14 Replies to “How to Improve Blood Circulation with Alternative Medicine”

  1. Seriously….."ask a Doctor….that's a joke!"  They don't study nutrition in medical school.  "Ask a Doctor…..that's blasphemy."  Study the people that have done it…the "raw food people" on YouTube. Doctors make money…that's about it.


  2. Guy eats like a caveman, but otherwise some good tips on food to stay healthy. Interesting that Co-enzyme Q10 "regulates heart beat" – one for us Afibbers – bears more research. You hear more good things about garlic…

  3. Nаturаl еnlаrgеmеnt is роssiblе ааnd уоu сссaаn start tоdaу! https://twitter.com/ca31b365424f097f5/status/732556018991915009 Hоw tооo Imрrоvе Blооd Cirсulaаaаtiоn with Alternativе Mеdiсinее

  4. Seriously… why do people feel they need to tell people to consult with a doctor if you want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The last thing you want to do is consult a doctor unless you want to end up on six different drugs and die earlier than necessary.

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