100 Replies to “How to Look Like You’ve Lost Weight”

  1. Step 1: Fatten up everyone else around you. You can do this by
    1.) Mixing sugar in to there drinks.
    2.) Taking them to McDonalds for Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner!

  2. This is the problem with america…"there are easy ways to look slimmer without starving yourself(or eating correctly), or breaking a sweat (getting off your couch). Some world we live in…..

    This video is most popular with:
    Female 13-17
    Female 18-24
    Male 45-54

  3. @dancer1721
    You got it…..just the key work is snug…not suction cup lol…I think I have made that oops before on both sides 😛

  4. LMAO. All these comments saying "I'm a dude" are making me LOL. XD Yes dudes, go buy a new bra. Your new cleavage will distract people from the "fat" I'm sure you don't even have ;P

  5. It's ironic how half of the videos from Howcast are for woman but men watch them instead.

    P.S:I'm male.

  6. yea of course a super skinny girl using these tips will look super skinni…..i bet kate moss watches this…..-___-

  7. Who took the time to do a survey regarding which scents make men think women are lighter? And how on earth did they format that? "Here, smell this woman, now how much do you think she weighs?"

  8. @SMoodyMusic
    I noticed that in most of the videos, small chested girl not exactly small chested, short/needing to look thin girl not exactly short or overweight.
    It is a marketing trick to sell the idea.

  9. @Twighlight21fan And I can't afford to buy clothes like she's wearing…or a new bra for that matter.
    INFLATION is killing me financially. I wished I hadn't gotten rid of my size 12-14 clothes.

  10. @xRawrMeansILoveYou0x At 73 pounds you aren't going to go anywhere, to top it off you're 11.
    Just because you're near being underweight does not mean you're fat or you can't die with your friend.

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  12. @Elrohof
    It's a disease o.o
    Are freaking serious? Anorexia is a mental disease to starve yourself when already skinny, you were let me guess fat af. I'm 11 and I know this stuff, not because I was anorexic, because I did a report on it. You should probably think before saying " Anorexia isn't bad for you!" and
    "I had it 4-7 grade"
    And you weren't toned you were skin and bones, that's not what toned means, so pretty much I have as much right to say your dumber than a stupid blonde, so yup it's

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  14. If you aren't thin, but aren't fat, but aren't average, just mildly chunky around the middle, grab your stomach, and grow a habit if shaking it. Over time, there will be less to shake, if you know what I mean. 😉

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