How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite : How to Use An Extractor to Remove Snake Venom

How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite : How to Use An Extractor to Remove Snake Venom

Hi, I’m Ginger Black. I’m a professional snake
handler with Expert Village. Okay. We have our pseudo snake bite victim here who was
prepared enough to bring his Sawyer extraction kit with him. Inside the kit you have a cheat
sheet telling you what you can use this kit for. There are sting relief pads for bee and
ant stings, things to that effect. Alcohol prep pads. A couple of Band-Aids. The extractor
itself. The tips that belong in it. And a razor. You want to begin by taking one of
your alcohol prep pads and very gently cleaning the bite location. Your razor. You want to
very gently shave around the bite location to remove any hair there. Remove your extractor.
And, choose a tip that is an appropriate size for the wound. You want something that will
cover both punctures from the fangs. If the snake was too large to do with one tip, you
may need two extraction kits. You’ll pull the plunger back on the extractor. Put the
tip on the end. Place it over the puncture wounds. And push the plunger in. This draws
the skin up into the tip and will suck blood and venom from the victims skin. You don’t
want to leave it on anymore than thirty seconds at a time. To remove it, simply pull the plunger
out. Take it off. Clean the site again with a prep pad. Clean the kit. And, replace it.
Go through the whole process again. You want to do this as many times as possible within
the first five minutes after the bite.

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  1. One is going to die and you guys are making videos with him….😞😞


  3. Boii he's over laying agents a tree about too pass out, and she's still talking "bleh bleh bleh"
    he's like hello I'm over here I'm about to die, and the way he looks at her he's like "girl I'm dieing, someone get someone that would
    actually help me!!" R.I.P

  4. Just to inform anyone, and hopefully everyone. Not being rude to any of the people in the vid. But, extractors don't work, and can make the bite even worse. I hope anyone who gets close to dangerous snakes knows that.😀

  5. A professional making a profit off of false hope? You need you're licenses pulled and to be thrown out on you're ass from whatever position you are currently holding.

  6. I don't believe this would help even if that cheap stuff you could get in a drug store was free. If it did work, ya sure as hell wouldn't need an antiseptic wipe! Way too late for that!

  7. She should just have said we are going to show a demonstration and simply viewers can Understand her though she is going a wonderful job for snake bit preventive measures. Hats off but the viewers are thinking in other way…

  8. lol….u were leaving the person to die ….the venom's bite is so dangerous that the person will die …save him …

  9. I know this is old, but as someone else already said in here, there is evidence proving these things to be completely useless and in some cases to cause more damage.

  10. Bullshit! You cannot extract venom from a bite. They discontinued this antiquated practice decades ago. Seriously, folks, Don't be inbred idiots. Get to a Doctor right away. you cannot treat the bite, yourself.

  11. Please mention this needs to be done on way to hospital and immediately after the bite, this is only to stop more venom from reaching the bloodstream, the venom that hits the bloodstream for haemotoxins and nerves for nerve toxins would start the damage

  12. If anybody uses this device, and survives a bite from a snake, you didn't survive because of this device, you did probably because it either wasn't a lethal snake to humans, or the snake missed the vein/artery, and got to a hospital before enough of it reached your bloodstream, or the snake didn't give you very much venom, but probably that last one. Venom is stored in glands, and depending on the size of the target, they'll change the amount of venom injected. And when it comes to biting something as large as a human, venomous snakes will frequently not inject any venom at all, or just a very small amount, because they know they'll never get you down their throat, so there's no point in wasting a days worth of venom on you, when they know you'll probably fuck off after just a bite. I haven't seen a single expert village video that isn't at least 30% bullshit, pisses me off that people come to you assholes for information, and you just feed them opinionated crap, and improperly tested 'Life saving' equipment. How about all you 'Idiocracy village' folks line up with some Coral snakes and/or Black Mambas, show them any of your videos to help piss them off, and test your product out for in your next video for us! Thanks you guys! Looking forward to it! As I'm sure everyone else is.

  13. thats very nice can remove the venom a little bit temporarely,.its better do something b4 its too late..the hospital is very par.

  14. DON'T EVER use something like this for a snake bite…. those snake bite kits ain't worth a shit….
    Get to a hospital and get Crofab or Ani-Vip ASAP… antivenom should be started within the first few hours after a bite, the longer it takes to start an antivenom treatment the less effective the treatment is going to be

  15. These were tested by the United States Department of Defense and REJECTED because they DID NOT WORK!! If you do not believe me, contact your local hospital’s emergency room and ask them. Don’t waste valuable time – get them medical assistance!

  16. I believe this stuff was deemed ineffective decades ago even though it once was standard practice !

  17. I really need one of these because I spend a lot of my free time most days wandering around the desert looking for agate and such. I almost stepped on a diamondback that was sunning itself this morning and years ago stepped over one that even struck but didn't get me when hiking. 3rd times a charm so I need to get one of these things.

