How to Massage the Shoulders | Ayurvedic Massage

And working upward along the spine, I transition
into the shoulders. And I circle the shoulders. And I like to work underneath the shoulder
blade from the opposite side. So that the same side stroke for the low back, I’m using
to pull up. And this is good for the lymphatic system. And it also feels really good just
on the muscles to get work done under the arm and the latissimus, is well. This is a
energetically support of your clients opening their wings; opening up their heart energy. And what I find is that a lot of discomfort
on the shoulders, and a lot of shoulder pain actually is routed underneath the arms in
these areas. So it’s nice to spend a little extra time working their. And doing long,
calming strokes is really good for soothing the nervous system, for calming vata, and
for creating balance in the mind, and in the body of the client. That is how you do Ayurvedic warm oil massage
for the back.

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