How To Make Nails Grow Faster And Stronger Home Remedies | How To Make Your Nails Strong

How to make your nails strong. The nails are broken, or it is brittle and
it does not look beautiful. Such a condition is common , but let’s naturally make your
nails strong and healthy by using natural remedies you can leave at home without leaving
. How to make it at home to make your nails
strong: People who nail cracks or lacks immediately,
let’s know how to strengthen your nails . Onion Treatment: The smell of onions is peculiar
and if you cut it your eyes will also hurt. However, onions have the effect of strengthening
the nails. Cut the onion in half, drill a hole in the center, wait for 15 minutes with
your finger in the hole. Let’s wash well after that. (Since it may not be possible to smell,
let’s do it at night or at the weekend. Natural Oil Treatment: Mix 2 tablespoons of almond oil and 2 tablespoons
of olive oil in a bowl. Take oil in cotton, let’s apply oil firmly to the nails. It should
be done three times a day. Almond oil is the best, but whatever essential oils will be
effective. Garlic Treatment: Similar to onions, garlic smells strong, but
efforts to beauty are inherent. Put a few pieces of garlic in small pieces and put it
in a glass filled with water. Put fingertips in this liquid and wait for 20 minutes. Repeat
this twice a day. Rosemary Treatment: Prepare 2 tablespoons of rosemary and 1 cup
of water. Boil the rosemary for 5 minutes, let it down from the fire and let it cool.
Place this liquid in a bowl and soak nails for 20 minutes. You should do it twice a day. Aloe Vera, Revitalize Treatment: As you may know, Aloe vera can be used for
a variety of things and also fulfills the role of improving the condition of nails.
To strengthen your nails, let’s mix Aloe Vera ‘s gel 1 tablespoon and olive oil 3 drops
well. Soak the cotton in this gel and spread it on your nails and wait until it penetrates.
Let’s repeat as much as you think is necessary. Cucumber lotion: Cucumber is made into a liquid form with a
blender etc. without peeling. Place this juice in a container and soak your fingertips. Please
continue this one week a day. Horse tail lotion: Let’s prepare a handful of hose tails and
a cup of water. Put the hose tail in the water, warm it, soak the nails. Wheat Germ Treatment: Mix 4 tablespoons of water and wheat germ
oil and heat. Let it cool down from the fire and add a few drops of lemon juice . Soak
the fingertip in this liquid for 10 minutes. Treatment of olive oil, honey and eggs: Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon
of honey and 1 egg yolk in a bowl until it becomes smooth paste. Let’s paint this paste
on your nails and gently massage. Let it rinse with a small amount of water every 30 minutes. “Rush” Treatment: Let me introduce some instant treatment methods
that make the effect look faster. There are a method of dipping nails into lemon juice
twice a day, a method of scrubbing nails with pieces of garlic, a method of applying cotton
soaked in iodine on nails, and a method of immersing nails in apple cider vinegar before
going to bed everyday . For beautiful and strong nails: In order to make beautiful and strong nails,
in addition to the treatment method introduced in video, please pay attention to the following
things. Let’s not use the nail remover containing
the raw material that damages nail health. Acetone is very effective as a nail remover,
but there are other removers that are good for nail health. Let’s eat lots of dairy products rich in calcium,
protein, Vitamin A, E. Also, let ‘s drink more than 8 glasses of glass a day. Stress
and poor eating habits also affect nail health. Let’s keep your hands wet: Let’s wear gloves when washing or washing
dishes. Also, let’s not immerse your hands in hot water such as shower or bath for a
long time. We recommend that you protect your hands when cleaning gardening or home. Frequently arrange the shape of the nails,
square when moving, and move the file in the same direction: We recommend that you use a file that is not
made of metal. Let’s apply finishing liquid to strengthen nails. (You can apply crushed
garlic). Let’s remove it completely when taking a manicure: Take nail polish with nail remover, soap and
hot water. After drying the nails with a cotton towel, it is good to massage with olive oil
. Let’s not use nails when opening cans or containers: Let’s use special equipment. Let’s not bite the nails: Chewing the nail slows down the growth of
the nail and makes saliva easier if it is attached frequently.

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