to put on your skin. It does not cure any cancer – it simply burns the top off the cancer. Cancer WILL return. Many many people have seriously disfigured themselves by using this very strong Acidic paste.

    Not saying modern medicine has an awesome cancer cure – it does not. But over time IT WILL be able to cure cancer completely. Black salve has never cured any cancer.
    SO PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS GARBAGE. Anyone who is recommending it to others should be investigated – this is a horrific thing to do and is close to criminal. It would be like me telling someone to eat a lot of mercury to prevent stroke.

    So even if you are very sceptical of the medical industry you need to ask what testing the medical industry does and how much they try to ensure the safety and efficacy of a medicine. Compare that to the zero effort done by people like this lady who do not even do the most basic scientific testing of products. They will recommend something based on anecdotes and word of mouth. The most unreliable methodology imaginable.

  48. So helpful! Do you have skin cancer leasions on your arms and legs? I have brown crusty spots all over… looks terrible

  49. I grew up being bright red in the days before sunblock was everywhere. Plus when I was a teenager I found that when I was burned and red, if I applied the orange 'man tan' over the red skin, I'd end up with a perfect tan color. Anyhow, I've been using curadermBCE5 – it's been a super slow process and pricey too. My girlfriend used black salve on her breast. She was told to have a mastectomy but wouldn't. She went for black salve. She had been informed of 8 tumors in her breast. After the salve worked to release what was 18 tumours, she began to heal. Do know of this black salve working on melanoma as well?

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