How to Repair Kidney Damage – Home Remedies Proven to Work

How to Repair Kidney Damage – Home Remedies Proven to Work

Here’s the next big thing: expert endorsed,
all natural ways to repair kidney damage effectively, safely and quickly at home. Make some space in your kitchen and bathroom
cabinet for these exceptionally effective and inexpensive remedies. Hello and welcome, this is Katherine from
00Kidney! Subscribe now and stay always updated! In this video I’ll show you how to make the
best home remedies to repair kidney damages. First of all, why use home remedies when there
are plenty of drugs and pills out there? Those pills promise to alleviate your symptoms
and get you going again, but at what cost? It always surprises me this eternal faith
in pills I see in all those patients. Those people are convinced that the final
aim of the medicine is to heal them. But in countless cases the drug and pills
are just palliative care. They are only able to alleviate the symptoms. To make us feel a little bit better until
the next, very expensive, pill. And by the way, have you ever wondered why
you’re on that specific pain medication, or taking that specific brand instead of the
generic? Your doctor might not have been technically
bribed. But, there’s a chance he received a visit
by some big pharma rep and that, maybe, he received a gift, or some kind of incentive. This is what a recent study, published by
the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed. This practice is called detailing, and it
is not illegal. Doctor need to be informed on the pills they’re
prescribing, right? Another study, even more alarming if you ask
me, revealed that one out of every 12 doctors in the US has been receiving money from pharmaceutical
companies making opioids. This one was published in the American Journal
of Public Health. The more opioids those doctors were prescribing
the more money they got. The big question is, have all those payments,
and gifts, and detailing had an impact on what your doctor is prescribing you? I’m not trying to discredit doctors in general
here, I just want people to think. And to be informed about what they’re doing
and what their prescription drugs are. And it’s not only the big pharma that have
been caught red handed. When you look at what the food industry did
in the last decades you have the strong impression that they actually want people to become overweight
and unhealthy. I’m talking about all those low fat snacks
or yogurt or juices that commercials say are really good for losing weight but are packed
with sugar instead. So what should you do to take care of the
problem by yourself? Is there a better, safer alternative that
maybe you don’t know about, to repair kidney damages? Baking soda for example. This is one thing they don’t really tell you
about very often. ???Maybe because it is inexpensive and nobody
can make money from it? But, baking soda is really effective in repairing
kidney damage and can dramatically slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease. Why does sodium bicarbonate work so well for
your kidneys? A kidney damage increases your risk for a
condition called metabolic Acidosis. This causes protein wasting and bone mineral
problems. Not to mention that the excess acids further
damage the kidneys. Baking soda main ingredient, sodium bicarbonate,
helps balancing pH level in the body and avoid acidosis. This was proven in several studies. I’ve put some links in description if you
want to read deeper. Another item that should be present in every
kitchen: the kidney detox tea. A very easy and effective detox tea, made
from dandelion, Stinging nettle, Cranberry Juice and Apple cider vinegar. This works in three ways: depurative, thanks
to the increased water intake and the diuretic prerogatives of the herbs, anti-inflammatory
and antibacterial. I’ve made a video about it, watch it now for
the whole recipe: WAIT Bottom line? Always stay informed. If you’re watching this video you already
have made the first step to get better. Staying informed is the only way to avoid
getting caught in the gears of the system. This is all for today! If you liked this video, please like and subscribe! Feel free to ask any question in comment section
or in our blog Thank you for watching!

9 Replies to “How to Repair Kidney Damage – Home Remedies Proven to Work”

  1. I was wondering if this kidney detox is safe for a damaged kidney stages 3 to 5 please. Please help because I want to try it and do not wanna hurt them more. Thank you so much and stay blessed for the good work.

  2. Baking Soda is known as the poor man's cure. It is also available in tablets. Be sure to drink a full glass of water when you take it and avoid anything high in calcium, like milk or Tums.
    On the other hand my concern with the tea is this;
    The National Kidney Foundation warns patients to avoid Stinging Nettle.

  3. Please help, i have done check ups in near by clinic last month but isn't helping at all. The problem is i get severe pain in right side of the kidney and bladder as well when remained without drinking water for more than 4hrs approximately even at night. The severe pain would last for less than 2hrs until sufficient water is consumed and a kind of small amount of macus is passed away along with the urine.

    Earlier in the last month, Doctor said there in no kidney stone.
    Please help we have no proper medical facilities in the near by locality. Thank you.

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