How to Lose Weight -The Ayurvedic Approach

How to Lose Weight -The Ayurvedic Approach

In the next five minutes, I want to show you some simple weight loss methods that you can use that are based on 5000-year-old ancient principles. One of them – I’m not going to give it away or anything – but it’s as simple as going like this. Don’t believe me? Watch this video and find out some other crazy hacks to finally getting the body that you want. Let’s go! Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest 5000-year-old healing systems. Unlike most allopathic methods, Ayurvedic believes that real vibrant health can only be achieved when there’s a balance between your body and your mind and, wait for it, your spirit. That’s right! You can see why I love this so much. It’s everything that I believe and we believe as a community at FitLife. I don’t want you or anyone I care about having to deal with those negative consequences of that extra belly fat that you’re carrying around. But even more than that, I want you to feel confident. I want you to feel so freakin’ sexy when you look in the mirror and you deserve that. Exercise is number 1. And I’m talking about exercising your body and your mind. You see, if you’re working out like crazy and maybe even losing some weight, but in your head you’re still calling yourself fat. You’re still looking in the mirror saying, “I’m ugly”. “I’m not attractive. I need to get these extra pounds off.” I want you to take a deep breath. And I want you to be gentle with yourself. I want you to be gentle with how you talk to yourself. Number two is yoga. Did you know that there are certain yoga poses that are absolutely designed to help you lose weight easier? Poses like this – the ‘Trikonasana’. It’s pronounced “trick-oh-nah-sana”. I said it with an accent. I don’t know why. Did I sound like a vampire with that? There’s one called the ‘Surya Namaskar’. Say that three times fast. There’s one also called the ‘Bhujangasana’. Bhujangasana. “boo-john-gah-sana”. Bhujangasana. Alright, I know I butchered all those. I’m not a yoga practitioner and I don’t claim to be one at FitlifeTV. The fact is yoga helps. Number three is to breathe. You might hate this because in your head you’re saying, “Well, if all I had to do is breathe to lose weight, then I don’t think I would look like this in the first place.” So just hold on for a second. Research has found, and you can find the link below in the blog, that women who engage in deep breathing exercises burned actually more calories than women riding in bike. There’s some specific recommendations for how to breathe in Ayurveda and they’re actually all pretty cool. Number four is sleep at night. According to Ayurveda, getting enough sleep is the most vital thing when it comes to weight loss. Number five is massage. In Ayurveda, it’s a type of dry massage that fights obesity and weight gain and removes cellulite and actually targets the molecules that removes toxins on the skin, gets the circulation going and tones the skin. I absolutely love it. So go to your therapist and ask if they know about it. Number six, swap your coffee for warm water. When you wake up in the morning, your body is usually a little dehydrated. I had been 8 hours/9 hours without any water. So a big glass of water with warm water with lemon and a little bit of apple cider vinegar is what i do first thing in the morning. Not only does it alkalize your body but it gets you hydrated, gets your brain working and helps with digestion. So if you’re looking for all those things, start drinking water in the morning. So here’s the Ayurvedic principles that you can use on a daily basis to lose weight. If you like any of these at all, go check the blog out, share it with a friend. I’m Drew Canole. As always, remember, we’re in this together. And I’ll talk to you soon. The goal of Ayurveda is balance. It only makes sense that your diet should be balanced too. Make sure you get all your whole foods, your vitamins, your minerals, your aminos, the enzymes, (right?), your healthy fats, and the most important, protein. Your body needs all of this to be in balance. Now I hear you, I know it’s gonna be tough to find the time to shop and cook. That’s why I’ve created Organafi Complete Protein and i’m so very excited about this. It’s a 2-in-1 protein and a multivitamin shake with full food value vitamins. It’s the perfect meal replacement when you need a balanced organic meal in a pinch. Plus, you get a copy of my complete meal plan. Now these are tasty-filling, absolutely delicious, mouth-watering recipes. And so many people are excited about this because it will make their lives so much easier. For that reason, in one week, I’m slashing the actual pre-sale price for this and I’m putting you on the VIP list. Click the link below to sign that VIP list right now. That that will save you a whopping 40% just by pre-ordering this delicious shake right here, right now. When you move forward, only the first 100 people get it for 40% off. It’s my gift to you for watching this whole entire video and remember we’re in this together and I’ll see you next week.

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  1. It's Ayurveda. ?
    A result of India's rich ancient culture and a Gift to the world along with Yoga and tons of Spiritual stuff.

  2. I don't want to lose weight.
    I need to gain weight.
    Do you have any vids to help weight gain using auryvedic medicine?

  3. Drew I'm a little disappointed. I called a couple months ago to order organifi, no one answered, recording said to leave my name & number & someone would return the call which I did along with the message that I wanted to order. Never heard a word though.
    I like you and your videos & I'm still a subscriber, just a lil disappointed…

  4. I need HELP ! I am 4mos pregnant. I have had terrible morning sickness. I was eating a plant based diet before this. But with the crippling Morning sickness I was left only being able to tolerate carbs. I can't even look at anything green. I am researching trying to find the healthiest diet and superfoods I can eat. Surprisingly There's alot of healthy food you can't consume.

  5. hey man I have a question in the last 10 months I have lost 110 pounds I don't know exactly how much body fat I have but after coming so far with this weight loss I want to go all the way I want to have the body that I desire I've been watching a lot of videos because I want to lose this last belly fat that is driving me nuts I would love to hear you're opinion on what's the best way to make it happen.
    I'll be waiting for your response. thanks

  6. Dear FitLifeTV, I have ordered a month thing of organifi and it never worked. And it took me a long time to make up that money t do it πŸ™

  7. doctor said people should not eat wheat grass,we do not have 2 stomachs to digest it also when dogs are sick they eat grass to vomit

  8. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT if you could send me organify!!!! πŸ˜€ !!

    Also, if that doesn't work out, do they sell it at whole foods market?

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