How to make ghee – The pure ayurvedic way

How to make ghee – The pure ayurvedic way

today a krishna please accept my humble obeisances all glories to share the Probot today I want to show you how to make ghee in the world we usually find ghee and packages made by industrial process and they call it ghee but in fact it is clarified butter or some other thing that is not G the real ghee as it stated in the scriptures it increases your lifespan improves your overall health it’s very very nutritious and nourishing and one of the main differences of real key is that it is cultured there’s two ways in which ghee or so-called ghee is made one is by extracting the cream from the milk and then just basically putting that in a blender and obtaining butter that is not cultured because it’s not cultured it doesn’t have the medicinal property when we take milk and then put that or transform that into curd which is different from yogurt when we take that curd and turn it we obtain the butter and buttermilk that butter is cultured which has been transformed the milk has been transformed by bacteria into curd and then into butter that butter when it is further processed or the water is removed then we obtain meet that ghee has all those nice qualities that are mentioned in the scriptures because the churning process cannot be done so easily by a big blender and industrial process most industry today they just use what they call a cream separator and just take the cream out of the milk turn that and call it me so it is very very important that you do this on your own from raw milk I’m going to show you the whole process from just the raw milk from the cow how to process all the way from milk to curd from curd to churning into butter and buttermilk and from there to get the buttermilk that you will obtain from that process is also extremely delicious when you offer this ghee and buttermilk to krishna krishna will be very very pleased and you will taste a very very different result from what you’re used to when you buy so-called ghee in the store many people also will say just buy butter in the store and then melt that and remove the water in that ski it’s the same problem because that butter was actually not made by culture so then you’re not actually tasting or getting all the benefits that you’re supposed to get there are also other details that I will describe in the description of this video so please read along and hopefully the process is very clear and if you have any questions please add in the comments below and please help me share this video because the cows need to be glorified properly and if we know how to do this milk products then there is more chance that people in the world will appreciate the value of the cow thank you Raa Krishna the first step is to get raw milk it is best to get milk from the Sebu breeds from India in this case we have 15 liters of raw milk the next step is to boil the milk sometimes the milkman has 30 hands or the milk gets contaminated somewhere in the process so at this point is best to boil it to ensure that milk is completely clean and free from any nasty bacteria then we will use this milk once it cools down to prepare the curd if you have a thermometer measure temperature until it reaches 110 Fahrenheit if you don’t have one use body temperature as your reference so now we are going to add the curd to the milk in order to produce more occurred it’s approximately half a tablespoon per liter of milk if you don’t know how to make curd or don’t have one please watch this other video after waiting eight hours more or less according to the weather you should see that the whole milk has turned into curd there should be no putrid smell and the curd should not taste very sour either it should look something like this very very nice and creamy and chunky the next step is to churn the curd this is a turning machine that we got from Europe it is important that the turning machine or whatever you use to turn rotates in both ways clockwise and anti-clockwise because that will keep the curd cool so then you add all your curd in this case we can put at most 6 liters 5 6 liters so we put all that we can and we start churning it is very important that the curd is cool even better if can be fully cold from the fridge the reason for this is that butter is very creamy at room temperature but when it’s colder it’s more solid so as you churn is easier to separate the butter from the buttermilk once the churning is finished you should see that the butter separates from the butter note in this case everything that you see on the lid is butter and also the chunks that are floating on the buttermilk because the butter is still very creamy what we’re going to do is add a little cold water and this will help the butter become a little more solid and it should make it much easier for you to take the butter out everything else that’s left in there is called buttermilk this buttermilk is actually very interesting substance it has the consistency of yogurt and it’s very creamy you should not be very transparent it should be almost like a creamy yogurt it is also very tasteful and you can offer that to Krishna already but we are still not finished with the process of making ghee so now you see everything is collected very nicely with the help of cold water and we can take it out very easily try to remove any extra buttermilk in the butter because this will help you reduce the cooking time for thinking and this should be the result nice and creamy butter so now we’re going to turn it into medium flame and we’re going to start to heat up the butter until it all becomes liquid the water will come out as steam and also solids will start to come up so now we’re going to let it cook being careful that it won’t burn if the flame is too high the solids will go to the bottom and stick and it will start burning we don’t want that so we leave it cooking like that until it starts to clear up and foam will form on the top we’ll have to scrape that out slowly without tearing the whole thing and then we always be careful not to burn if it starts burning the in the bottom the solids stick to the bottom it’s better to switch to another pot so now it’s heating up and you see a little form on the top right you still let it boil so as you see foam forming on the top you start scraping it out be careful if it gets too hot you have to lower the flame and then just basically scrape that white foam out so it continues boiling it’s now in a rolling boil and a lot of steam is coming up so that’s the water and continue like that it has been cooking now for about 30 minutes and I’ve been skimming off some of the foam that forms on the top especially in the beginning because it had more water but now you see that it’s turning golden and that is the actual key a lot of steam has been evaporating that’s all the water coming out and now you see very nice golden color so this is a part where you have to be careful not to put the flame to high because solids will start to go to the bottom and now it’s in low flame I had to reduce it because it was boiling too fast and as you see the foam that forms on the top you have to very very carefully scrape it off trying not to mix it with aggi so it’s a you you’ll get some ghee out too but try to be very careful and just get the phone we’ll continue doing this until everything is clear okay so now I’ve been skimming off the butter for another 10 minutes and all the butter has become very clear now it’s turning into ghee and now it’s so clear that I can see the bottom and in the bottom there are several solids that are stuck and there are little brownish so this is the right time to now filter it through the coffee filter and if there’s any remaining solids just skim them off one thing is important that it might start bursting sometimes so you need to have a calendar or something to protect if you’re skimming and you don’t want to get burnt so you can do like this and then just skim so now we’re going to do the coffee filter to to obtain the pure ghee before there were no coffee filter so you would have to do this and put it in another pot and then repeat the process but coffee filter is really cheap and it’s very easy to get so we’re going to use that today so now very carefully this is hot ghee is very dangerous you have to be very careful to pour the ghee through the strainer into whatever we seep into you have and just be very very careful this is very hot the pot ended up it has lots of solids on the bottom some of them brown burnt this is why when you’re taking the solids out earlier you don’t want to mix a whole pot you don’t want to move the bottom because otherwise otherwise it will land back in and if this burns too much then it makes the holgie Brown so this is our result very nice clear pure II and it’s about one and a half cups and now we are offering our fresh maybe in a lamp to Krishna okay

