How To Get Your Bowels Moving Cleanse Your Colon Naturally

How To Get Your Bowels Moving Cleanse Your Colon Naturally

do you ever have days where you don’t
have a bowel movement or you have a bowel movement every other day well in
this video I want to share with you how to get your bowels moving and cleanse
your colon and naturally this is the next video my detox beauty secrets
series and it is so important that we are having one two three bowel movements
a day if we are not having one two three bowel movements a day what is happening
is there is build-up happening in the colon of putrified waste that the body
wants to eliminate and some of that putrified waste is being reabsorbed back
into the bloodstream and circulating around the body so we really want to
support the body to be having more bowel movements to get our bowels moving so
the first step we want to take to get our bowels moving is remove processed
foods from our diet in general processed foods are low in fiber they’re unhealthy
and they cause gut inflammation we want to exchange processed foods for Whole
Foods next we want to consume apples apples are full of water and soluble
fiber that are amazing for getting our bowels moving it’s a soft soluble fiber
that will break down and it’s really good for hydrating the colon we also
want to consume fermented probiotic rich foods like sauerkraut these these foods
are full of enzymes that can help get the bowels moving and also we want to
eat avocados avocados are full of healthy fats and they’re also full of
potassium and magnesium and these are the minerals that really help to start
get the colon moving and start flushing the colon so that’s really important
also to supplements that are great to take to get our bowels moving is
magnesium and vitamin C both of these minerals are going to be great to get
the colon flushing and what you can do is you can basically take it to bowel
tolerance and that’s definitely going to get things moving
and magnesium is a very common deficiency it’s needed for so many
different functions on the body so some lamenting with a high quality
magnesium it’s very good for your health as well as vitamin C it’s a powerful
antioxidant next we want to consume flax and chia seeds flax and chia seeds have
a useful legette ik compounds which basically turns into a jelly substance
when it’s mixed with water it’s really great for cleansing the colon naturally
and also helping to get the bowels moving we just want to make sure that
we’re drinking lots of water with this about one ounce per pound of body weight
is what I recommend and to drink more water you just want to start by waking
up in the morning and drinking one liter of water before you do anything else
this is a great way to get started on your water consumption for the day and
it’s going to help with the rest of the steps I’ve outlined to get the bowels
moving if we are constipated another factor we want to check in on is are we
producing enough stomach acid now if we don’t have enough stomach acid that can
affect gut motility which means how quickly the food is moving through the
GI tract so a few different ways you can boost stomach acid is if I put a
tablespoon about the setting vinegar in a little bit of water and drink that
right before your meals you can also there’s an Ayurvedic practice of making
a ginger pickle which is grinding up ginger and sea salt and apple cider
vinegar and having a little like a half a teaspoon of that right before your
meals or you can just get a betting supplement which is going to be it’s
just a supplement that will increase stomach acid and you will have that
after your meals my favorite is the HCL by by optimizers it doesn’t have any
fillers in it and it also has minerals it’s a really good quality one to figure
out what the right dosage is for you is you will take one after your meal and
then each meal you want to increase by one capsule
until your stomach feels warm then you want to take one less capsule than that
that’s your perfect dosage now if you’re taking like three or four or five and
you still don’t feel it this definitely means that you are low in stomach acid
and that could be a factor in being constipated so try that out now I want
to give you an example of a diet that you can follow for a few days if you are
constipated and you just want to get your bowels moving and to cleanse your
bowels naturally so what I would do is I would start the day with a smoothie you
could do something like berries and avocado and an apple maybe you want to
put some some collagen protein in there or some vegetarian protein powder like
hemp or pea protein and have that for breakfast with lots of water and then
have more water in between your meals and then for lunch you could have a big
salad with lots of veggies and and avocado and yeah maybe like an olive oil
and vinegar dressing just keeping it really light and then for dinner having
a soup with lots of vegetables and you could even add some more collagen
protein to this just because this is a pretty low protein day but that is going
to be better for getting things moving in the GI tract if you are constipated
so try that out and if you have any other tips to share if you’ve had
experience with constipation I would love to know in the comments below and
in this video I talked to you about how to get your bowels moving and cleanse
your colon naturally if you like this video please like it subscribe and share
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you guys and I appreciate you for watching this video and I will see you
on the next one bye

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  1. wow– I definitely have an issue Krista- Got to change my ways– Apples I like – Avocados- My son eats this and gets to potty 2-3 times a day ! Super Advice ! Great video presence. Have to increase my water intake too !

  2. I am a huge fan of ACV… I use it with lemon in the morning and it helps with so many issues. Great video Krista

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