How To Make Tasty Ayurvedic Turmeric Lattes | With Dr Vidhi Patel

Hello TLC-ers! I’m here today with Dr Vidhi Patel, she’s
a medical doctor, and also a homeopath and a nutritionist from the Gujarat in India. Today we’re going to be making something you’ve
probably seen in coffee shops all over the world, it’s a turmeric latte! So Vidhi why don’t you tell us a little bit
about how you first came to make this particular drink? First of all thank you for the lovely introduction
Dr Sarah, I’m honoured to be on the show with you. This is one of the best drinks I actually
had in my growing up years. I had almost forgotten about it until I came
to London and ereka it’s a fancy drink here! It’s actually one of the simplest dishes or
a drink to make because it is just under one pound and anybody can make it rather than
paying fancy amount of money outside. You can make it at home at you discretion
in literally under a minute. Great! Let’s crack on
So what we have today is a cup of milk. So I’m just going to start heating up my pan
so all you need is a milk pan, just reduce the heat and add the milk. So this is just a regular cow’s milk that
you’ve got? Yes I’ve got a regular cow’s milk and it is
actually an organic one so I prefer taking my vegetables organic and as fresh as possible
and farm fresh including the milk. I wish I had a farm life here, which I can’t
expect in London but I used to have that in India. But you can use any type of milk. Any milk of your choice. Any milk that suits your body type and contstitution
you can have it. What was your personal preference? My personal preference is lactose free milk
because I’ve realised over the period of years I have become slightly lactose intolerant
and sensitive to all forms of milk especially whole milk so I try to go for lactose free
and mild form of milk but you’d be surprised I’m actually completely fine when I drink
the same kind of milk in India. My body type is still not able to adjust to
the milk here and that’s something I’ve not been able to figure out why but I love the
fact that I can drink some milk here. So is that hot enough yet? Yes it’s nearly done. Because it’s not a huge lot of quantity of
milk it’s going to take very quick we don’t have to actually boil it, it’s just to warm
up the milk. I can actually hear the milk getting all nice
and ready. So that looks like turmeric you’ve got there? Yes so I’m going to add one teaspoon of turmeric
in a way where it doesn’t form too many lumps. So why don’t you tell us about what’s the
best kind of turmeric to use? Best kind of turmeric is actually from India
because 82% of the world’s crop of turmeric is in India and it is one of the most traditional
food as well as it is one of the must-haves in an Iranian kitchen. So this is equally important as salt and pepper. So it is a must have. And what type of ayurvedic body type is this
beverage suitable for? All body types. You’d be really surprised you can have it
any time of the day and anybody can have it. It is one of the most safest, simplest and
most easiest way to boost immunity because of the carcumin in it which is the bioactiv
ingredient of turmeric. This is what gives it the yellow colour, the
carcumin. There are also tablets available but I try
to be more natural and holistic which is why I try and use the powder or you can also use
a fresh turmeric root. Wow! That sounds difficult. Yes, that sounds difficult so going by the
metropolitan quick life I just use the powder because with the root you always get the hands
a bit stained and it doesn’t really go very easily. What do you do with that, do you grate it? It’s just like ginger, same family of ginger. So all you do is, obviously wear some gloves,
and then remove the skin and chop it or grate it any how just how what we do with the ginger
but then you would need a filter to drain and get the bits out. And then you want to put it in a cup. Wow, I’m learning something here! That’s why simplest way is powder. One teaspoon. So the recipe is quite simple, for one cup
of this size you would need one teaspoon of turmeric and one teaspoon of honey. That’s it, three ingredients. Okay, so this is nearly done now so I’m going
to switch off the flame and let it sit for about a minute. The reason is it needs to just calm down and
then I’m going to put it in a blender to help have a nice froth like a restaurant style
one. Because we always want to treat something
and have a fancy nice latte. Actually the latte is ready you have it in
the cup, but we are making it a bit little fancy and treat ourselves with it. Why not, we’re worth it right? Okay so you’re just going to put the mixture
in the blender now? That’s it. We can do the same thing like what we did
for the turmeric we can put the honey now or we can use it later. I try and put it now and then blend so we
don’t have to stir it and we keep the froth intact. Brilliant, okay! So let’s do that. So manuka honey, you were telling me before
we started filming about the health benefits of it. Yeah, it is becoming my favourite in all my
ingredients. It’s becoming a must have and it is actually
good ayurvedically, it has got all the antibacterial properties that turmeric has. So it actually enhances the dish and makes
it more bioavailble for the absorption. Manuka honey is actually from New Zealand. And it is one of the safest ones to take it
for anybody. Actually it is so safe that if you have a
cut or a wound you can put it directly on. It’s that antibacterial.We can do the same
thing with turmeric but you have a fear of staining you skin with a bit of a yellow hue. But it is the safest one to take and the most
easiest way to absorb by the body. And it is highly antibacterial in nature even
when it is heated. Other honeys would have the property of antibacterial
and anti-inflammatory ones go down, but this one is one of the easiest ones and intact
properties would still stay in. Brilliant! Well I’m getting impatient to try this
Okay so let’s get our last step. I’m going to just put this in the blender,
and there you go you have seen such a nice golden hue isn’t it? It looks amazing. So as you see, the honey is all gone. It settled in the milk. So all you need is just make sure it’s tight
enough. We have the switch on
[blending noises] And there you go. That’s all. Wow
So you just pour in the cup of your choice. See, there’s a nice froth on. And my favourite ingredient, some cinnamon. That looks amazing
And there you go. Ta da! So simple, so easy, and under a pound (£)
Okay wow! Well moment of truth
Mmm, that’s amazing. I’m definitely going to be doing this at hom,
thank you so much! My pleasure, I’m glad you loved it. So that’s it for today guys, thanks so much
for watching. Don’t forget to tune in next time for some
more ayurvedic recipes and please like comment or subscribe

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