37 Replies to “How to Improve Blood Circulation”

  1. I have carpel tunnel in both hands due to several years of reinforcing iron work, they mention a few supplements, but can anyone attest to which ones are the most effective? I would appreciate a reply!

  2. I'm active all the time as a hairdresser I'm on my feet all day and I'm always cold I eat healthy and drink loads of water.

  3. I do all of these and zi still have bad circulation. I get purple and white like blotchy all over my legs and hands

  4. I tried that with my right hand by putting a tight rubber band around it, you would not belive how gray that hand was and it started loose feeling and become less painfull

  5. I urged my mom to attempt this neuropathy treatment method “gowo shocking plan” (G00GLE it) to cure her neuropathy. I took an opportunity reading the guide and instruct her to follow it. My mother felt a positive change immediately. I am so relieved this helped her. This is really wonderful, I`m so thankful it works for her!

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