  18. Not only blood it also effects nerves , paralysis ….. aka neurotoxin my favorite is black mamba best describe in movie killbill 2

  19. I don’t think the kit actually works anyway. I’ve been told by medical professionals that they are useless.

  20. Wrong information, you will never suck the venom out from the victim's body. Please remove your video before someone dies.

  21. ya I never understood the whole cleeean it…put a bandaid on it..  Sorry but if a rattlesnake bites me that suction thing is going on fast dirty or not..

  22. No evidence it would help but I suppose it might not make it worse …unless it does …but why bother when doctors don't even use such? I would think if it worked for anything it might be for a narcotizing venom (like brown recluse spider bite} if IMMEDIATELY employed …it seems reasonable that IF one could get a certain percentage of the venom out of the tissue that there might be less damage ultimately? But I mean fangs go deep and venom disperses in the tissues…HOW are you gonna force it to come back out? Probably are not going to get more than insignificant trace percentage back out and risk even worse infection for messing with it?

  23. What if you apply the suction cup while you are waiting for the fire department to arrive? Can't hurt, can it? What if you have packed two days into the Rocky's and get bit. Do you lie still and wait to fucking die, or do you at least apply some suction? I mean, what the hell it can't make things worse.

  24. That product is worse than useless for snakebites. I would suggest they make that pump about four times bigger, then it might sell as a penis pump.

  25. I love how this video is full of frivolous college students pretending like they know everything cause they read a outdated pubmed article FROM 2004! I know that you shouldn't rely on a suction pump to get something as deep as a snake bite out but the armchair scientists need to fucking stop with the "only rely on medical professionals" bullshit. Medical professionals (especially doctors of pretty much any kind) exist for one thing alone: To make money from your lack of health and your perception that they are making it better. I'd sooner die from a fucking snake bite than go into eternal debt because of emergency room bills. if i'm calm and have a working extractor on hand you can bet your ass that im going to give a try at extracting it.

  26. You are no professional….teaching people to use an extractor. They are NOT appropriate treatment for venomous snakebites! Expert DOCTOR'S who specialize in snake envenomations say get to hospital. They know extractor kits, snake "repellents", and cutting and sucking do nothing. Read, contact reputable doctor's who have extensive training in envenomations, before you go around posting videos with false information, that can cost someone time, tissue and maybe their life!!!

  27. It dose remove some venom, you yes it is worth trying well you are on your way to the doctor, to sit there and say dont try this at all is very dumb, not all bites go deep you should know this.

  28. How many people would rather choose to go through the pain, and potential death, rather than having to pay the $60,000-80,000 bill, for 3-5 small vials of antivenom? (Not including the hospital bill).
    Rattlesnakes: Copperheads are the least venomous. Mojave rattlesnake: If it's not a a dry bite, then antivenom is a must! West Pacific Rattlesnake? Good luck getting the correct antivenom for them. They have many different sub species. Generally for those guys, the hospital will give you fluids, under observation, instead of the antivenom. In any bite, They will give you stuff to help you feel better, and reduce the inflammation. Though that treatment can arrest your heart and breathing somewhat. So they have to be prepared to counteract that. And that's what the observation is for.
    Many people in Arizona get bitten, and wait it out for hours, until the pain becomes unbearable, and go to the hospital. At that point, the antivenom will have little effect, as its effect has already peaked. So they treat them other ways. But yes they survive.
    Oh, and interesting thing: If you startle a snake, then less venom is injected.
    If you step on a snake, then more/all is injected. And unless you are a big guy, you will probably die without the antivenom…..Well, I am guessing that part, but it makes sense. Hopefully you won't need 5 vials, and your insurance eventually covers 3/4 of the bill. Either way: Happy Debt!

    True fact: antivenom producers, charge the hospital $900 (or at least used to be) for each vial or rattlesnake antivenom. The hospitals turn it around, and charge $14,000-$20,00 per vial.
    Now the antivenom is freeze dried, so the shelf life should be several years. so the hospitals aren't taking a risk there. One of the reasons for the expense, is the the lack of competition in the antivenom market.
    Also true that the makers keep some of smaller details in the processes of how it's made a secret, so that they can continue to keep this facade alive.
    Anyhow, there currently is research being done on universal antivenom for all snakes, and divisions, and even plant based cures, that can be patented.
    Hopefully, the pre insurance bill will end up being less than the hospital stay.
    By the way, in Mexico, a vial of antivenom is $100-200. Great country, the USA that I live in.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that it's the side effects, when the body is destroying the venom, that does the real damage, where the cells attack the body, in a form of sepsis.
    I guess you could lose some fingers, or an arm, even have some organ damage, if not properly treated.
    Personally, I don't know of the amputee statistics, so I'll have to update later on that one.

