How to take antibiotic correctly

A study looked at a population with a sore
throat 246 patients in the study were treated
with antibiotics and 230 patients were prescribed rest and fluid after three days 37% of those treated with antibiotics were feeling better and 35% of those treated with rest and fluid were feeling better What conclusions can be drawn from this study? The population that took the antibiotics
are only marginally better off than those who only took rest and fluids This is because most sore throats are caused by viruses and antibiotics do not work on viral infections Viral infections and also many mild
bacterial infections tend to get better on their own without
the need for antibiotics A second population has a bacterial
infection which requires antibiotics 95 patients take antibiotics
for 10 days whereas 96 patients only take
antibiotics for seven days At the end of the course of antibiotics
the reoccurrence of the infection was assessed 18% of those who took antibiotics
for 10 days had a reoccurrence of infection whereas 31% of those who only
took antibiotics for seven days had a reoccurrence What conclusions can be drawn from this
study? Those who only took antibiotics for seven days had a greater chance of the infection reoccurring as bacteria was still present in their bodies The bacteria remaining in the body is
also at risk of becoming antibiotic-resistant due to the exposure of lower concentrations of the antibiotic where the infection is It is important to take the full course
of antibiotics and exactly as prescribed by your doctor to remove all harmful bacteria present in your body Otherwise your infection may come back
and you encourage the emergence of more resistant bacteria

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