HOW TO HALLUCINATE NATURALLY ✹ Trip Without Drugs ✹ Natural Alternative to DMT & LSD

HOW TO HALLUCINATE NATURALLY ✹ Trip Without Drugs ✹ Natural Alternative to DMT & LSD

Hello Everyone, I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid
Guide. Today we’re going to explore a natural means
of inducing hallucinations – namely, the fascinating phenomena of hypnagogia – nature’s very own
nightly hallucinatory wonderland. Better still, developing an interest and understanding
of hypnagogic hallucinations is a vital step towards mastering lucid dreaming. Most people consider sleep to be a simplistic
and somewhat uniform state – a withdrawal from the world, interspersed with the occasional
dream. However, the landscape of sleep is a diverse
place – with many unique phases and fascinating psychological experiences. Second to dreaming, there are few experiences
as peculiar and spectacular as hypnagogia – those mini dreamlike hallucinations that
one experiences when drifting in and out of sleep Hallucinations that occur as we fall into
sleep are known as hypnagogic, whereas those occurring as we awaken are called hypnopompic. Both can occur with eyes either opened or closed
– most commonly, the latter. The experiences can vary greatly – from fully
fledged mini-dreams to snippets of sound, psychedelic and surreal imagery, tactile sensations
and much more. Generally, they build from abstract beginnings
and solidify into a more coherent scene – although, equally, you may find yourself suddenly thrust
into an entirely convincing scene. A common experience is to hallucinate some
kind of dramatic or emotionally intense experience – such as falling, someone shouting your name,
or some kind of shocking scene – when these occur they can result in the amusingly named “hypnic
jerk” – those moments where you wake with a sudden reflex movement. There has been little research into hypnagogia,
but it would seem that these hallucinations occur each and every night, but are often
ignored due to our distracted and sleepy mind or simply forgotten. As an explorer of dreams, it is important
to familiarise yourself with the nature of your own hypnagogia and to make an effort
to observe and become aware of the experience. To hallucinate naturally, all one
needs to do, is to pay attention as you drift into sleep. So, as you fall into sleep – keep a calm and
somewhat detached awareness – do not attempt to visualise, simply imagine that the darkness
behind your closed eyelids is a dark cavern into which you are staring – and wait. As long as you continue to maintain a glimmer
of awareness, the show will eventually begin. It may take a little practice as you become
familiar with the psychological balance required – but eventually, you will become an expert. I call this process “hypnagogic surfing” – as
essentially, you’re attempting to balance your awareness somewhere between active observation
and passive relaxation. Too much of either, and you’ll fall from your
mental “surfboard” into the forgetful ocean of sleep – or you’ll keep yourself awake. Hypnagogic surfing is especially useful during
the Wake Back To Bed technique – as, during this period of sleep, one is likely to surf
through the realms of hypnagogia, directly into the dream world. If done properly, one will enter the lucid dream
directly from wakefulness – which is known as a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (or WILD). As a lucid dreamer, you should consider hypnagogia
as an important insight into the nature of the dreaming mind. In fact, it is important to attempt to record
details from your hypnagogic hallucinations in your dream journal, just as you would record
any other dream. You’ll soon notice interesting patterns and
insights into the workings of your sleeping mind. More importantly, it’s an incredibly fun experience
– you never know just what wonders your mind will serve up. Hypnagogic surfing is a practical and accessible
means to practice maintaining awareness during the sleeping process. Equally, by attempting to be aware of these
hallucinations throughout your night’s sleep – you hugely increase your chances of entering
dreams with full awareness at their very beginning – allowing for long and stable lucid dreams. You can discover more on the subject of hypnagogia
in my book, “Are You Dreaming”, a link is in the video description. In the future, I’ll upload various recordings
designed to aid awareness during your hypnagogic surfing practice. As always, if you’ve enjoyed this video – please
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experience? If so, drop it in the comments below, I’d
love to hear all about it. That’s it for today. Thanks for watching. I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide, and until
next time, sweet dreams.

