HOW TO PRODUCE NATURAL DMT – Mantak Chia | London Real

HOW TO PRODUCE NATURAL DMT – Mantak Chia | London Real

That room is just like all the the master have to go through So the formula in the in the tower set when you go into the dark until you cannot be dark they are you cannot see like So actually when I do the research is the same thing as the recorder melatonin and serotonin And Phi M all and DMT That is what the West discovered the DMT and the Phi M. Oh, so all the drug is producing this Okay in the dark Oh, yeah, and and the because psychedelic drugs right be producing the DMT. Yes So the people take it the signal They they our body. Yeah, I just hear you. I just want to Costa Rica drank. Ayahuasca. Yeah it has Yeah, and yeah, I’ve got that experience. I know so that is the whole key of that. Okay? so now in a down way they gone to all these Drugs before they call a motor più umano più. It’s a lot of all kind of opting inside them So they and one major portion is mercury and the border they think they bought the mercury to one level and they have Southwest for us the metal and their precious stone or boy because a metal candy stopped by the the matter only candy stopped by the mercury So you put the Metro in the dissolve it and you can inject and take it But they no matter what you do. They still some person day so when they take it in its lightly of taking poison and you poem on the body producing a fighting effect and Stimulate a death hormone on atop the head And that is the DMT So the DMT people experience when they go to go to water they draw And that is the time the dmt purdue a producing the person and you’re sitting and In the so sweet they run out and we see vision see thing and you see so many thing so is the same thing like a magic mushroom Picker is hot poison. I’m not very poison the yellow mushroom is is Magic because it don’t kill you right away, but it makes you close to death and stimulate the DMT So do I use up the DMT that store in the mono that right on the pineal gland? So we got the death hormone so that hormone the ticket out The fiim. Oh, you see color see vision you walk through the wall the five annuities. I remember yeah Yeah, and the DMT make you feel like your separation. Okay, so as we go out, you know a lot about psychedelics. Oh, yes because My study and my expertise is my I do all these things many many years Yeah, and the website will disagree and we compare to them why? So now pyramid you experiment with magic mushrooms. No no, I don’t want become my master want me that week the Dow co2 so long and This one is Tom lead you to one way because it’s many thousand years. We already gone through this okay, and finally they they say no we have to return back to internal or Pew and you want to man act with your internal dinosaurs the empty sauce? okay, which is biased in human beings then but in the dark room you Producing it. You’re not draining it There is a whole key. So now and the Masters used to go through this dark room There’s as part of their training right and that’s where you got the idea to teach other people to do this Alright, and how does it work? How long do you need to be in the dark? Oh one week totally that totally dark eat everything is in the darkroom, but the whole kid You have to understand when we we are we have to ting When you go to sleep at night So I always I always my master say cover your eye and for the earplug So doc. So when you dock the body producing monotony and But when in the morning the melatonin you’re producing at night, it turned to salah, Tony So then I’d like the finish but one you when used when you go in the dark and You come your mind and not speak and come everything down In the dark now the body producing more monotony five milligram 25 a 10 milligram 20 25 milligram when it when the melatonin producing 25 milligram Now we have enough to produce it because it’s the same chain It’s exactly the same chain is the matter Tony. So when it 25 is split into Phi M Oh So now you see you standing the e-string day after second day when the or the third day you have enough mother Tony because you don’t Don’t con when like and we convert the Martin into serotonin Okay, so when you have not converted sorry Tony you have enough it producing fiim Oh and you see lycée color series and cementing or see past life Okay, very strong v mu y very strong and now when the fighting will finish When you have more variable now if you stay to the third of what day? Not the final have enough it turned to DMT and now you’re sitting there you feel hey Something cool you are something or get out of your body and that is we call the source we want to leave the body So now we have to control them We’re to control them because if you don’t want so we practice in the first second and turning for the fib level you try to control feed the fit the sauce pretty stronger and They know how to get out and come back You

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  1. I dont think this guy knows how psychedelic at all. He haven`t even tried mushroom and just imagined the whole process how it effect your brain…..Put u in near death experience and trigger DMT? Does mushrooms really do that ? Psilocybe is a totally different thing mate.

  2. You have to find a cave somewhere, but Sadghuru says that all the caves were occupied a long time ago – so forget that idea.

  3. If I went on a fast for 10 days and stayed in the dark, how much of difference would make if someone were with me? Do I have to be meditating or in silence the whole time?

  4. This guy knows his stuff! He is confirming what Schwaller di Lubicz and more recentlyMike Tsarion proclaimed about the pyramids function truly was (at least one of them). Initiates would go into the queens chamber, which was solid granite and lie down within the sarcophagus and transcend.

  5. Many times in meditation I have felt my body producing DMT. I can't say for sure without blood samples but I definitely recognize the feeling which is the same I felt when I smoked that stuff. The thing is, it is so intense, I feel like I am about to die and so I step out of it because I don't feel ready to die.

