How to Practice Reiki : Using Reiki for Headache Relief

How to Practice Reiki : Using Reiki for Headache Relief

This is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert Village
and in this section we’ll talk about hand positions for headaches. Reiki being so simple
and so profound, it’s available anywhere at anytime. So when one has a headache it’s a
natural response to put the hands to the head. The Reiki way is not to force anything but
to get out of the way, to let the ego stand aside and to let the energy flow. As it flows
it gently massages the energy radiating from your forehead, from the face, from the back
of your head and allowing it all to come back into balance. We can move our hand position
to cover the front and back of the head as we did for hand positions for clarify because
headaches often prevent us from having clarity. And so as we allow the energy to cascade down
and through we give ourselves the permission to receive and restore and come back to balance.
And lastly, it’s always a good idea, with a headache, to not only cover your head, but
your throat, your heart, your abdomen, in fact if you have the time to give a mini self
treatment would be most beneficial. Because by the time that you’re through your headache
will most likely have dissolved. In the next section we’ll talk about Reiki for pregnancy.

23 Replies to “How to Practice Reiki : Using Reiki for Headache Relief”

  1. Placebo effect. Relaxation. Sleep. Etcetera.
    There is no such thing as being "attuned" to reiki.
    Find one properly done study that shows any effect beyond placebo.
    You can't.
    But, whatever floats your boat. I certainly don't mean to give offense.

  2. To be honest, it's all in the mind. You think something is, something is. Thats my opinion anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this isn't real or something like that.

  3. Anyone can send energy. Though an attunement does make quite a difference. Thing is I've read about people attuning themselves. They were said to be at least as good as "properly" attuned practitioners. Though I agree that a "proper" attunement being a must. Mainly just because everything these days needs to be back up with paper work and certificates.

  4. If Reiki can heal things, how come it has failed every single scientific test to show any medicinal benefits beyond that of the placebo effect?

  5. LOL. To claim to be able to manipulate energy or to even claim to be able to know WHERE it is to manipulate is silly. The amazing Randi debunked all of these psuedo sciences years ago. Blind tests made them all look like fools. And any real tests were nothing more than statistical chance.

  6. hmmm I see that there is a good deal on a pick up truck on the newspaper ad behind her on the window for $9,887.00

  7. Bite your tongue and poke yourself in the eye, this will cure even migraine headaches! Also cracking your neck or pulling your hair on both sides of the head, that works very well for slight headaches! If you are pregnant and dont know who the father is, you can call a adoption agency they are well trained in finding good parents!

  8. WOW! I think you saw clarity by looking past what the lady was saying and found a Hell of a Deal! Is that a Nissan??

  9. @roquefortfiles It seems like you know it all. Everyone who believes in this ancient art of japanese healing must be way less intelligent than you. How silly of them.

  10. i love reiki ,love all reiki masters and students . i like all reiki video and i love you . thank you all

  11. So much judgment in these posts. I dare you all to try it, and see what you find for yourself. Quit wasting time arguing and being hypocritical :o) Thanks.

  12. I am attuned to level 1 reiki people can think what they like but to me if it actually the placebo effect does it really matter if it works for u

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