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  1. Dear Daniel Love

    I use this method to ask "Our-Dreaming-Mind"
    To give me a dream with the target in it for my next
    "dream Remote Viewing Experiment" (drve)

    Then I get a solid object of that target and put it in
    My drve box.

    Then I tell folk that I will photogragh the target
    In 100 hours.

    Since I got the target from "Our-Dreaming-Mind"
    I let "Our-Dreaming-Mind"
    The Target into participants dreams.

    I've done this on several sites since 2008

    The latest experiment is here ⬇️⤵️⬇️


    It is on the facebook page called

    California Dreaming

    I have just posted this youtube there ⚘

  2. Great video! The visual effects on this one was very good in my thoughts. I personally don't feel like I've had much experience with hypnagogia, despite knowing what it is. But now it's something else I could practice. Usually I try to think of a question to ask, I've got one today which might be a fun one. If you had a Lucid Dream during an early stage of REM, would your dream slip off as you went back into NREM? Another question is that in your book occasional bits are people who dream in the mornings with prolonged REM by taking naps, is there a window of time for doing that? Before one is too awake. As always, thanks for the videos 🙂

  3. Brilliant video once more Daniel. Never actually experienced hypnagogia but hopefully this video will help me in that pursuit. Thank you 🙂

  4. when I write down hypnagogia. I wake up.
    when I just wake up after sleeo. I forget what it was.
    last night was the first time I actually had something cool form and not just 4.07 but slower.
    like exactly that is it usually

    how can I go about writing it down

  5. Hello Daniel, i wanna share something really important with u and i think if i can do so you would be able to spread it pretty easily through your videos since many people watch you already. Its a long topic and requires privacy so can i please have your e-mail address? Trust me you wont regret spending your time with me. 🙂

  6. Another great video!

    I find it so frustrating that people wanna think that they fall through some kind of dimensional gate or communicate with other dimensional beings when they experience these hallucinations… I guess it is more exciting to look at them that way, but if there is a more straightforward explanation, why not consider it?

  7. This stuff does indeed work. I've had a number of fascinating experiences via the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states throughout my life–from hearing simple voices to witnessing ghost-like beings appearing in the room with me. It can also be used a method of entering some very intense and hyper-real inner journeys.

  8. A great hypnagogic surfing technique I was reminded of recently, maybe on one of your videos or elsewhere was something I originally read in Laberge's ETWOLD: it's reportedly a Robert Louis Stevenson's technique of holding one of his forearms upright (resting elbow on the mattress) while going to sleep. It's useful for those of us that doze off too quickly. Keep up the great videos!

  9. I will support you always you're the most genuine and honest person on this subject and i personally feel this needs more views …….. And also you're visuals are amazing .

  10. Hypnagogic surfing is extremely difficult and requires very delicate control of your thoughts and emotions and hence, a lot of focus. Don't just practice when you go to sleep every night. Meditate. Both breathing and visualization meditations are good for this. They're all based on the same principles; in fact, I would say lucid dreaming is a type of meditation in its own right!

  11. This method has untapped potential, and like dreaming, the more attention you give it, the more it blossoms. I have gotten out of bed from REM states, wide awake, and sat around watching full-color, full-size, 3-dimensional scenes for up to 20 minutes, self-sustaining and effortless. Even opened my eyes, took some notes, and when I closed my eyes, still there. This never happened till I started paying attention to the sleep state, the going-to-sleep and waking-up process, etc. Like Daniel says, it's a matter of balancing focus and detachment, and I find that not thinking about anything will fertilize the visual field.

  12. Hi Daniel, I bought your book "Are You Dreaming?" on account of the wonderful reviews. I have to say it is one of the very best books on any subject at all that I have ever read!!! Very carefully put together and beautifully reasoned! Thanks for the videos and the book!!

  13. Almost every night i suddenly wake up and see scary things, mostly huge spiders. Is there any way i can get rid of this?

