How to tell if the palpitations you are getting are serious or not

How to tell if the palpitations you are getting are serious or not

Hello my name’s Sanjay Gupta I’m a
cardiologist in York and today I thought I’d do a little video on the
subject of palpitation, palpitations are really common symptom that I see in my
clinic and majority of palpitations are not serious, the big worry when people
experienced palpitation is whether they may have a heart rhythm disturbance even
if they have a heart rhythm disturbance most heart rhythm disturbances are not
serious so that’s a little bit of reassurance the first thing I’d like to
talk about is what is a palpitation I suppose the palpitation is a awareness of one’s heart beat to the
extent that it feels abnormal so the heart could be beating normally but is
sensed abnormally now there are many normal causes of palpitations so for example if you were walking down
a dark alley in someone jumps out that would cause palpitation that would cause
the heart to beat very fast and that would be spelled as a palpitation the bet
doesn’t signify a problem with the heart itself the heart is just doing what it’s
meant to do it’s beating closed in response to the adrenaline that
circulate around the body similarly anxiety stress can cause publication publication people who drink a lot of
caffeine alcohol can cause palpitation exercise can obviously so these are the
kind of sort of normal things that can cause palpitations we don’t see anything
to be worried about then there are various heart rhythms that can various
abnormal heart rhythms and one of the first thing to try and work out whether
the publication is just because of something else or whether it’s an
intrinsic part of the problem and there are a few things that very few clues
that you can get if your publication of mainly occurring when you also lying in
bed you know her lying down after a busy day in the early morning when you’re
still in bed than that signifies that it’s unlikely to be a heart rhythm
disturbances don’t look at the time of day they can occur at any time when
you’re getting the maddest certain time every day then you you know this could
be reflective of stress that you may or may not be aware of a lot of people who
are going through a breakup or something like that will experience the opposition and
they’re locked and come to me and say well I you know I don’t notice it at all
during the daytime but when I come back home and I lie in bed then I notice
issues sometimes I wake up in the early hours and I tell them that you know I
think this is less likely to be a hundred that disturbs the second thing
to watch out for is the onset you know if your heart rhythm of publications are
gradual onset and that’s less likely to be a heart rhythm disturbance heart
rhythm disturbances just like that and and they’ve been very sudden onset and they’re generally very sudden
offsets that when they go away just within a few seconds within a second whereas people who have
another cause such as stress or anxiety than the offset is much slower there are
other things to be aware of the the rich that the heart is beating out is
important because usually you know if the heart is beating a hundred and sixty
beats per minute then that’s more likely to be a heart rhythm disturbance but not
always and irregularities really important so
worried about your publications always work working out whether the heart
rhythm is regularly it’s a regular rhythm it’s generally less likely to be
a hard rhythm disturbance although there is there are a few episodes which can be
regular but they tend to be very fast onset and sudden lots that what else I think it’s important things now it
does in association with chest discomfort or if there’s an association
with blackouts or something else then that’s obviously serious and it’s
important to get that checked out I want to just check out a few beats of
different competition just so you know so let’s check them out became the first one is the normal
heartbeat again you will notice that it’s nice and slow and nice and regular
ok now the second one is something called atrial fibrillation which is when
the top two chambers of the heart the atria stopped working that’s an abnormal
heart rhythm it’s not a dangerous heart rhythm it’s an intermediate does carry
with it small risk of causing strokes but it is
always worth getting checked out if you’re experiencing something like this
and then you can see that that that was normal
and then suddenly became phones and became irregular and then went off
that’s typically relation ok here’s another one and this is called in
Escherichia supraventricular tachycardia and this is a more common heart rhythm
disturbance and younger people’s all those can occur in older people as well
but generally some people can habit from a very young age again it’s not a
serious problem it’s an inconvenient problem it’s worth checking out because
it can now be cured very few things in medicine that we
actually but this is one of them say it’s well worth checking out who will
work getting checked out if you experience of the day so normal hundred
themselves and then suddenly out says here again now on this occasion you
can notice that it was sudden it was very fast and then the office it was a
lot of people will actually find that’s you know pressing on your eyeballs are
holding your nose and then blowing out pressing on your neck back and get rid
of these symptoms and there’s a typical vagal maneuvers that people use them
they don’t even realize they’re actually doing something so often I see people in
a way so that the whole market an sdt the most common type of altercation I
experienced my neck when I see patients is this so people will say they get this see what happens here is that will
people are experiencing is normal and then something missus and then a big
thought and that again that’s typically extra beats beats and then usually not
dangerous and most people will find the most noticeable at rest and not when
they’re doing things that actually if you’re getting this in the middle of the
night and you’re worried about it if you go for a brick wall you’ll find that
gets rid of it all together these everyone gets extra beat some people
just noticed them a little bit more than others so those are the main types of
heart rhythm just now if you getting harsher them disturbance what should you
do well if you’re getting something that is making you feel very very
uncomfortable then it’s always worth just calling an ambulance going to
hospital otherwise most of the times you could wait till the next day and go and
see your GPU GPS should take a history and then ideally organized because the
answer is to capture the heart rhythm disturbance when you’re getting your
symptoms on an ECG if the heart rhythm is normal of the CG then that’s that
answers that question disturbance and there are various
bonuses that are available 24 hours under seven days there’s others that you
can keep on for four to six weeks ended really depends on how frequent symptoms
are and where they used to do the frequent enough of the monitors marks sometimes the easiest thing is
just to come to casualty happen ECG there and then answer your questions if
if your GP’s concerned he’ll probably want to send you to a cardiologist like
me what should I do well I always start off St just trying to work out from the
history as to what the symptoms they represent could represent I don’t listen
to the horses and then I organized the baseline ECG is normal then that’s
encouraging there’s always again really good to try and trap those publications
on an ECG monitor so I normally give my patients in ECG monitor to wear for one
day or sometimes a week I also think it’s really useful to scan the heart
because if you scan the card and you find that the heart just dropped room or
Linux comp well and it’s not disease did anyway then that’s generally a very good
sign and no matter what the publications of the prognosis is very good most publications are eminently
treatable now and should be really no cause for concern or you know last
night’s some of them easily controlled with tap dance until Jen need any
medication whatsoever and some of them are actually a meaningful legacy cheese that’s about it really and this little
video was useful to you if you have if you’d like to know more about me but why
do and more about heart health and peace deal reached this is my websites which
is an alternative you can also bring me if you would like to organize if you
have any concerns or thank you very much for listening and goodnight

