How to Recover from Concussions & Neck Injury Neuropathies

Have you ever been in a car
accident, had a whiplash injury, or a sports injury where
you’ve had neck pain, even burning pain down
the arms, or headaches, either at or after the event? Even experienced your
child experiencing that to, to where you’ve had to deal
with some of those injuries where they do go away
probably pretty quickly, within a couple of days,
or maybe even a week. But the problem is, if there’s
an injury inside the spine, it can happen to where
the next time they’re hit, or a trauma or an
injury, it could actually be a worse condition. Mkay, I’m Dr. Tony. Your offices diagnoses problems
properly the first time, so you cover it very quickly, and overall have permanent injury
sometimes, initial trauma. Mkay, we’re talkin’ about
a story, and I’m gonna show you an interview in a
minute, how Josh recovered from his injuries from
wrestling, and also martial arts, as a Freshman at high school. Mkay, now he’s 100% and taut. We’ll go over why that occurred. But overall, when there’s
an injury, what happens is a neck can lock
itself up, and over time, instead of being a bow, where it can actually compress and
decompress on its own, it can build up a load of pressure, and once that pressure,
over time, especially with contact sports, can
become very rigid and tight. Mkay, when it becomes rigid
and tight, the neck’s injury actually makes it wanna break,
or tear, or cause neuropathy, even a disc problem in the neck. Mkay, so listen to, and watch if you can, Josh tell his story, along
with his mom, Melissa, how he had initial injury, and over time, it never went away, where he
had neck pain for one two. And from neck pain, causing
headaches and dizziness, too. Only 14 years old. Mkay, so if something that
happens when you’re older, happens with injuries, and
trauma, and sports injuries, too. So watch the interview real
quick, and see how that goes, and I’ll see you after. – Okay, so we brought him
in, because he initially had a really bad concussion, and vertigo, and he had a lot of pain
and pressure in his neck, and his back. And it wasn’t getting any better. – [Dr. Tony] When you first
saw the X-rays, what’d you see? – We saw that he had some major… – [Dr. Tony] How’d the neck X-ray look? – It didn’t look good. It–
– Very straight, right? – Right. – [Dr. Tony] Mkay. – No curvage in there,
and he was a little… He wasn’t straight at all in the back. – [Dr. Tony] And he was
having some dizziness, some headache stuff, too? – Yes. – [Dr. Tony] And when he first
came in, you had mentioned he had a tournament,
and something happened? – Yes. He had a tournament, and he
got a really bad concussion. – [Dr. Tony] Now, that
was in February, so about probably four months before,
or three months before? – Yes. – [Dr. Tony] And then from
there– from that concussion in February, what was the exper–
what were your experience, Josh, between the concussions,
when you first came in? – From my concussion between
when I first came in? – [Dr. Tony] Yep. Talk real loud, because this
thing’s just the (mumbles). – For like the concussion,
I always felt, like a huge, like, pain right here. I didn’t really feel all there. I always felt tense, I always felt tired, where I would just like lean
over like this all the time, which caused my back and
neck to be more in pain. But with this, I’ve gotten much better. I feel there, I feel barely
any tense or pain at all. And I feel much stronger, just much stronger now,
’cause of all the… – [Dr. Tony] And realize
that your new X-ray is also now that your posture is, now
that your spine is loosed up, you can cause more muscle
mass, so what have you done the last three or four
weeks, now that we’ve seen you’re second set of X-rays, to get that further improvement? – Just, just weight training
on those back shoulders, and just to get that much stronger, since it’s much weaker now. And I have seen huge improvements, just with the little stuff
that you have showed me. ‘Cause I’ve improved so much, I’m still, I’m still going strong. – [Dr. Tony] So why are
we still seeing me now? – Still seein’ me now because my spine is a little bit curved from scoliosis, but it’s gotten much
better, and it has helped me get much better, because
I’m sore from that. – [Dr. Tony] With competing
again too, coming up, you’re gonna have both
wrestling and martial arts, how do you think you’ll
benefit from being seen, still seeing a chiropractor? – What benefits is that I
will, you know, fix the problem if anything happens, immediately,
so it doesn’t get worse. And another thing is like, (cracks knuckles) you’ll feel much better
after the chiropractor, ’cause you’re loose, you’re
not all tense and stuff. And it’s just helps fix the
problem before it gets worse. – [Dr. Tony] Perfect,
that’s exactly what people need to understand, is
that with chiropractic we can allow your body to get
stronger, so before you have a contact sport, or
wrestling, martial arts, your chance of injury is a lot less. Maybe, even with a car accidents, too. People come in from car accidents, have had chiropractic
care before the accident, versus afterwards, and
they’re a lot better recovery from that, also. Well, have anything to add, Mom? – Just, no, I mean, this
has been great for him. You know, he works out six days a week, and he’s just been so tense, and now he’s just so much better. – [Dr. Tony] Better how? What do you mean by tense? – Just, you know, always, “Can
you rub my back, it hurts, “it hurts, it hurts?” – Yep.
