How to get rid of termites naturally in home furniture without chemicals | Best Home Remedies

How to get rid of termites naturally in home furniture without chemicals | Best Home Remedies

In this video I will tell you how to get rid of termites naturally in home furniture without chemicals home remedies Please like comment share and subscribe my channel Termites are small insects that feed on wood and plants They can increase in population and live in colonies without getting noticed These pests will keep on consuming the wood even if they are not hungry Termites can destroy the ceiling furniture walls plants books and more Since there are a lot of wood and plants in your house It is important to know how to get rid of termites as well as other pests to keep your family and home safe Some of the signs that termites have infested your home include Best home remedies for termites naturally in home furniture without chemicals home remedies One wet cardboard trap Termites feet on cellulose and cardboard contains it a Wet cardboard trap is an efficient way to quickly and easily get rid of termites But it will not prove Effective in the long term as it won’t help you get rid of all the termites that might be present in your house This technique works best when used together with other methods here’s how to get rid of termites with cardboard trap Directions Wet down multiple pieces of cardboard and stacked them on each other Place the wet cardboard in an area where the termites are hiding For your convenience, you can also use wet cardboard boxes The termites will be drawn to the wet cardboard and will begin to feed on it When you notice that the cardboard is infested with lots of termites take it out of the house and burn it To sunlight exposure Regardless of how hard it may seem to get rid of termites the exposure of termites to sunlight will certainly kill them This method is appropriate when you know exactly where the termites are and when you can move the objects infested with termites outside the house Directions Place the infested objects such as tables chairs and cabinets outside the house and expose them to direct sunlight Leave the furniture outside for at least three days to eliminate termites The area where you live should also receive sufficient sunlight in order for this method to be effective Three boric acid and water Boric acid is effective in getting rid of many insects including cockroaches ants bedbugs and termites It can easily terminate the colonies of these pests by targeting their nervous system It is also a hassle-free treatment as all you have to do is to apply boric acid on the infested area Before you start make sure that you wear gloves and masks as inhaling boric acid can be dangerous to your health Here’s how to get rid of termites with boric acid Directions mix one part of boric acid powder with two parts of water Using a paintbrush apply the solution directly on the infested surfaces to kill the termites You can use this solution for your rooms and garden For white vinegar One of the best ways to get rid of termites and other household pests is white vinegar Since this ingredient is readily available in the kitchen. You can use it right away to kick out these frustrating pests like Other insects termites cannot withstand the acidic properties of white vinegar Contact with this solution will make them leave or die Here’s how to get rid of termites with vinegar Directions mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar with fresh lemon juice The combination of these two ingredients can effectively kill these pests due to their acidic properties Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply it on all wooden furniture in areas infested by termites Repeat the process two times daily to reduce the number of termites until they are gone 5 diatomaceous earth Another excellent way to solve the infestation of termites is diatomaceous earth This powder is also effective in getting rid of ents cockroaches and bed bugs by scraping off the outer shells of the insects Make sure that you wear a mask before doing this treatment Directions sprinkle enough amount of diatomaceous earth on wooden or infested areas Repeat this once a day to eliminate all termites 6 dishwashing liquid One of the easiest ways to get rid of the infestation is soapy water Spraying it directly on the termites forms a thin layer that seals their outer shells preventing them from breathing after application Termites will die immediately Directions mix dishwashing liquid with water pour the solution into a spray bottle Apply it directly on the termites and other areas infested by these pests Repeat the application several times until the termites disappear Seven neem oil Though this solution works slowly it is one of the safest ways to eliminate termites without producing harmful chemicals Neem oil prevents insects from molting which leads them to their demise It also causes these insects to stop laying eggs and eating Direct contact of termites to neem oil can kill them right away Here’s how to get rid of termites with neem oil Directions pour few drops of neem oil onto a cotton ball Apply it on the wooden furniture in other infested areas Once the termites digest the oil they will eventually die Please subscribe my channel if you want more health and beauty hacks in future. 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  1. Casi un año buscando la solución para las termitas y la que si es efectiva y mata los huevos es …Neem .

  2. Only one way to kill drywood and substerrainian termites. Use Xylophene Spray or coating and i gurantee you are finish with termites. That's what i use on my furnitures. Wonderful product. It protects wood from termites, insect and moisture or moulds.

  3. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OF THIS ADVICE! Seek a professional or at least more informed videos!!

    This has got to be about the most stupid video I have watched in a long while, and in another online life I expose some dumb mofos like flat earthers… I hope that says something about how ill-informed this video is. You should go to school and feel bad for thinking you know what you are talking about until you learn better. If someone trusts this advice they are putting their most expensive asset on the line (for most folk), un-bloody-believable! This should be taken down but loonies be all over the internet, so what ya gonna do?

    A lot of these things are true but they will NOT stop your infestation and they will continue to eat your house. But by all means, do these stupid things and give them more time while making it harder on the pro that will inevitably try and get rid of them for you after you bugger it up following this toolbag's advice.

  4. One termite lays 50 to 60 thousands overnight and you are telling to trap tricks.
    Permanant chemical and medicinal solution needed

  5. Ms. Monovoice here is so wrong it is laughable.
    Ignore her.
    I'm not a termite expert but I minored in Bio, and took 6 hours of entomology as electives.
    They are truly not a threat to house plants.
    Cardboard traps! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha

  6. I'ma use all of these tricks and dump bucket full of all of that shit outside my house since I have no idea where they are hiding.

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