How to Get Tarou’s Best Custom Routes for Mining, Herbalism, & Mining/Herb Combo Ingame – WoW!

How to Get Tarou’s Best Custom Routes for Mining, Herbalism, & Mining/Herb Combo Ingame – WoW!

What’s up guy and girl players of world of
warcraft. Tarou here bringing a video on how to setup the addon Routes! For more FREE profession
leveling and gold guides check out my website at Hey everyone. In this video I’m going to show
you how to get all my custom routes for Mining, Herbalism, and the combo of Mining & Herbalism.
I know you’ve asked for this for a long time and I finally figured out a way to give it
to you. First, head over to or wherever
you get your addons from and download the latest version of Routes. From there, go ahead
and install like you would any other addon by putting it in your interface>addons folder.
Next, go to my website and go to this video guide’s page or any Gathering profession gold
making guide and click on the “Get custom Routes” link and download the zip file. After
that, unzip it and extract the enclosed file to the WTF>Account>Your Account Name>Saved
Variables folder and overwrite the existing Routes.lua file. For Windows users you can
find this by going to My Computer>Users>Public>Games>World of Warcraft>WTF
>Account>Account Name>Saved Variables. For Mac users you can find this by clicking
on your desktop and then the ‘Go’ menu on the top. Click ‘Applications’ and scroll down
to ‘World of Warcraft’ and select it. Then click on WTF>Account>Your Account Name
>Saved Variables folder. But what if you already have routes you wish
to keep? No problem. Open up the Routes.lua file that you downloaded with any text editor
like Word Pad or similar. Then copy everything down like you see me doing here for each zone
from the top of the zone name to just before the next zone’s name and paste it after a
zone you already have routes for like this. If you just want to add a few routes to a
zone you already have a route for, just copy the entire route from its name to just before
the next route’s name and paste it after or before any route you already have saved like
you see me doing here with Uldum. That’s it. Now go ahead, save it, and see
if it works by logging into WoW and typing /routes. Then, go to a zone and see if the
routes are listed there. I have several routes for each high level zone and will update these
with new routes periodically. So, there you go. A simple way to get the
routes I use in all my gathering gold making profession guides. I hope you liked this video
and don’t forget to let me know in the comments or by thumbs up’ing how everything worked
out and if you have any problems. Please subscribe and visit
for more FREE wow guides! Thanks for watching^^ “Now Go Gather Up Some Herbs, Ore, or Both
With Your New Tarou Custom Routes!”

100 Replies to “How to Get Tarou’s Best Custom Routes for Mining, Herbalism, & Mining/Herb Combo Ingame – WoW!”

  1. i went to my account file but my account name wasn't in there, just names of other private server accounts(stop playing on those). how can I fix this?

  2. Hey Tarou, I've installed your routes and everything works great! but having actually loading your routes in game. They are all there in the routes menu but cant find a 'Load Route' button or something so that it comes up on my map/minimap. Help Please! Keep up the Awesome Work!

  3. ok ive, downloaded it and everything went fine but when i go to /routes it only brings up a few, not all of em. got anything to fix that?

  4. Hi Tarou i did Exactly did what u showed in the video when i write /routes nothning pop up then when i take the normal routes on i can see the window pop up plz help me i want u nice Routes

  5. Heres what you guys have to do get it to work.
    1. Download curse client
    2. Install routes from curse.
    3. to get the routes to show up go to line settings on any route and uncheck hide route.
    4. No go mine or something. 馃檪

  6. dude lol wtf I downloaded ur routes but theres only routes for starting areas and gold making routes. not the leveling ones please helP!

  7. Hey Tarou, i keep having problems when i try to download your Custom Routes. It keeps saying that i cannot unzip the file as it is still being downloaded. Anyone else have this problem?

  8. Hello Tarou, I downloaded your routes, and tried it in Deepholm and it works perfect! I used the medium M&H and I want to try the Long M&H but I don't know how to switch routes. Please help!

  9. Hi Tarou, I'm sure you won't be able to reply to this, but maybe someone in the comments section will. Do the routes in this file include mining/herbing routes for WotLK zones like Sholazar Basin? Hope someone sees this and replies. Thanks.

  10. the routes file at your website was corrupted or something cause that file cannot be unzipped it says it is invalid or corrupted

  11. hey tarou u rock man but the link in u page is bad i cant download the file says its invalid plz respond or send me a new link!

