How to Reverse Premature Graying of Hair Naturally

How to Reverse Premature Graying of Hair Naturally

While some people may enjoy the appearance
of grey hair, few people are happy about premature greying. However, it seems that people are being affected
by this condition at a younger age. While this is not a serious condition, it
can make you appear older than you really are. That is usually not something that makes people
happy. There are many potential causes of premature
greying: – Genetics
– Poor Nutrition – Hormonal
Imbalances -Chronic Stress – Pollution
– Strong Hair Products – Smoking There are also diseases that can
make it more likely for younger people to turn grey earlier. Hair turns grey when the body has a low level
of a chemical called melanin. Melanin is a pigment that causes your hair
to be your natural color. However, this chemical slows down over time,
and as it cannot keep up with your natural color, your hair will begin to fade to grey. However, there is no need to use harmful chemicals
in your hair to try and mask those grey hairs. Those toxins can possibly do more harm than
good on your head, hair, and scalp. In this video, you will learn of some natural 
remedies to help combat grey hairs. However, besides these natural cures, you
also need to  ensure that you are maintaining a healthy diet and a lifestyle that avoids
negative triggers and stressors. 1. Blackstrap Molasses Blackstrap molasses is a food that is high
in the mineral copper. Copper is known for having an important role
in producing your hair’s natural color. A food that is high in copper can help the
body produce more melanin to prevent the slowing of your hair color and help you maintain your
natural look. Blackstrap molasses also delivers up to fourteen
percent of your daily recommended dose of copper. It is high in other minerals, such as Selenium,
Magnesium, and Iron. All those minerals also support healthy hair. So, how does it work? Each morning, simply
ingest one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses. Continue this for a few months to see your
grey hair diminishing. 2. Indian Gooseberry The Indian gooseberry is known for treating
hair-related issues. It can help with greying of hair, dullness
of hair and loss of hair. This is because it is high in Vitamin C and
antioxidants that make your hair look fresh and young. There are two ways to use Indian Gooseberry
in the treatment of greying hair: – Eat it raw
– Apply Indian Gooseberry oil or pulp directly into your scalp and hair. 3. Henna Henna has been around for years. It was once used to color hair naturally. If used regularly, henna can make your hair
appear darker. It can condition your hair, as well, to leave
it looking strong and healthy. Henna is sold in most beauty shops. What you need: – Henna leaves
– Coffee powder – Plain yogurt How to do it: – Combine all ingredients.
– Spread the mixture evenly in your hair. Leave it a few minutes to allow it to dry
completely. – Once dry, wash your hair with shampoo as
usual. – This procedure should be done at least once
monthly. 4. Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil Coconut oil has many, many uses. One essential
use of coconut oil is that it can be utilized as an important hair product. Coconut oil can clean and nourish your scalp,
skin, and hair. It can add moisture to your hair, help with
hair growth and help to remove any germs from your hair. Not surprisingly, coconut oil can be used
to prevent grey hairs. Coconut oil can repair your hair and make
your strands shiny and in your own, natural color. To make your very own coconut oil hair remedy: – Combine coconut oil with fresh lemon juice.
– Simply massage the solution to your scalp and massage thoroughly.
– Leave the solution on your scalp and hair for at least one hour before shampooing, as
usual. – This should be done at least once a week. 5. Sage and Rosemary Who knew that you could cover grey hairs with
simple cooking ingredients? Sage and rosemary are known to darken your
hair and can mask grey hairs naturally. How to do it: – In one pot, place rosemary and sage leaves
in boiling water. – Boil for a few minutes, turn off the fire
and leave to cool for a few hours. – Make sure to strain the leaves before applying. This should be used only after shampooing. Leave the mixture on your scalp and hair for
at least 20 minutes and then rinse out to reveal your darker hair. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up
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100 Replies to “How to Reverse Premature Graying of Hair Naturally”

  1. I just use coconut oil. What i do is apply it in my hair and massage it through my roots. Then I leave it in for an hour. After that, I wash it all out with shampoo and conditioner. Can that help prevent or reverse grey hair?

  2. I've probably posted this at least three times now, but I love this station and the woman's voice. Also I really like the video script in the description. It is very useful and helpful!

  3. I'm 35 (turning 36 in a week) and I got mad greys, mostly from stress. I'm gonna try the blackstrap molasses for a month and report back.

  4. In the video they spell it "grey" and in the description it's spelt "gray". So what the hell is the correct way to spell it! Lol

  5. My frnds age is 17 and he has almost half hair is white.please tell me what is the method or medicine to reduce it.

  6. None of this stuff works once your hair starts going grey that's it…..nothing reverses it. So you either color it or leave it be and go with the flow.