  6. yes yes to create the dmt you enter your finger on your real brain know as your ass take it out and smell how smart you are yes yes I saw Mongolians trying to destroy my wall dam Mongolians…

  7. Thank you for sharing your experiences on the subject of how the body generates DMT. I love Mantak's description: "You go dark until you cannot be dark." I've never tried it but learned how to generate it accidentally after swelling in my eye sockets applied pressure to my optic nerves and possibly pineal gland, required being in the dark to recover from mold poisoning which at times was the only option since I couldn't see or walk far without falling. It's true that at day 3 in the darkness the spirit wants to leave the body as by then it is generating the death hormone by itself since melatonin is not converting into seratonin so the person has by then become depressed in terms of physical system fuel & no anti-depressant neurotramsmitters being generated in the intestine. They believe they are dying and they are, unless they regenerate fast enough to overcome the affects of the metal/radiation/mold poison. That's my experience. If we practice daily meditation focusing on strengthening the center, the taiji/tai chi (the foundational metaphysical principle) as Mantak describes, we can learn how to practice returning to the body before it dies, so we can integrate what we learned while we were near disconnection and possibly communicate better. His experience and practice may be safer than mold poisoning but it's a complicated subject. The leaving process is easy like the stellar red shift or longwave frequency and the returning process is like the stellar blue shift or shortwave frequency that animates life, yet difficult to remember from the redshift/longwave state and reflects why it's so easy to disconnect as the body is without strength there and has to create energy from nothing (it has to yield to the blue particles/electrons in order to accomplish it unless someone external revives you). Pets can revive us too. When I can't remember how to return to the breath I say, "Return to the breath in the heart of all matters."

  8. He's wrong about magic mushroom 2:40, he claims that eating it simulates death that has your pineal gland produce DMT, however magic mushroom has psilocin that is essentially 4-HO-DMT. He also thinks 5-MEO and DMT are different and one converts into another, this can be seen at 0:26 and 6:00 mark. This guy lost all credibility with those statements, although it is known that isolation tanks with total darkness does stimulate visions. Nothing new.

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  10. You don't hallucinate from drugs because of toxins, most common psychs are derivatives of serotonin. Staying in darkness for 5 days is no more better or worse than something like dmt or psilo. Plus if he's speaking of toxins being uptaken from our environment like the air, then we're fucked regardless and would be hallucinating. Garbage.

  11. the website is shitty at loading, and for me though it wont go to the DMT video so just dont even go there….. for the DMT video

  12. I did it in 7 days with breathwork, fasting, late night meditation and solfeggio tones. I interacted with people and even worked out in the gym. Yes, it is possible, but nothing has to be the same way for everyone. Good luck peeps.

  13. My question to anyone interested or doing this is ……how are you making humanity better or is it just a selfish feel good or experience for self? When you drop this earth suit….will it matter that your spirit came to this dimension for the time it did. I see why mystery schools were the way they were. However the information age has given us access…may we all thread wisely and know it's not just about self…all is connected.

  14. I've never done this but have spent many occasions in silent meditation, has other super effects on the mind and body. There is magic in focused isolation.

  15. How to produce natural DMT? It's easy, just chose your parents carefully so you don't have contradicting incompetible genes and your pineal gland will produce it in the necessary quantities.

  16. I wish they would have subtitled the video themselves and made sure it was correct or had him speak in his native language and someone translated. I think this guy is really interesting but he's a little hard to understand.

  17. Maybe someone should tell this guy that no matter how much endogenous DMT the brain may produce, that the Mono Amine Oxidase in our gut destroys it. Were this not so we would be high on DMT a lot more of the time.

  18. Or just extract it from sonoran desert frog, mimosa hibiscus, or any number of other plants, and smoke it. Its actually not that hard

  19. It would be nice to have subtitles. I can understand most of what he is saying, but some of it I could not. I think it's quite important to communicate clearly when talking about things like this.

  20. Its Like how to produce Serotonin Dopamin they are Always there how to produce endrorphin broke your Leg or eat chilli but that influence Methode dont sleep you have Dopamin smell god flavour too eat nothing you have Serotonin

  21. God those is odd! I kinda get the feeling that DMT produces in the machine elf phenomena a quasi-anthropomorphic "sense" of the infallibility of the quantum world. If we were to experience the overwhelming improbability of jiffy to jiffy existence it would fry us. DMT allows us that filtered gateway.

  22. I made my own, and it is weird to say the least. I talked to entities, asked questions, told me not to make a big deal of it because people would not believe me anyway. They asked me questions about what I knew about it, very weird. It changed me for life. It has been nearly 20 years since I first did it. It is not something you go back to to get high, but what it does do is give a person a taste of death as I thought I had died. Do not recommend this to anyone who lacks the ability to listen.

  23. Since doing DMT my dreams are very powerful, I can do anything, no longer do I run from anything, I face it, can fly, it is something like the movie Inception.

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