How to Pour Oil for Shirodhara Massage | Ayurvedic Massage

How to Pour Oil for Shirodhara Massage | Ayurvedic Massage

For the purpose of this video, we’re going
to do a brief one pour demonstration for the Shirodhara session. Usually, there’s a pour
and then there’s a continuous heating of oil, and it flows through the system, either manually
or with a machine.This is a manual Shirodhara setup. So, in preparing to do the drip, I will make
sure that the hair is tucked into the vessel. So, I have the oil heated to the appropriate
temperature, and I’m going to cover the pot just to make sure that no oil drips out, and
to be very mindful in how I bring the oil onto the head of the client. And I will open
up the vessel, and I will begin with a drip on the hair, moving slightly. This is what
I love about Ajara setup, is that I can move and control the top here, and the flow. Then, I will move it in, back and forth, until
I find a point on the center of the forehead that is aligning with her center. It’s about
the center of the forehead. And finding this point is very intuitive, which is another
reason that it’s important for the practitioner to cultivate a meditation practice and to
be aware of how energy flows in the body. For the sake of this demonstration, we’re
going to complete the pour. If this was a real session, this pour would be anywhere
from 15 to 30, 35, 40 minutes, depending on the need of the client.

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  1. Thanks for the video, I have actually started at a Spa here in Texas that provides Shirodara treatment for their clients. This helps me with understanding how to do this correctly. Good video!

  2. This procedure is very old and is used to remove mental and emotional problems and diseases, or imbalance in one
    you need to use cold pressed unrefined oils and non gmo canola oil is gmo even if labeled organic,
    also if you can obtain the oil fresh and local as in someone local to you grew the seeds and then crushed and pressed the oil using the old methods, and no machinery was involved
    it affects the vibration
    of which is affected in the being you are applying the oil too to try and rebalance

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