How to heal wounds fast home remedies | 5 Steps to Heal a Faster Wound

How to heal wounds fast home remedies | 5 Steps to Heal a Faster Wound

5 Steps to Heal a Faster Wound. To heal a wound quickly, in addition to being
careful with the dressing, it is also important to eat healthy and avoid other harmful lifestyle
habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol or having a sedentary lifestyle. This is mainly because circulation is impaired
and therefore there is not enough blood reaching the wound to allow proper healing, delaying
healing of the wound. However, it is always important to keep the wound clean to avoid
an infection that, in addition to delaying healing, can also harm overall health. Thus, some steps that ensure faster healing
and prevent the appearance of ugly scars and other complications are: 1. Wash the wound and make a bandage. In simple wounds such as a cut or scratch,
the first step should be to wash the wound and the skin around to remove as much bacteria
and viruses as possible, preventing the development of an infection. This washing can be done
with saline solution, but also with neutral pH soap and water. In surgical wounds or those that are more
severe and exposed, although washing is also indicated, it should usually be done with
saline and sterile material, so it is very important to go to the hospital. But if the
wound is very dirty, you can throw some serum to remove the dirt before going to the hospital. Afterwards, a dressing should be made, at
least for the first 24 hours, while the crust has not yet formed, in order to prevent bacteria
from entering the environment into the wound. 2. Apply heat to the wound for 15 minutes. Applying a hot compress over the dressing
or wound for 15 minutes helps increase blood flow to the area by increasing the amount
of nutrients and cells in place, accelerating healing. This technique can be done 2 to 3
times per day, but should only be done after the cone has formed. If the site becomes very swollen or causes
pain, remove the compress and avoid applying heat during that day or, then, apply the compress
for less time. 3. Keep the wound elevated. When the wound site becomes swollen for more
than 2 days, it is important to try to elevate the wound to reduce fluid accumulation and
facilitate blood circulation. This type of swelling is more common in people who have
heart or circulation problems and usually arises from leg wounds. Thus, it is important
to place the legs about 20 cm above the heart level at least 3 times a day or whenever possible. 4. Eat Omega 3 and Vitamins A, C, and E. Omega-3-rich foods such as salmon, tuna, or
chia seeds, as well as those rich in vitamin A, C, and E such as orange, mango, tomato
or peanut, are a great way to organism and stimulate the formation of the tissue that
closes the wounds and helps in the creation of the new layer of skin. For example, making a richer diet in this
type of food and avoiding others that make it difficult to heal, such as sugar, soda,
chocolate milk or pork, for example, is a great way to ensure a faster cure of the wound. 5. Pouring a healing ointment. Healing ointments are also a good option to
speed healing because they provide important nutrients for the regeneration of the new
layer of skin, and they can also reduce the inflammation that makes healing difficult. However, they should only be used about 3
to 5 days after the onset of the wound and with the advice of a doctor or nurse, as some
ointments may contain antibiotics without being necessary for wound treatment. How healing happens. Healing is a healing process that can be divided
into 3 main phases: Inflammatory phase : it lasts between 1 and
4 days and begins with a constriction of the blood vessels, to avoid a hemorrhage. But
later, this stage evolves to the dilation of the vessels, so that the blood arrives
in the place with all the necessary cells for the cicatrisation, generating symptoms
like swelling, redness and pain; Proliferative phase : it lasts between 5 to
20 days and, at this stage, the formation of collagen and other fibers that help to
close the wound begins; Maturity phase : the longest phase that can
last between 1 month to several years, in which the body continues to produce collagen
and correcting the balance of wounds in the scar, which allows it to decrease over time. When either of these phases does not occur,
either due to the lack of blood in the area or an infection, scarring is compromised and
a chronic wound can appear, as in the case of diabetic foot, in which the wound needs
to be treated by a nurse for several months or even years. Alarm signals to go to the doctor. Although most wounds heal without any complication,
there is always a chance of having an infection on the spot, for example. Thus, it is important
to go to the hospital if signs such as: Intense swelling that does not improve after
3 days; Presence of pus in the wound;
Excessive bleeding; Very intense pain;
Difficulty in moving the affected limb. In addition, other symptoms such as persistent
fever or excessive tiredness may also indicate that the wound is infected and therefore should
also be evaluated.

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  1. 20sal pahele face pe jala tha or abi wahi se wound aya hee or pip arahe plz suggest home remidies 49 age

  2. This educational, informational video should be a mandatory post wound patient after plan the elevation to reduce swelling and help healing is the best.

