How To Heal Tooth Decay And Reverse Cavities Using This Easy Remedy

How To Heal Tooth Decay And Reverse Cavities Using This Easy Remedy

Cavities are a type of tooth decay that occur
when certain bacteria produces an acid that destroys the tooth’s enamel. Its so powerful that it also destroys the
underlying layer (the dentin). Not many people know that it’s actually possible
to reverse it. There are several ways to naturally reverse
cavities. According to a study published in the British
Medical Journal, cavities and tooth decay can potentially be reversed with a change
in diet. In this study 62 children with cavities were
divided into three diet groups. Group 1 ate a standard diet plus oatmeal,
rich in phytic acid. Group 2 ate a normal diet and supplemented
with Vitamin D, while Group 3 ate a grain-free diet and also took Vitamin D.
Researchers found that Group 1, who had a diet high in grains and phytic acid, had an
increase in cavities. Group 2 showed improvements in cavities, while
Group 3, who followed a grain-free diet with nutrient-rich foods and a Vitamin D supplement,
saw the greatest improvements. Nearly all of the cavities in Group 3’s
participants were healed.kid teeth Many doctors and dentists have backed the
findings of this study, suggesting that diet can in fact help those suffering with cavities
to reverse their tooth decay. There are four main things that contribute
to tooth decay: Lack of minerals in the diet (deficiencies
of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus) Lack of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and
K) Too much consumption of phytic acid-rich foods
Too much consumption of processed sugar Natural Ways to Reverse Cavities 1. Remove Sugar For healthy, cavity-free teeth, sugar cannot
be a part of your diet. Not only does it feed oral bacteria that prevents
a healthy flow of dental fluids, it’s also highly acidic, allowing it to decalcify and
demineralize the structural content of teeth! 2. Consume Nutrient-Rich Foods Beating tooth decay requires an increase in
fat-soluable vitamins and minerals. A diet full of vegetables – especially leafy
green vegetables, and foods high in healthy fats such as coconut oil and avocado, along
with nuts and seeds can help create the ideal diet for battling tooth decay. 3. Eliminate Phytic Acid Phytic acid is a mineral blocker and enzyme
inhibitor that’s found in grains, nuts, seeds and beans that are not organic or GMO-free. It can cause serious health problems, such
as mineral deficiencies and osteoporosis. Phytic acid prevents you from absorbing the
minerals in your food, while leaching minerals out of your body, bones and teeth. Avoid foods high in phytic acid by choosing
organic and GMO-free. 4. Try Oil Pulling Oil pulling has been used for centuries as
an oral detoxification procedure. Simply swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in
your mouth for 20 minutes, then spit the oil into the trash. If 20 minutes is too long, start with 3-5
minutes. Oil pulling has been praised for its ability
to treat numerous health issues, from gingivitis to headaches.shutterstock_216984226 5. Use Mineralizing Toothpaste Fluoride-free toothpaste are expensice, but
there are some brands that are more affordable. You can also make your own remineralizing
toothpaste at home using: 3 tablespoons of food grade diatomaceous earth
clay 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda
1/4 teaspoon mint-flavored chlorophyll 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract
1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil 1 tablespoon filtered water

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  1. This is bullshit, why would the so called "organic food" lack phytic acid and food grown with some control of pests or diseases have phytic acid when it is not put on the plants. Do you think we are all fucking stupid? Or are you pandering to the fuckwits like Vegos and vegans, and some other low IQ consumers?

  2. I’ve always found dentistry to be a form of snake oil cure. It doesn’t seem right. I think it’s a good example of ignorance for profit. It basically explains why our education system is so bad. Uneducated = profit for big cartels . Big sugar , industrial waste (fluoride) dentistry itself , and big old money. They have fooled the Facebook sheeple followers into believing money is power but it’s not.. knowledge is power . We are slaves without physical abuse(cue ranting African person) knowledge is also freedom. I am glad to be part of a system that is move in away from reliance on these killers and finding out how to be free again. Start your search with how to detox your brain. The rest will fall into place

  3. This is such nonsense! Swishing coconut oil in your mouth is absolutely not going to "heal" cavities. What utter nonsense! Teeth are not bone. They don't regenerate.