  29. No first aid program or medical doctor will advise you to do this.
    This is as bad as homeopathic medicine and essential oils, cupping.

  30. Hello ,I would like to give my scientific instructions and my words are not for you good lady it's aimed for the Red cross.Hi Red Cross organisation I knew one of the greatest successful theories in this life that is teaching people even after the product is sealed to the market worldwide.This Aspivenin is incomplete to extract the venom you know the peeling of sunflower mixed with Ionic salt should be inserted as capsules inside the transparent part so you can say that it must be double sided 'I guess you must know this theorem' and you greedy cross where is venoms toxin syringe not only that 2 syringes there is a third the paracetamol antibiotic with pain relief .I found this product very expensive in asians market online where do shareholder and stock holder go I am spending 99% of my live income as taxes to your boards Mr&Mrs.Red Cross,shame on you.

  31. Please stop sharing wrong information instead of helping people with right info !!!! In case of snake bite with any highly venomous like cobra or viper you should clean the bite point and call medical services immediately ! You don't have to much time maybe about 30 min in case of cobra bite neurotoxin there is possiblity of paralysis! And you can't even talk after less than ten min ! So time is gold
    Call the medical services and if you are venomous snake keep and the snake is not your local snake make sure that you have at least 5 does of the right antivenom! Because for example if you keep black mamba in Europe the hospital is not responsible about that and they don't have antibodies so get by your self

  32. This may be ok for USA but it’s garbage for Australian elapids whose venom moves through the lymphatic system. Use Australian first aid snakebite knowledge.

  33. How come the physician experts tend to say not to use it because it doesn’t work and even say it might be harmful by messing with the tissue in that area?

  34. I have been bitten {{ a wet bite from a Western Diamond Back {{ my own fault reached down between two bales of hay to pick up a bridle.. wupp… he had me no rattle was heard…. luckily we carry anti rattler venom serum on our ranch {{{ deep southern Arizona you need protection before being hospitalised i was in there for 2 weeks ….. pain was excruciating even with injection immediately….. …Edwin J Thompson……………….Ed

  35. Bandage your extremity all the way up to the joint connected to your main body, make sure it's not cutting off blood circulation, believe it or not that's the last thing that you want. Do not wash the bite, they will immediately swab and run tests to make sure that you or indeed bitten by a certain snake and they can give you the correct Anti-Venom, stay as calm as possible, call 911 immediately, sometimes they'll come to you, sometimes you'll need somebody else to drive you and worst case scenario you're the one that has to take yourself to the hospital.
    Stay as calm as possible, it gives you a lot more time, Venom attacks the lymphatic system, so when the Venom actually does start taking effect, if you follow these basic rules, there's actually a really really good chance that you're going to make it out.
    Don't use kit like this, it is complete waste of time, the Venom is already entered the bloodstream and it takes so very very little to cause harm .

  36. Aren’t you supposed to not wash the bite area so the doctor can identify what snake bit you and what anti venom to use

  37. Venom spreads through the lymphatic system not blood stream this is completely in effective I stopping that

  38. At first you should tie hard his arm above his wounds to stop venom circulating in other parts of the body.

  39. These things are junk. They don’t work. Already been proven that it takes out 1 to 2 percent and sometimes none. A professional snake handler should know this

  40. The instant the snake injects venom, it goes straight into the bloodstream. No amount of "sucking" is going to get it out. You're wasting precious minutes by using this gimmick. Get to a hospital.

  41. This is sooo wrong..your almost NEVER supposed to suck venom out IN ANY WAY and DONT use a tourniquet unless you want to lose a limb from tissue damage. You stay calm and seek Mexican attention

  42. It's impossible to suck out venom , it gets diffused within seconds. You will be responsible for many deaths.

  43. This kit will work for neurotoxic venom but won't do much for haemotoxic venom. Most aggressive snakes have haemotoxic venom. Some blood clots will still be circulating in the body and it remains a threat until the clots are naturally removed by the body. This takes a few weeks. If the victim is unlucky then he or she may die a few days later.

  44. Hmmmm. Is Sawyer paying you to say this? All the Comments on Amazon say that once the venom hits your bloodstream there’s no way this kit can help. Only an ER or medical facility can. Commenters do say it works for spider bites, mosquitos, hornets, bees, yellow jacket, etc.

  45. The first five minutes after a bite you need to be seeking medical attention. This product is a money grabbing scam that will not remove the venom from your body. Please don't waste what little time you have after a snake bite by using this garbage product.

  46. It's impossible to suck venom out of the bite not even 10 seconds after the bite the only thing that helps is to apply pressure bandages and get to the hospital immediately

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