  3. Mine is directly on my face…it burns…I just washed it and put coconut oil on it and a bandaid….hopefully it helps

  4. Mine is on the face, its really painful, its covered with blood and a deep scar, I dont know how to cover it because its under my nose.

  5. I got a basket ball on my face , especially on my nose , it isn't blood , but it is pigmented and it hurts so much , I'm so scared to get a scar on the nose , like…I better die

  6. Mine one is most dangerous situations bcoz I have cuts on my all body else face as my father beaten me with belt and bucket Plz pray for me. You can like here for pray I not joking I'm serious. Plz…. 😭😭😭

  7. I am not even a diabetic, but I have a wound on the top of my left foot, just below my little toe, and it's been there for almost 9 months and it's still hasn't healed! I've been going to a so-called Wound Specialist at a wound care center for over 6 months, and they have put me through every test out there. They've tested my immune system, taken blood numerous times, tested for blockage in my legs using ultra sound, etc, etc, etc, and found no sign of underlying diseases that would cause me to heal so slowly. The lab techs, nurses, vascular specialist, etc have been great, and very thorough, but this so called wound specialist has put me through hell! She won't listen to me about the pain level I've been suffering through for all of these months, and she just told me to go my primary doc for pain med's, because she doesn't want me taking Advil every 4 hours, which is the only thing that gives me some relief, because it reduces the inflammation. She suggested to my primary that she write me a prescription for opioids, which I did not want, but she convinced me to try them, and get off of the Advil. Are you kidding me?! They'd rather put me on some highly addictive drug, than have me taking Advil?! So I tried it for one night, and it didn't even touch the pain, and made me anxious, and I stayed up all night crying due to the horrible pain, because I couldn't take any Advil with those med's in my system. So rather than throw them out I took them to my primary, and said "Here, you can keep these, because they do not work for me". The specialist can't even tell me what caused this in the first place. Maybe a spider bite way back in late November of 2018, which is when I first notice a red mark, with some irritation, and pain, but I thought it was just a pressure sore from my shoe, or whatever. And yes, I let it go too long, until it got bigger, and was causing me to limp. So when my primary saw me in February of 2019, she immediately sent me to this wound care center. By then I actually had a hole in the top of my foot about the size of a nickle, and maybe 1/8th inch deep. They treated me with antibiotics, and they didn't work. Then 4 weeks later they finally took a tissue sample, and discovered I had developed the staph infection MRSA, which is resistant to most antibiotics, so they put me on a different one that worked, and that was gone within a week. During the ever changing treatments, I developed thick slough over the top, and so they began treating me with debridement patches, which took over 3 months! Plus she would actually try to dig it out a few times with a sharp tool, without deadening it first, and I'd scream out in pain! It was excruciating, but she would simply smile, and say "oops, sorry", she is barbaric! When I told my primary about it she said most of her patients are probably diabetics, and told me to remind her every time I see her, and say "Remember, I am not a diabetic, and I do not have numbness in my feet, so I feel everything you do to me". I have built new tissue, so the hole has filled in, but I still have to wear a surgical type open top boot with loose velcro straps, because I still can't wear a shoe, because any pressure on the top of that foot is unbearable. I've been on 10 different treatment, including several patches, gels, medicinal honey, etc. My out of pocket medical expenses have just about wiped me out. Not to mention the cost of prescriptions, saline sprays, bandage wraps, pads, surgical tape, etc. I keep begging her to let me use some type of soothing gel, or cream to ease the pain, but she insists that it could slow down the healing process, and compromise the new tissue. She 'claims" I'm in the final stages of healing, and has me on a type of collagen patch, but still won't tell me how much longer I have to keep going back for my weekly appointments. They explained how to change my patches, and from the minute the nurse put one on it started burning like someone pouring straight alcohol in an open wound. When I tensed up, and told the doc how badly it burned she simply said "Hmmm, it shouldn't". Now I'm back to burning pain 24/7, sometimes mild, sometimes almost unbearable, and I don't know how much more I can take. I wish I would have listened to my friends, and family months ago, and went for a second opinion, but she was in my network, and it's probably a little late for that now. I go back next Monday, and I'm dreading it. I have never had such bad experience with any doctor as I've had with her. She's seems to actually enjoy inflicting pain on people! I have had surgeries, near death experiences, and a lot of emotional pain in my life, but I've always stayed strong, and never gave up the fight. Just a simple sore on the top of my foot has brought to a dark place where I never thought I'd be. I have had nights through these last several months, and even recently, when I just wanted to go to sleep, and not wake up to face another day of excruciating pain, and depression. I just can't crawl out of this dark hole this time.

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