  4. News flash, the presence of phytic acid had nothing to do with whether the food is organic or not. Organic, non-gmo grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes all have phytic acid. The levels of phytic acid can be reduced by soaking, sprouting, and fermentation processes. This is elaborated on in books like Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

  5. After seeing what dr Sebi has done healing aids, teddy pendergrass spine, tumors, diabetes. The body just needs the right thing to heal itself!! We have so many killer foods

  6. I had a cavity in my butt so i tried oil pulling for a week and now my butt hole is gone np need for pooping now yea.

  7. Just pull all the teeth out and get false teeth my goodness. Then u dont have to worry bout cavities again. ♀‍🤷🏽

  8. I'll just add my two cents…I tried one of these computer voiced remedies for hair loss. I used onion juice mixed with lime juice. I shaved my head completely bald and every other day for 2 months I'll rub the mixture on my head. IT WORKED. Keep the mixture refrigerated.

  9. baking soda and teeth, i dont think they go. but thoughts are cheap. I suspect the tiny hole in my teeth happened cos I tried some baking soda experiment once. yeah, I know, nothing beats seeing a dentist. coconut oil and I am all yeah…I will how that goes…

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  11. Bad fillings took out my teeth in less then 6 months after scum bag filled them with mercury even though I refused to use the mercury he put it in anyway saying it was epoxy filling !  scum of the earth !  also cost 2.000 to have all work done when in fact it was less than 7 small fillings !  time to stop the evil of the land when docs lie and do what makes them money rather than help people in need !  6 months and all teeth turned black and broke up !

  12. Oil pulling – swish swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes then spit it out. If 20 minutes is too long, start with 3-5 minutes.

  13. Sometimes i wonder how people dont notice that part of their tooth is slowly being disintegrated and every day they just sit and think "huh this-this hole is starting to get pretty big i should do something about it….. Nah it'll just go away

  14. When I was young I use to smoke 💨 a lot of pot, went to the dentist 🦷 after ten years of not seeing one ☝️, had only one cavity, not bad! 👍😎

  15. I can see why many people would be skeptical. I think the answer lies in trying to educate yourself the best that you possibly can, and try to find real, living, breathing people who've tried some of these remedies to see the success/failure rate. I am not suggesting that recommended remedies are viable replacements for licensed medical professionals. But I know that many people, including myself, rely on "Doctor Google," as it is the only option available. I have no health insurance, and have paid off some massive doctor/medical bills, and am in no position to incur more. So I research all I can, and I use common sense and past experiences to distinguish between the ridiculous and the feasible. I know that some infections can be treated with certain dilutions of food grade hydrogen peroxide, very inexpensively. I used it to successfully treat an infection that my doctors (at the time) charges me hundreds of dollars to treat–without success.
    What works for one person may not work for another. Be cautious, and do your homework.

  16. Just go the dentist omfg, what is this type of useless videos? A cavity tooth that has been repaired back to a normal tooth by using some oil and/or some brushing: that's very misleading that last part of this video! That's like you telling me the tooth can "grow" back to normal which CANNOT BE DONE! It has to be filled up again by a dentist!!!


  18. 1:47 though for real though , coming from someone who had great teeth. But a bad diet, sugar addicttion and a lack of brushing. Past 2 years have had 2 molers pulled and 75% of my teeth are cracked or have holes or pieces broken off 2 on the verge of pulling. Buck teeth are starting to chip.Get extremely depressed thinking about it. SUGAR DECAYS and KILLS.

  19. Pufffff my dentist never encouraged me to reverse my tooth decay my dentist would take one will get my teeth noticed that I have a cavity then tell my mom that I need to get it filled

    OWIE 😭😭😭😭

  21. Nah this is a help for my teeht that has a big hole that i went crazy because my tooth has a hole

  22. I got a bad cavity and I need to save asap. This diet using going to help. N dentist takes forever

  23. What's the point of the computer voiced video… the funny thing is at 3:38 mins it starts talking actual computer code!

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