– I’m sorry. – [Dr. Tony] Yeah. – And, you know, he’s
not doing that anymore, so it’s really
– Fantastic. – taken a lot of pressure off. – [Dr. Tony] And realize
that if you still had the problems you had initially, you would probably stop
working out, probably stop playing sports,
and doing martial arts. Then your whole life changes. And that, even sometimes, can
would cause more intensity, and more other issues, which
you’re hoping to avoid. – Yep.
– Okay. – [Dr. Tony] Okay, that’s
biggest thing, and see especially a boy, too, you need
to get your energy out, and that keeps your body healthy. (cheerful guitar music) I hope you understood, through the video, and through the actually audio, too, Josh and Melissa, the
mom, tellin’ her story, is those injuries sometimes
become very subtle, or are left untreated or undetected. Mkay, so what happened
with Josh is, over a period of different competitions and events, he became worse, and
worse, and worse, to where it never really went away. But if we had caught him
the first time, and now that we’re going to see him,
allow things to stay healthy, overall his body’s not
gonna have these problems, condition-wise, and how he
feels, but also internally, too. So, one thing is, get
your children checked, especially after a first or second injury, where it’s not getting better. Mkay, with chiropractic,
our goal is to recover those things, via an
X-ray, and first diagnose and detect it, and re-X-ray
to make sure you see the overall improvement,
so we don’t miss anything. Mkay, after somebody feels
better, like Josh is, your chiropractic care,
through stretching, and through training again,
and strength training the proper way, and better
posture, now his body’s stronger, with chiropractic Josh has
made his neck more flexible, more like a bow, versus a piece of a rod, where he can actually
bend, and stretch more, ’cause he will get in full
nelson’s again, being a wrestler. Will get in different
positions, too, where is neck won’t get stretched and stretched to where it would be hard to recover from. But realize now, he realizes,
okay, if they get him here before having problem, and get adjusted, in his situation, before
have a competition, if you’re havin’ problems afterwards, get in there right away. Mkay, so as the parents realize your the number one healthcare
provider for your children, in a sense where, keep track
of it, even yourselves, too. If you have an event coming
up, also, get checked before, if you have any problems,
get checked afterwards, too, so there’s no long-term nerve
injuries, disc injuries, and you can cause problems
with arthritis, alright? Any questions, give us a call. Mkay, we take X-rays in
our office for one, too, if you want them here, or
your local chiropractor, but contact, connect with us, too, on our Facebook, or Instagram. Anywhere you wanna do that. And read our comments and reviews. So realize, you’re in charge
of your health, your lives. Get checked before you
have the second injury, so you’re not having any
long-term problems, alright? Any questions, give our office a call. If not, we’re helping
you change your health from inside out. And have a great day. (cheerful guitar music)

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