How to Massage the Back of the Legs | Ayurvedic Massage

How to Massage the Back of the Legs | Ayurvedic Massage

So working on the legs using warm oil I will
pour some of the oil into my hand. How’s that temperature? Is that okay? Pour it on the
legs. And then return the oil. And go right into applying long, flowing stroke. And then
begin doing squeezing techniques. Make sure as with doing all the massage in Abhyanga
and Ayurvedic massage that you’re using good body mechanics. Bending your knees. Breathing
into your belly. And using your body weight to pressure that feels good for your client.
Pressure’s okay? She said perfect. Doing the twisting stroke is really good for
getting the oil into the legs over the calf muscles. And it’s done in a more brisk way
than some of the other strokes in order to support the skin in receiving the oil which
is one of the main purposes of Ayurvedic massage. Abhyanga. I like what I call the Upside-Down
U. And I go up and then down in an upside-down U and then go back. Up, up, and then return
back. This is working on the energy lines because in Ayurvedic massage, we’re looking
not just at the physical body, but the energy flows in the body. So doing strokes in this
direction helps to support proper flow of energy in the body and in the energy field. Another thing that we do is we do circles
around the joints. So I’m going to do some hip circles here. Then come down. And then
I would do the same on the other leg as well.

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  1. man, that must be so awkward… especially for the client cause her butt is shown on youtube… or his….. i can't tell O.o

  2. The person getting the massage was a girl cuz the lady was like "Is that good pressure?" -silence- and then she looked at the camera and said "SHE Said its ohkay"

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