today in this video, you will learn how to make simple and effective sun tan remover by using this tan remover you will get instant effect beacuse this tan remover is 100 % effective on removing tan In this video, I will show you live demo you will see the difference lets start , how you will make this tan remover milk contains lactic acid which helps in skin lightening and skin brightening mix well and remember that there is no lumps in the mixture make a smooth paste now Tan remover is ready now gelatin powder melts very well now apply tan remover on your face like I apply on my hand Apply it quickly because mask becames thick very fast avoid eye area, eyebrows, and hair line becuase this also removes fine hair before applying this tan remover,apply vaseline on your eyebrows, hairline leave it for 20-30 min fully dry After 20-30 minutes face mask fully dried Now gently, remove this face mask in upward direction from your face This tan remover mask have many benefits this mask remove tan as well as remove fine facial hair, blackheads also helps to remove black spots , black marks and make you skin clean, clear, and glowing you can easily see the difference on my hand my skin become lighter and brighter where i applied this tan remover mask I have so much tanning on my hand when you will apply on your tan face you will get instant and clear effect this will helps you to remove tan very easily and also removes dead skin cell deposits on your upper layer of face After removing this mask wash your wash with cold water clean you face After face wash pat dry you face Apply any mosituriser on your face massage it gently for 1 minute moisturiser helps you to cool down you face skin if you have any irritation or redness on your face after it you can see the difference on my hand as my hand looks lighten and brighten this mask also shows same result on your face because i have tried it many times so, thats why i have share with you all this is very simple and effective tan removing method So, try it and you will get fair, glowing skin If you like this video, thn pls press the like button share this video with your friends Please subscribe to my channel for more videos follow me on Istagram, facebook and goole plus for more updates


  1. Didi kya kache chawal ke pani se bhi skin fair hoti …agar hoti bhi hai toh kya permanent ke liye hoti hai

  2. Di plz reply to dijye gelatin powder ka or koi naam …..nhi janti Kya hota hai ye or kaha milega plz bta do na

  3. hi! priya good morning, how are you? hope all good, dear this is really working its very good formula .its working, i will share my story with you, i am working in Saudi Arabia, i just came from vacation uttrakhand as you know uttrakhand too cold area because of cold i was always siting under the sun because of that my face skin become black , while i came here in Saudi every one asking what happen how you become black,then i show your formula and i apply really its working ,thank you so much, my god bless you always

  4. salam priyaa aapiii skin whitening injection lgwanaa hooon tou kon sa lgwaoo aur is ka koi sidee effeect tou nii hotaa pleez rply kr k btain naa mjaa

  5. ap mjhe plz hatho k liye bataen mere hathon pe bht black spots hain or ye mjhe hair removing cream use karne se howa hai???

  6. mam your videos are sooo helpful for me and can i use this paste bcoz I'm only 14 years old plzz give me answer

  7. make sure use thick layer of the application otherwise it will be hard to take it off. specially guys careful applying on hands it will take off your hair. secondly if you cant take it out after it drys out dont panic, just wash it off with water. it will come off very easily

  8. Hellow sister your videos are sooo helpful for me and can i use this paste bcoz I'm only 24-25 years old.Where to find gelatin powder, And have side effect yes or no.plzz give me answer. With suggest…

  9. Could someone tell me Gelatin powder the same as Jello? If not what sectiob it's in at the grocery store?Thanks!

  10. this paste really works But it worked for me after applying it for two times Because i had really bad tanning on my hands.. but the difference between both my hands is just great thanks for this recipe..

  11. How many times in a month do I have to apply this because the sun still darken the body even after applying this process

  12. hi @priya, I've mixed all the ingredients as like yours. but after applying on my face it just don't become a mask. what should i do?

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