How To Make Ayurvedic (Healthy) No-Bake Nutty ‘Energy Bombs’ | With Dr Vidhi Patel

How To Make Ayurvedic (Healthy) No-Bake Nutty ‘Energy Bombs’ | With Dr Vidhi Patel

Hello TLC I’m here today with
dr. Vidih Patel who’s a medical doctor from the Gujarat she’s also a homeopathy
and a nutritionist today we’re going to be making some energy balls made of
coconut and dates so over to you thank you for the lovely introduction
so we all have that time of the day when we just need a little bit of a push or
just some form of energy that’s when we end up eating the wrong foods the most
wrong foods include you know biscuits and muffins and cookies and that’s what
you don’t want if you have something like this handy tasty and easily stored
for days you just want to have this any time of the day isn’t it so all we need
is it’s like I said it’s a very simple and quick recipes like all our recipes
so you need some pistachio powder so this is the pistachio all I need did was
just put it in a blender and chopper and just blend it rinse it and that’s just a
nice consistency just a little coarse we don’t want it too fine can you get that
pre-made yeah you can you can get it in all the good brands you will have it
this is something I like to do it myself because I like the color sometimes you
don’t get this bright color when it is pre packed so I try and do it fresh and
this is some cardamom pods cardamom is actually very good for digestion nausea
vomiting or any form of ailments related to even nervous anxiety so if you want
to come down even before an exam or anything you just need one of these
balls with this and again you’ve got some that you’ve ground up yes so
basically this seed I mean I’ll try to open this up for you when you open this
up you get these seeds in so this if you want to smell it they’re actually very
strong very strong so all you need is to grind them and this is the powder okay
okay you must need a lot of seeds to get them yeah that’s why I got this powder
I made okay I didn’t have time to do this but definitely this was quick we
won’t call that cheating yes you did yes thank you so and then there the most
important ingredient like all my recipes have the Indian key mm-hmm so all you
need is some key and honey manuka honey is preferred a pinch of
cardamom powder just two tablespoons of pistachio powder two tablespoons of
coconut desiccated coconut that I just got from the shelves on store and that’s
it the most important ingredient is dates I try to get medjool dates medjool
dates are really good for health and they are very juicy and they blend very
well when you roll them so they are not dry not unpacked with obviously more
antioxidants and omegas now these normally come with a stone stone yes I
just deseeded them just about a few minutes ago and that’s it you you
generally get them seeded and that’s the sign that it’s fresh and not altered
it’s not touched great so whats first okay so what all we need to do is cut
the flame on and get the ghee in the pan okay on a medium to low flame okay yeah
perfect so I’ll get about 4 teaspoons of ghee or
two tablespoons of ghee okay can you just buy this yeah it’s it’s something
that you can buy it very easily it’s it’s very easily available it is as good
as coconut butter or coconut oil and because it has got a high smoke point it
would not be heavy at all and it is actually one of the richest sources of
vitamin A and E so it is actually very good for all the fat soluble vitamins
and what aisle in the supermarket would you find that then um preferably on an
Indian ID or because it’s not something that needs to be refrigerated it won’t
be in the dairy or milk section okay so that’s that’s the area looking I think
ideally it should be somewhere easily accessible but maybe times to come ok so
then I would add my dates so it’s about 8 to 10 okay oh you just put those
straight it’s ready we don’t need to chop we don’t need to
do anything that’s it there you go a teaspoon of my cardamom powder okay
just about two tablespoons of pistachio powder
I like this – sure I’ll go generous me – yeah love it
okay and yeah my honey but just a teaspoon it’s good enough because it
already has the sweetness from the dates yeah okay and don’t forget the coconut
so you’re just basically just jamming everything everything see at the same
time exactly I have not even touched my spatula yet no there’s no steps you just
go for it that’s it I added about four to five and switch it off and take it
out on high flame and stir them try and break them gently you would see that
this is going to be like a little bit of coconut milk e at the base but that’s
how it should be and all you need to do is mix mix mix and once it is cool
enough we start rolling right that’s it how long will this keep for this would
keep good for at least a month and do about a month in some was under a month
in winters you can fit it outside you don’t need to refrigerate it all you
need to do is just put it accessible to you and this is something that should be
reachable before a biscuit put it somewhere where you are not tempted to
eat a biscuit so I call it my energy bombs and this recipe is something that
was one of the first recipes I learned from my mom my mom has a sweet tooth and
she she always tries to cook healthy because she’s a pediatrician herself and
so she makes sure that all her recipes are healthy and children friendly and
not too high in sugars and so even if you have more than one ball it’s not
going to be a problem well maybe somebody else will be watching these
youtube videos and one to get that taste of home as well I
would love to if I can inspire and motivate somebody to cook um I would be
more than happy yeah okay so we have to now get our hands into these so it’s
nice and just about you Kwame so all I did was see it looks like a
nice dough mmm it’s a nice big dough ball don’t want to waste anything okay
okay so let’s have some coconut on the side some sorry oh sorry okay pistachio
on this side because I want to make it looking nice so what we’ll do is we’ll
take some in the hand and like this roll it so it’s all nice and dry and your
clean pair of hands you can do the same and then we can
yeah just rub it you get a nice coconut oil on your hands and you just start
yeah and then yeah it might be a little warm yeah but that’s when you have to
roll otherwise they don’t listen to you okay so just roll them any size you want
and any way you want and that’s all first ball ready wow I’m glad we are
doing it together you can use any nut powder you want to roll it with I’m
using some pistachio and coconut just by going by the base of it and that’s it
this is a really decorative edge there they are they are they’re just basic yet
fancy you can actually serve as like you know what I used to do I made a lollipop
out of it I put a nice toothpick in and that was
my dessert I can just imagine these kind of in a little box as a gift back to
your friend this is a excellent gift idea homemade handmade back with love
and flavors and still not an effort yeah isn’t it look amazing I believe in it
it’s my it’s my god food my energy food that’s my 4 clock snack or a TM
snack or 12:00 midnight snack the presentation there if
laughter you can just imagine giving that to somebody as a gift imagine just
put a toothpick in and it’s like a lollipop yeah I love it because it’s so
simple easy and it looks as if you put a lot of effort in but no yeah tightly
well I’m gonna try one which one are you gonna have any one well just I think one
of them has more the stash iou’s rolled on to go coconut you know just give it a
go as well just to health where sweet mmm but not
overpowering and you can taste the nuts mmm good well I won’t eat the rest of it
since we have to do our exits okay so that’s all we’ve got time for this week
be sure to come back soon for some more Ayurvedic recipes in the meantime please
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  1. Looks great. Will try this without the gee. Funny I clicked on a vid for facial fillers for jawline (which was brill btw) then find these little gems for cooking. The dry curry vid is also fab and will definitely be trying it.

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