  7. Do not pluck nor dye your white hair as it will be light for you whereas there's no light on the day of resurrection.

    Glory be to Allah. Lord of The Worlds.

  8. I am 25 and I tried dried gooseberry on my hair for 2 months, once every week.. It didn't work.. What do you suggest? Should I still keep doing it or increase its frequency from once a week to twice a week.
    Also tried henna, it turns grey hair to brownish but then makes hair too dry.

  9. Does lemon juice works? My granny use to tell that lemon is acidic tht turns hair white. I even tried I felt it increases greying hair. I have grey hair since i was 19.

  10. My remedy is a sure fix… I shave it all off. Wouldn't you know, the grey has vanished. A few grey strands down there? It's time to lather and shave. ; )

  11. I am 14 and I have mostly grey around the sides and most in the back. I begin to worry theres nothing for me to do…

  12. The only natural thing that will turn grey hairs back to its natural color is drinking about a gallon of distilled water per day for 60 to 90 days depending on your weight. Petite people maybe about 3/4 of a gallon. The water inside any natural fruit or vegetable is also distilled, so you can count that toward your daily amount. Distilled water is the scientific name for pure water. It has zero parts per million and has no chemicals, metals or rocks in it like tap water and bottled water. It dissolved 'inorganic minerals"from the body, not "natural minerals". It's truly the fountain of youth and it cleanses the body of junk and anything that the body doesn't need. Research Distilled Water, Earthing (Grounding) and Urine Thereby, you will be amaze at how healthy and better your life could be. I only speak from experience. And I've watched friends and family members appearance and health change right before my eyes. I personally only drink distilled water and people tell me I look 15 to 20 years younger… Esp without the greys hairs now. I'm 40.

  13. You said melanin, it isn't common knowledge but hemp oil helps melanocytes do what they do.
    Chem Biol Interact. 2017 Aug 1;273:107-114. doi: 10.1016/j.cbi.2017.06.005. Epub 2017 Jun 7.
    Cannabidiol upregulates melanogenesis through CB1 dependent pathway by activating p38 MAPK and p42/44 MAPK.
    Hwang YS1, Kim YJ2, Kim MO3, Kang M3, Oh SW3, Nho YH4, Park SH5, Lee J6.
    Author information

    Melanogenesis plays a critical role in the protection of skin against external stresses such as ultraviolet irradiation and oxidative stressors. This study was aimed to investigate the effects of cannabidiol on melanogenesis and its mechanisms of action in human epidermal melanocytes. We found that cannabidiol increased both melanin content and tyrosinase activity. The mRNA levels of microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF), tyrosinase, tyrosinase-related protein (TRP) 1, and TRP2 were increased following cannabidiol treatment. Likewise, cannabidiol increased the protein levels of MITF, TRP 1, TRP 2, and tyrosinase. Mechanistically, we found that cannabidiol regulated melanogenesis by upregulating MITF through phosphorylation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and p42/44 MAPK, independent of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)-protein kinase A (PKA) signaling. In addition, the melanogenic effect of cannabidiol was found to be mediated by cannabinoid CB1 receptor, not by CB2 receptor. Taken together, these findings indicate that cannabidiol-induced melanogenesis is cannabinoid CB1 receptor-dependent, and cannabidiol induces melanogenesis through increasing MITF gene expression which is mediated by activation of p38 MAPK and p42/44 MAPK. Our results suggest that cannabidiol might be useful as a protective agent against external stresses.

  14. Mortals are so fragile and pathetic….I love it! Look at Raiden, God of Thunder, He has white hair and is Immortal with Young Face and Body.
    You can reverse even at 60+…If that you desire, but not big deal…Skin, muscle, rest are more important for Youth.
    If have gray, white hair premature or not …doesn't mean you are aging faster.
    I saw a lot of people with cool skin, young face, body at 55+ that have gray/white hairs and others at 20 look like are rising from grave (I love undead, sort of…)
    I know people with almost none gray/white hair in 70+ and all by doing IFasting and so on…

  15. I have reversed my grey hair at 23. By drinking carrot and tomato juice regularly. I got 3 to 5 grey hair back to black per week.

  16. I found a few strands of grey hair and want to prevent my hair going grey as I get older, so these information are helpful. I don't think I'll use henna because I'm blonde.

  17. Damn… im 14 and I just found my first grey hair… my dad was had completely grey hair at age 34 and my grandma (on dads side) found her first at 15…

  18. For one correction. Hair doesn't turn grey, it turns white. Second correction is that I been taking 1 tablespoon of molasses for 3 months and my hair is just as white as it was.

