Hey guys this is another video request
on premature gray hair! So you got a few great hair, you look at it, look at
yourself in the mirror and you’re like man I’m not that old! You’re scared
because you feel like you’re looking older than what you really are,
right? But what is the average age that men go gray? Well Caucasians mostly go
gray in their mid-thirties. Asians in their late thirties and African-Americans in
their mid 40’s. So the bad news is yes most of us will have a lot of gray hair
in our 50’s all right but a lot of us get gray hair prematurely and you’re
wondering like what can you do about it? Well the bad news is it mostly depends
on your genes, but that being said there’s also a few external factors, a
few things that you can control and that’s what I’m gonna talk about in this
video. So let’s not waste any more time let’s get right into the video: hey this is your first time here on my channel, welcome! I’m Daniel.
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of the next videos. I do anything about style grooming fitness and life
itself. Now to know how to prevent premature gray hair you need to know
what causes it, right? So that you can prevent it. So I’m gonna tell you what
causes it and also how you can prevent it. So let’s start with the first one: certain medical conditions There’s certain medical conditions that causes you to go gray quicker. Conditions like thyroid disease or certain rare
inherited tumor conditions also certain autoimmune diseases like alopecia and
others. So how do you handle that? We, I’m not a doctor so I can’t help you in
this one all I can say is go see your doctor about this. Let’s move on to the
next one another cause of premature gray hair
might be because you don’t have enough vitamin b12 in your body this is a
bigger problem especially for a vegetarian or if you’re a vegan because
plant foods don’t have vitamin b12 unless they are fortified. So there’s two
ways you can get more vitamin b12: By eating the right foods and also
supplements. So what kind of foods contains vitamin b12? Beef liver and
clams are the best sources but you can also eat food like fish, meat, poultry,
eggs, milk and other dairy products as well. You can also get it from
supplements like the vitamin b12 supplements from Jarrow.
I’ve added it for you in the video description so you can go and check it
out. Let’s move on to the next one Stress! Now there’s a lot of different
opinions on stress and what influence it has on gray hair and I’ve done a lot of
research on this but I believe that stress doesn’t make your hair go gray
directly but it can cause the condition for you to lose your hair three times
faster and when it grows back it can grow back gray. Smoking! Now there’s been
a lot of studies on smoking and it’s shown that guys are actually two and a
half times more likely to go gray faster than guys who do not smoke. Listen very
carefully, I’m not saying that you will for sure go grey quicker. I’m just saying
that it’s two and a half times more likely. It’s also interesting that
smoking can cause that grey hair to look yellow, you will see that a lot. So how do you stop it? Stop smoking… So what can you do about the hair that’s
already gray? Well it’s only three things: Number one is you accept it and you embrace it. Number two, you dye your hair. Or
number three you shave it all off. But if you dye it or if you shave it, it’s just gonna grow back gray again. I’m already starting to have some gray hair here in in the sides of my hair and I can see it, but I embrace it. I like it. I accept it. I think we worry too much about scars and wrinkles and gray hair, because when you look at your life Wrinkles mean that you’ve laughed.
Gray hair means that you cared and scars means that you lived… If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video cheers guys

40 Replies to “How to PREVENT premature GRAY HAIR | 4 GRAY HAIR TIPS”

  1. Even if the entire video wasn't any good, it would be worth just for the final few lines… "wrinkles means you laughed, grey hair means you cared, and scars mean you lived"  Well said.

  2. Thanks for this informative video Daniel. I would like to ask a favor if you don't mind, could you please make a video about ways to manage stress (from work, home, school or peers).
    Thank you so much. God bless you and your whole family.

    Much respect and appreciation,

  3. i'm having like 5 to 6 grey hairs on my lates 20's i think i'll dye them for now, but you give a great advice, embrace them, it's natural, it's ok

  4. I'm getting gray on my sideburns…..more so than before. But I'll be 56 this year, so I don't feel too bad about it. Since it's only on small spots, I may dye it occasionally. I feel good nutrition and not smoking, either cigs or pot, has helped me keep my natural color so long. Good nutrition and HIIT training just keeps you youthful. It all makes your hair look good, gray or not.

  5. Hi Daniel, at 45 my son death shocked me. My hair turned white overnight it seemed. I'm 62 now and know it's truth in what you're saying.
    Yes I dye it ?

  6. Please make a video about shaving pubic hair and why the skin gets dark down there. Also how to treat that dark skin.

  7. African American average for hair turning gray is mid 40's. What about other black people that aren't americans? Ugh calling a black person "african american" is one of the most racist things I've seen americans doing

  8. Japanese men tend to go grey very late in their lives and this is due to their diet. I believe consuming wild salmon and seaweed/dark green veg every other day will put a halt to greying and can delay it for decades.

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