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  1. How important is it to use raw milk (compared to store bought organic milk) as long as it is going to be boiled anyway?

  2. I use to collect cream of milk for a week n use to add curd to it at nght n the next morning aftr adding water use to whip traditional Indian way. So is it a proper way. Pls rply
    Also pls share more satvik recipes.

  3. Why would I go through the trouble of buying raw milk only to boil it? Pasteurized milk is milk that has had all of the bacteria removed without being raised all the way to the temperature boiling. Any benefits of raw milk are lost when it's boiled. I might as well just get cultured butter and start from there.

  4. And all the stuff you skim off can be used like butter on you toast and biscuits or even incorporated into your bread dough.

  5. Aren't the enzymes destroyed when you boil the milk & butter so much? And no longer is it raw either.
    High Vitamin Oil Butter does not use heat as to preserve enzymes. Enzymes strengthens the culture into beneficial bacteria.!
    Does anyone know the difference between High Vitamin Butter Oil and Ghee?

  6. When I was a child my mother my rest in peace used to get me up early mornings before I go to school to make butter we never boiled the milk that's how we made butter I always was so happy to do it because at lunch time since I levied so close to my house I'll run home and get a big slice of hot bread and spread it all over the hot fresh bread I was in haven so yes it can be done



  9. I add small piece of bread to the ghee while boiling when the bread turn crispy so its sign that the ghee is ready and has no water.

  10. Thank you very much for the clear information – this resulting quantity that you get is from 15 liters of raw milk? Where do you get the curd from – considering you're doing it for the first time? thanks .

  11. I can understand that the butter obtained from the cultured milk would have different flavor but I do not think the fatty acids would be different from ghee made the other way.. I also understand the need for the raw milk but it is boiled. The temperature of the milk goes up considerably. Some of the nutrients would go down.

    Can you please let me know why melting the cream from the milk would have different nutritional value.

