How to Make Turmeric Milk & 3 Ways to Use It for Self-Care

How to Make Turmeric Milk & 3 Ways to Use It for Self-Care

Hi i’m Pilin Anice and this is how you
use your cup of golden milk as a self-care ritual I am a movement and
wellness leader a performing artist a model a meditation instructor I’m also a
wife and a mom of two little ones and on top of all of that I commute into New
York City for work so that’s a lot of busyness so it’s really important that I
find time in my day to just nourish myself so that I can show up as my best
self creating a time for ritual in my day has been my favorite way to stay
connected to myself and not get carried away in all of the busyness ritual is
just another word for a habitual series of actions anything that’s done
regularly and the aim is not perfection my daily ritual has helped me to drop in
into the same feeling that I get after a nice yoga class so grounded calm
centered yet expansive having a cup of golden milk as a self-care ritual is
just one way that I look after me Banyan botanicals just created turmeric milk
mix that is so amazing and really supportive for the body it’s just like
the golden milk that you’d order at a cafe but it has Ayurvedic herbs that
make it helpful for yogi like me it wouldn’t be golden milk without turmeric
turmeric can make joint movement more comfortable and support the immune and
circulatory systems there’s also ashwagandha which is an
incredibly rejuvenating adaptogen that can be calming for the nervous system
it’s spiced with peppermint ginger and cardamom which assist with
digestion and cinnamon and black pepper to balance the flavors
I’m going to share with you three ways that I use a warm cup of golden milk as
a self-care ritual and how you can make a delicious cup wherever you are every
time slowing down can bring a return to balance taking time for myself in the
morning creates an energetic home base that I can remember throughout the day I
remember what it felt like this morning when I was feeling calm and collected
before all the crazy stuff started happening so I use turmeric milk mix to
make my cup and take about 10 minutes or so to just sit here on the couch and
just be still the three o’clock slump can be rough because I’ve been going
since 5:30 a.m. I would have just picked up my kids from school and I still have
to get home cook dinner prep for the next day and finish out any loose ends
on my to-do list so turmeric milk mix is a great pick-me-up that’s unlike coffee
or sugar because it’s nourishing rather than depleting the ashwagandha gives me
a calm energy to just keep going the day is done the kids are in bed and
my to-do list is complete and now it’s really my time to relax a cup of golden
milk at bedtime is especially comforting because the warm milk supports a restful
restorative sleep by the time I take my last sip my eyelids are falling and I
sleep like a rock you’ll need Banyan’s turmeric milk mix and eight ounces of a
milk of your choice a note on milk and milk alternatives in the Ayurvedic
tradition milk is a saatvik food meaning that it promotes balance and harmony
however every individual is unique and while the qualities of alternative milks
may differ from cow’s milk they are absolutely appropriate as a
substitute golden milk is just as delicious and equally beneficial made
from the milk of your choice a nut milk coconut milk or even a oat or hemp milk I
personally like rice milk but you get to experiment and find out which one you
prefer in a small pot combine one and a half teaspoons of turmeric milk mix with
8 ounces of your preferred milk stir it up to combine and heat it gently on a
low to medium heat when it gets to the temp you like pour directly into your
cup there’s already a touch of date sugar as a sweetener but if you like
more a little honey or maple syrup are great options experiment with adding
other herbs you know are supportive for you extra cinnamon a pinch of nutmeg are
even some ashot Suvari to further support your immune system if you feel
an extra fancy those little home fathers can take this to the next level you can
find me at polenta knees on instagram and if you’re in the New York City area
and looking for yoga class please be sure to stop by you can also check out
some of my yoga retreats and if you’re looking for more Ayurvedic lifestyle
videos subscribe here to the Banyan botanicals
be sure to like this video and we hope to see you again soon thanks for

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  1. I love golden milk and drink it on a daily base.
    Unfortunately, you don’t ship worldwide? so I have to prepare it on my own.

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