  12. When I try to unzip Tarou's WoW Custom Route's it says that not all files are copied to the enclosed Zip File…

  13. I FINALLY found a solution. After looking through my SavedVariables file, i found that there is a Routes.lua.bak. When i removed it from the file (and placing it on my desktop) all of the routes showed up. Hop this helps!!!

  14. Tarou i need you're help could you message me or something? I cannot get it to work. I tryed extracting it but it says there is nothing in the files?

  15. wow, i did everything and when i do /routes, none of your routes show up. i even uninstalled and installed it again, same problem! please help!!

  16. Finally got it to work! First i was copying over the wrong .lua file then all the routes were hidden then success!

  17. how do you switch which routes you wanna see on the map? like instead of having a long route on the map, you want the medium one instead.

  18. It works. But something interesting happened to me. I have 2 computers in my house, and WoW on both. One has Windows Vista, and one has Windows 7. It worked great on Windows Vista. But when I went on my other computer to download the custom routes onto the add on, it said the folder was empty, as everyone has been saying. I don't know what's wrong, but I think it has to do with what windows you have.

  19. Ya I got it fine its just when I try to find a route in a place like Borean Tundra it doesn't have a route. I tried making a route and I cant disable cartographer. Also when I make a route it makes all these lines everywhere, nothing like in your videos!

  20. Hey Tarou.. Your Zip files says invalid at all time… i am on W7.. Used Winrar and Zip both but not working…

    Thanks in advance

  21. Hi! When i get the Routes.lua file in to my savedvariables and then open wow go to routes and it isnt there have i done something wrong?

  22. Remember to open the file and drag the .lua file and not the folder. I forgot to do this and thats why it didn't work for me. 馃榾

  23. you have to open up your wow and make a shit route dont do owt just make it then open up your own .LUA file and Tarou's .LUA file (in notepad) and
    copy from
    ["routes"] = {


    ["global"] = {

    in tarou's and replace it with yours and it will work (make sure you save haha) and there you go i thought of this myself and by god it worked 馃榾
    if you want me to make a vid i will

  24. it works for me but I can't see them on my minimap in mists of pandaria zones, all others work fine. Any ideas why??

  25. Hey this is to anybody! How do i get the drawn line (the route) on the mini-map ONLY see it on my normal map when i press m.. Thanks for the help!

  26. Tarou, i did the download but i don't have the MoP routes, all the rest is ok and I thank you for such awsome routes. How can download the jade forest route?

  27. Hhi thank you for the videos!… Idownload the addon and your routes but i cant change between mining and herbo, i tried but nothin happened the addon show always the same routes! 馃檨

  28. Thanks for this but i get a text message saying on kun-lai summit for example: LibMapData-1.0 is missing date for 809. + the routes aint showing on my mini map 馃檪 (they do show up on my map. Hope you can help me out mate^^

  29. Best routes ever, just finished a long deepholm route and it netted me roughly 110 of each ore type and a few gems.

  30. Did another long run in deepholm and this time I got about 80 of each ore. I guess someone else was also mining.

  31. i did every thing right and its not working and ive tried doing it like 4 times =(…..when ever i got to use routes nothing shows up

  32. Emmm tarou i fucked up i replaced my routes that i had before the installation of your custom route and now i only have your route is that a problem?

  33. Tarou it doesnt work and i did what u told me to do if anyone know how to do it and has a windows computer please help聽

  34. Never mind, found the save variables file extracted what i downloaded put it in and still not working. Sorry for so many comments

  35. i figured out what was wrong, go to wowace and download the updated version of routes from there. It doesnt work with the version from go farm!

  36. I can't get the route to show up on my minimap. I've tried everything I can think of but it still only shows up on the large map and not my minimap.

  37. I downloaded the file and extracted it. However It did not work. when I extracted it, it was just a document, which I
    m assuming it was supposed to be, but it still isn't showing up in game. Can anyone help me?聽

  38. ok for everyone having problems i figured it out were it says saved variables theres something that says blackhand next to it click that then it should say ur name there click that then it should say savedvariables click that and thats were u extract it. thumbs up so everyone can see

  39. Solved it. After downloading his custom routes go to
    C:Program Files (x86)World of WarcraftWTFAccount(bunch of numbers)SavedVariables
    and extract the .zip into the saved variables file.
    Windows 1/10/16

  40. Everyone having issues you must extract the routes.lua file to the saved variables folder for that specific character so go to C:usersWorld of WarcraftWTFAccount"your Realm""your character"Saved Variables

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