  12. jai shree krishna
    thank you so much for great info of making fresh ghee and understanding curd
    please let us know how long it takes to churn. i just bought kitchen aid stand mixer

  13. All respect to you and thank you for making such a fine, interesting video to which I just happened upon. I also appreciate all the information and links you included. II am impressed and sub'd. May the Lord bless you for what you are sharing, healthier food for all of us.

  14. You do know boiling raw milk over 135 will kill all the good properties in it. You just better off buying pasteurized milk

  15. At 3:34 "the cows need to be glorified properly". No friend, it´s Jahve, the Maker of all the universe, who should be glorified. Please keep that in mind!!

  16. I cannot find a churning machine like your – they turn only one way – can you give me the brand name?

  17. If some people eat butter, they gain weight very quickly. Since Ghee is made out of butter, it may increase your weight!

  18. Act 4:12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.
    Philippian 2:10-11 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth,and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  19. I don't have these kind of resources! All I want to know, is do I buy grass-fed butter or do I buy clarified butter to boil down? I know this guy created it the "most authentic way" but what is the best butter to buy at a store or farmers market?

  20. You are perfectly right. That’s how my grandma was used to make. I am glad you are telling this to everyone 🙏🏻

  21. İ have to tell my friend, even tough i always respect people's stupid beliefs, i wont stop myself when you distort the reality. There is no way that this ghee is different from cream ghee. You are culturing the milk and the water. Oils are the same. İt would make a difference only if a little bit of "curd" left in the oil. And even tough i am not sure, its fair to say that those cows in india has nothing special with them. İ assume you probably dont even know the nutritive values.

  22. i want purchase that churning machine?? I am from india(delhi), can you please tell me how can i buy this churning machine??

  23. All our milk is Homogenized and you can't buy raw milk even from farmers under threat of jail.
    Really it's just to give the milk marketing board total control over profit,, but they say it is because of the risk of TB,,, Nonsense!
    Guess I am going to have to get a cow now,, then I can make ghee!
    Krishna food is amazing !!

  24. Wow,, The man was showing how to make ghee. He was not trying to teach religious views.. loved your instruction, thank you.

  25. you telling me I go through all that work and have to offer up the end product to a doll of a tranny playing a flute?! I think not, sir!

  26. I'm sure your ghee is wonderful, but your continued insistence that this is the only proper way to do it is nonsense. Using prepared butter makes the exact same finished product. Science is a real thing regardless of what your crystal fairy told you. There is no magic in butter. It doesn't have any mystical energy. It's not going to make you live longer and it's definitely not medicinal.

  27. Don't use a coffee filter spoils the whole thing, those contain chemicals, use organic straining bag or something

  28. You forgot to mention that there is a big difference in milk quality , the taste of milk from for example a free range cow is totally different from a indoor cow . Now I will watch and hopefully be able to learn something .

  29. In our culture "Ankole" We leave the fresh butter to ferment more for like two months before we boil with onions and garlic. It has a stronger flavour then.

  30. You want to make a better ghee…
    Take your raw milk and boil daily. Use the milk but collect the cream in a long glass bottle with a tight cap. Put water and keep rocking the bottle top down and down up. Keep collecting the cream daily in the same bottle and do the rocking daily. Keep repeating everyday. Continue till you have nearly half the bottle of mass. Drain the watery liquid and boil the cream(Loni). You will get the best ghee.
    This method is not for getting quick results. However it yields more amount of ghee from the milk.

  31. I wash my freshly made butter in cold water first, by lightly kneeling it in a bowl with clean water, and use a fine strainer to get most of the water out after washing it which rids it of all that butter milk.

  32. Thank you for the video. Only there are a few questions. When we get butter with buttermilk, they are certainly infected with lactic acid bacteria, but then we heat butter to a temperature of 100-120 degrees, this is already a high temperature for their life, it turns out that they are dying again?) As a result, the final product is already without them, is not it?

  33. I make cultured heavy cream. Then I make butter from that so I am eating cultured butter. If I use this would I be making the correct type of Ghee you are talking about here?

  34. I read some of the people who watched your video, I feel the same way as most. thank you. I also had some concerns about the coffee filter.After all your work. But most disturbing is the use of an Aluminum Sauce Pan . Very toxic beings the length of boiling time required to prep the milk. Please try using glass or stainless steal. Bless You for the time you spend helping others , . dan t.