  19. I'm only 13 and 40% my hair is grey it's ruining my life. I dont even have a friend st school

  20. Going gray and bald is happening at an earlier and earlier age and it is not normal or just aging. Next rime you are at the drugstore pay attention and notice that at least 2 shelves are filled with products for balding women. I watch a lot of British shows and was amazed at the number of women with bald patches and very wide hair parts. I think it's radiation exposure and lack of essential vitamins and minerals. It is a fact that we do not get enough copper or selenium in our diets – look it up.

  21. I got grey hair when i was young as 11 or 12 and now that Im 28 its getting worse so i have to dye my hair every month to hide grey hair Im not sure if i can still reverse it..Im thinking of trying Coconut oil ..Does someone used it and worked for them??

  22. Try:
    – mixing Cashew butter in your smoothies, cashews are a rich source of copper.
    – also try the 'Cocoa Noir' Henna from Lush.

  23. I was having some white hair since 13 I see sometimes 1…till …in just 4 months after being 29….I have so many white hair that causes me a bit panicked… maybe sudden stress? I felt a really bad heart stress last year…and maybe this is the cause?…

  24. Henna does not make soft hair is more damaging then permanent hair colour many people show me how look after henna colour hair like horse tail hard . Permanent colour need only one ever apply and hair be soft straight from first colour and stays permanent

  25. According to recent research: Hydrogen peroxide in your body, at your hair roots, bleaches (greys) your hair as it grows out. Catalase is an enzyme that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide at your hair roots.

    Guess what food has the most catalase? Liver. Why not do as your grandmother says: eat your liver.

  26. Good information provided, thanks,
    Try this too : make a paste out of trifala choornam(trifala powder- common ayurvedic medicine)
    And the part inside a mango seed plus dried curry leaf powder or fresh,
    (Dry the curry leaves in shade only)
    Make a paste suitable for application on hair.

    And eat curry leaves chatney powder,
    Process (chatney powder)available on you tube.

  27. I only got grey hair since working in crap job, now I take wheat grass and have daily wanks at work to relive stress.

  28. My mom found a strand of gray hair in my head, and I'm thinking it may be because of low iron in my blood (my doctor told me that I have low iron). Does that make sense?

  29. Please stop spreading misinformation! I've been using Henna for years and it DOES NOT reverse grey hair.I suffer from premature grey hair too and although I've been using it for years I've never witnessed any reverse.My hair keeps getting whiter and whiter as time passes by.I use it as a natural hair dye and it's so difficult that I want to give up because it never covers grey hair fully.Grey hair looks orange when you use henna to cover it. Stop spreading misinformation!

  30. I am 32 and my 90% hairs are grey .i want to know if I start applying onion juice on my scalp every week ,will it reverse my premature greying,as I have already started using dye on my hair will this work on my dyed hair also( I have seen people who dye their hair ,their rest of the hair also turns grey)

  31. The trouble is if you have gray hair and reach closer to retirement age at work other younger workers think you are "more" handicap
    if you can not wipe some of them off the list immediately.
    Start with "REAL" food, the type they ate in the 19th century.

  32. you can not change your genetic with tomato juice and carrot or any other way. You are not getting old. Your hair may turn gray earlier, so what? Just accept yourself and move on. You can dye your hair with henna. Don’t dye your hair with chemicals, it will create more white hairs. I recommend you all to use henna and indigo together. This is what I do. Besides these, technology can deviate and get better to be able to stop these white hairs. I hope it will. There are albinos who are cured right now. Let’s just hope. 🙏🏼

  33. I’m only 26. I’ll be 27 tomorrow and after 25 I got SOOOOO MUCH gray hair. It’s terrible. I must do something about it. I do have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disorder) / Hypothyrodism and anxiety/depression I’m sure it’s my thyroid. I just started back on the medicine

  34. Hope you guys know watching pornography lowers your testeroone and causes stress and is a factor of grey hair or should i say ejaculation

  35. I am fucking 18 and I got gray hair and it’s getting bad I don’t know what to do tbh and my dad or my mom didn’t get gray hair till 35-40

  36. Lol and this is wht Adam and Eve had to be black since not having melanin in your body certainly isnt being created perfect just sayin.

  37. The nice calm music makes all of this that much more belivable! After just a few hours I can already see the results!

  38. I've had grey hair since I was 12 and been bullied for having it since then, I have to dye it dark brown/black monthly, 5 years later and every doctor I've been to still doesn't know the cause or cure. I really hope there is one

  39. My dad used brylcream for years. Once he got in his 60's he stopped using the cream and here comes the gray. I think it's too late for me but I'm going to start the brylcream.

  40. Use true roots for stop grey hairs
    Drink 2 times amla jucie 20ml with 20ml water
    Do it for constantly 3 months
    And see the magic
    If u want to use color u can use
    Bigen men speedy hair color best

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