  14. I think that I have experienced this a few times before. A couple times I will wake up with my body moving to the side very quickly because I had seen an object come towards me such as a football. It felt so weird but fascinating at the same time. One time when I had completed lots of walking the day before I experienced something very strange. I was about to fall asleep then as I was entering hypnagogiac state I would wake up to my leg shaking uncontrollably. This happened several times until I changed position and fell asleep again.

  15. One night as I was falling asleep, I started observing the inner side of my eyelids and suddenly I could see psychedelic imagery like different mechanisms and clocks ..and then I entered a colorful tunnel where a voice was preparing me for my lucid dreaming experience counting 3,2,1 and I immersed myself in the lucid world. lol

  16. I love hypnogogia! I always have the strangest and most profound thoughts/experiences. Sometimes as I’m drifting off, my body feels the sensation of floating in space. When I’m very lucid (clear-minded) the sensation is extremely vivid, and it’s indescribably blissful.

  17. when ever i try to observe my hypnagogia i i try to focus on one spot or imagine im looking beyond them like a horizon but i can never keep my eyes still, the my eyes keep fidgeting and twitching to look at what appears..

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  19. I woke up on a Thursday. Around 5 o'clock p.m. Pacific time. It was after releasing my last 3D tie while listening to Alan Watts' Mental Conditioning. I was a distraught, depressed, then indifferent. Every Thursday I dance at a country themed bar. Before going that evening, I met an old friend and had a very great dialogue about free-will and choosing to be happy/unhappy. At the dance club, I encountered another awakened soul and it made sense. I then at that point (without realizing at the time), reached hypnagogia. That's when I saw everyone in the club sleepwalking. Colors shooting everywhere, pathways that seemed like meridians leading me to where I was supposed to go. Everyone came to me at the perfect time and I helped them through their emotional struggles. I didn't realize it at the time. It was almost as if I knew what to say at the right time to get them to be able to go into a higher vibration. Someone tried to trip me and I saw it coming. I dodged his leg and shook his hand with love. Information came to me and things were making absolute sense. I realized that one response from me helped most people. One person took 3 tries. Then the last person continued rejecting acceptance and moving on. My vibration became lower. After an hour I literally saw pessimistic energy spread to others and they began to think that they were sick. I told them to stay postive and I had to leave. That was about a four hour trip before I came back. Felt like time didn't pass. I haven't been on that level since Awakening.

  20. fantastic video,
    k this dream happened the other night so I will try and remember as best I can. I was sleeping and the first time it happened I felt like someone was tring to pull me off the end of the bed. It was so strong that a was grabbing hold of my husband to keep from ending up on the floor. I woke up and was still in the same spot on the bed that I fell asleep at. So I went ahead and went back to sleep. No soon did I fall asleep someone was pulling at me again. This time I woke up fairly quickly. Before I fell back to sleep I had to mentally tell who ever was pulling at me to knock it off I was tired and need some real sleep. :snore: So what do you think they were tring to do? The only thing I could think of was that someone was really tring to get my attention and possible tring to get me to astral travel which I have never done before. Any one else have any suggestions???

  21. This is a warning for people trying to do hypnagogia. It's not all bread and butter. I have struggled with this for my whole life and to me this thing is a curse. Images invading the mind without control is disturbing and its not always visuals sometimes auditory. As a child, one of my more memorable events, I heard a blood curling scream from a woman inside my head and with that fear in the voice I can't ever forget it no matter how hard I try. Now I'm not saying that hypnagogia cannot be helpful, it can, on some occasions I have been able to use the images I saw to help me in a situation. I am just saying you have to take the good with the bad.

  22. I've lost the ability to do this over the last few years. Used to happen every night / morning. Sometimes just color flashes, other times patterns or full blown landscapes, very similar to Psilocybin CEVs.

  23. Thank you❤?? since i was very young i was trying to find a way to get into another world in the imagination as an escape.

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