  35. So if you boil the butter that should kill the good bacteria so my question is what are the medicinal properties now?

  36. hello everybody….I am making pure indian breed cow ghee with pure indian vedic method….If anyone is interested to buy or seek any information regarding this can contact me(whatsapp) @ 8901234675 and mail me – [email protected]
    the method the vedic way is using is good but not the best….i'll tell you complete and pure vedic method

  37. I love ghee. And even we made from cow milk but not to boil because when my grandma making she was shaking a lot the milk when is ready the better come out and letter she cook low heat until oil turning to ghee so same little. Still love ghee made Indian.

  38. Thanks for the video, was very intriguing to watch. But I'm wondering how I can make ghee without using raw milk? Can I use normal store brought milk or cream? I'm not worried about it being authentic.

  39. I’ve read probably 15 Ayurvedic books, 10 Ayurvedic cook-books, and they all gave a very short way to make Ghee. I truly appreciate being able to see it done. I almost died from Diabetes 5 weeks ago. My Dr, Dr Naram has me on the following recipe. It was quite hard to get all of the original spices here in America (expensive too!) but I plan to make the formula and drink it each morning. Amla Powder = 1 tsp
    Turmeric Powder = 1/2 to 1 tsp
    Kali Jeeri(Back Cumin)= 1 tsp
    Methi Seeds = 1/2 tsp
    Fenugreek (Methi Powder)
    Pure Cow’s Ghee
    My question is, once made, how do I reheat it so I can make it into this drink? Microwave? Put excess amounts in pan and slowly melt on stove, but possibly waste a lot?
    Thank you so much! Ayurvedic and following its holistic, whole body, mind, and spirit ways has helped me go from 800+(I maxed their machines so may have been higher) to 90 a day. Thanks again for making this video. Reading is one thing, seeing it done is much better.

  40. I have never seen ghee made this way – it looks much different to what is sold in the shops. One product contained flavouring!! Ugh! Thank you.

  41. Excuse me, but can vegans use nut/plant milks like Coconut milk, soy-milk, cashew-nut milk etc.? for making butter & ghee this way?

  42. beautiful , thank you! Just today i bought ghee, i am from Uzbekistan, it has been long time i have not eaten it since lived outside. and so i think the one i got today obtained from cultured milk 🙂 "creamy butter" in Uzbekistan we call kaymak , nothing similar i have ever tried anywhere

  43. Haribol nice video prabhuji,i sell cow milk in mauritius,now i have learn the true way to make ghee,thank a lot,jai prabhupada

  44. christ is the ghee—-that is everything God made was a shadow of christ—the cow is christ–you should not worship the object which represents christ which is the cow and the ghee but worship christ as God…..Jesus came to reveal God to us–no longwer is God found in the objects of this world such as a cow or a ritual–but God is found in christ jesus—believe in christ jesus and eb forgiven of sin and be saved –eternal life

  45. Please, spare me. I worked at a small town old school dairy half my childhood, and you did nothing different then we did, just on a smaller scale, with a religious spin. SMDH You pasturised, boiled, the milk, added culture, separated, churned, the curds, butter fat, from the whey, butter milk, strained a lot of the whey, but not all, out of the butter. Then you CLARIFIED THE BUTTER!!! SMDH There isn't a chemist in the world that would be able to tell the difference between your ghee and any homemade clarified butter made from store bought pure unsalted butter. What a load of bs.

  46. So much love for Krsna! Wish I had an ounce of that love for the Lord! Thank you! This is inspirational 🙏🏽

  47. Good morning and thank you for this precious video. I have a doubt, when we heat butter in order to prepare ghee, doesn't the heat kills the microorganisms which should make the difference between ghee and clarified butter? I mean, you use cultured butter to get ghee, but I fear that during the process, bacteria are killed by heat…Maybe I'm wrong, I'd like to receive "scientific" answers. Thank you all in advance!

  48. copper pot not stainless steel pot with heavy metal contaminats. wooden spoon, not metal.
    wooden stove, preferably mango dried kindling. lastly, earthware container to pour the ghee into and store it. you have much to learn young one.

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