How to Start your Healthy Day || Ayurveda Lifestyle || Healthy Flavours

How to Start your Healthy Day || Ayurveda Lifestyle || Healthy Flavours

Ayurveda recommends an auspicious time one should wake up i.e Brahmamuhurta or saraswati Yamam (3 AM) Rising up on Brahma muhurta is best to attain brahma gyan,self analysis,eternal happiness and above all increases life span We have to wake up slowly by stretching the hands,legs and body like cats and dog does when they wake up All our senses are active. Deep sleep islike the state of being dead Dinacharya can be started by clean up. With cool water wash hands,face,mouth and eyes Ayurveda recommends how to brush your teeth using herbs like Neem, Lohdra, Kushta, Shakhotaka,Salvadora to stimulate gums and protect ename Rinse your mouth 2 or 3 times with water Abhyanga means massage the body with oil especially on Head, forehead, temples, ears and inner feet If needed simple exercises can be done. Exercise should be done according to ones body capacity and considering the climatic conditions During summer heat exercise can be avoided.Half of our body’s energy is needed to do exercise Doing over exercise will create adverse effect on the body Energy levels will be different from person to person. One should be extremely careful about this After exercise take some rest, then bathein water which is neither too hot or too cold After bathe first wipe your back not the head religious rituals if any can be practiced for some time after bathe Plan your day, students can start study, working persons can concentrate on their work, there by start our day with a productive morning Breakfast, Choose your food wisely depends on the three doshas. Food should be cooked on the same day. Start with sweet taste. Food should be chewed on normal speed,not too fast nor too slow. Do not talk while eating. Food should be served with love so that positive energy affects the minds emotional level and energize the spiritual level. Sattivic food is high in prana. Mind in annamaya and annam is brahma

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