How to Give Ayurvedic Massage : How to Give a Head Massage Using Ayurvedic Techniques

How to Give Ayurvedic Massage : How to Give a Head Massage Using Ayurvedic Techniques

Welcome to Shymala Ayureveda Health Spa; London’s
best and exclusive spa. I am here on behalf of to bring you to the journey
of ancient healing science of devote; that is ayureveda. So first we start the massage
with the soothing technique. When you are massaging your head, you are massaging the
eye because eye controls all the senses. So when you have anxiety and stress, it is better
to have a massage on your eye. When you are stressed, you cannot concentrate or anything.
This is a temporal lobe. It controls your vision and hearing. It is wonderful to have
a massage on the temporal lobe because it relaxes. In a sense, it gives a rest. We have
to massage the backside of the head as well. There is a hypertiminous which gives the balance
to the body and when you are suffering from dizziness, blackouts it means there is a swelling
on your hypoteminus because of fever, stress or anxiety. It is better to massage on the base of the skull.

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  1. is it just me or does anyone elce hear screaming in the background towrd the end of the video like someone just got shot or something

  2. It actually sounds like screaming, crying little kids to me. Makes you wonder what's happening down the hall.

  3. "London's best and most exclusive spa".

    If I were to go to such a place I would expect the staff to speak good English.

  4. Omg and there's also a guy screaming at like 2.40 and onwards when the massage therapist is speaking. (You also hear the girl again).
    Something's dodgy goin' on. 😛

  5. Hi thanks for the tips but I like to no how manny time you can circle around your third eye I heared that you must be verry carefull with your third eye and how often can you do that for some one or your self

  6. … Your hypothalamus is located closer to the center of the brain, almost directly behind the eyes. It definitely isn't at the base of your skull.

  7. @tak178 No and no. The temporal lobes are farther back; temples would be over the frontal lobes. The hypothalamus is actually located in the center of the cerebrum (hence, why this video is crap, even ignoring the "third eye" woo woo. You can't massage or otherwise manually stimulate the hypothalamus without performing an occipital lobectomy).

  8. Actually the "third eye" he is referring to is located within tthat region and is called the pineal gland in scientic terms but has been used for centuries by religions to refer to some hidden power. It regulates our sleep/wake cycle . It gots its scientific name from it's shape, that of a a pine cone… 🙂

  9. guys I realy want to find indian head massage in Los angeles California. I am looking indian head massage place for a year and I cant find it. if someone know the place pleas tell me.

  10. i think there a little girls in backround, behind the house they get tortured by getting the third eye robbed 😀

  11. That thing he is doing with his thumb at 0:25 will lay you out. I had that done to me once and I was paralyzed afterward.

  12. @passinafternoon Maybe having a PhD in Astrology is more culturally recognized in India. Someone from India might ask "why the heck does that American have a PhD in Sports Psychology?"

  13. @passinafternoon Maybe you feel superior, but just read Autobiography of a yogi by Yogananda, and you will have a different perspective on this subject

  14. @Grobbendonkthecat I was thinking the same thing! As that part came up, I was thinking, "Wait a minute, that's the cerebellum…." and earlier he said the temporal lobe controls vision and hearing, which is incorrect. The temporal lobe is in charge of hearing only, whereas the occipital lobes are on the back of the brain, and connect to your eyes.

  15. @MikefromMadrid way to go in confirming your personal ignorance! that must be just your perception because Australia is one of the least racist countrys in comparison to other countries – it is an extemely multi-cultural country- and neither is there a world view that it is racist or cultureless- youre very statment is hypocritical as you are obviously racist against Australians- try going there, you'll find the people are delightfully friendly, tolerant and accepting with a rich culture!

  16. @Jax063089 But the point remains; if something is factually unreasonable, it is still factually unreasonable regardless of how many people believe it.

  17. @passinafternoon Ignorance is bliss isnt it?!! Way to go mr. know it all…continue the good job of spreading the "knowledge" go on write your comments all over the internet.

  18. I keep looking at the comments and not the video.. Hahaha.. I wish they would keep the comments together so I can see how stupid people are.

  19. Apparently then Temporal Lobe controls vision. Funny, I thought it was the Occipital Lobe that controls vision. Guess my collegiate level Anatomy class taught me the wrong thing.

  20. @favorable92 It does, but not in the way you are thinking. The temporal lobes help us identify what we are looking at. Right side is visual, left side is auditory.

  21. Lol PhD in Astrology is like having a PhD in smoke reading or bones reading or egg reading or in an absolutely stupid non-field

  22. Hypothalamus does not control balance, as he states. It controls temperature regulation. Balance is controlled by the cerebellum.

  23. I think it was "So first, we start the massage with a soothing technique." But your version is way better… lol

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