100 Replies to “How to tell if the palpitations you are getting are serious or not”

  1. I've had 3 SVT episodes in my life (260+ bpm), twice required them to stop my heart and restart it. My last one I was able to blow through a straw and get it to calm down but it was over 260 beats per minute for well over an hour before it came down. So I have two questions.
    1. Is a heart rate that high for that long dangerous?
    2. Every time it's happened within an hour or two of waking up and every time it has been when I bend over so what in the world could be causing that? (Burping helps bring it down)
    It's so scary and sometimes I just feel like my heart will stop.
    I've seen several cardiologists and they seem to be no help what so ever. I refuse to take meds but I'm to tired of worrying when it will come back. Can you help me please?

  2. I was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and I’m on 160 mg of sotalol twice a day and I still get SVTs constantly. 8-12 times a day. Sometimes they last seconds others last minutes and hours. It’s so annoying. I get extremely dizzy when I am getting one. Vagal maneuvers don’t work always either. It’s taken 10 hours for doctors to even get rid of some of mine. I’m 33 weeks pregnant so they are waiting for a catheter ablation. I have an event monitor for a month now. ?

  3. I experience missed beats very frequently. Sometimes multiple times a day. Since 7-8 years. I have had echos, ecgs and they all come out normal. Maybe Im just more aware of them? It is very scary.

  4. I also have a serious problem my heart is very painful and i feels like heaviness can't feel parpiting and i had this dizziness used some remedies and still wont go away I can't even eat properly because of the pain and I've been in my doctor said perfectly fine my blood pressure even blood test xray they see nothing urine also normal but the pain still there I am getting nervous panic worried that might something wrong.

  5. I went to the doctor having heart palpitations and I almost had a heart attack but afterwards they just sent me home I didn't have to talk to a cardiologist what kind of bs is that I don't feel safe at all I feel like my heart is gonna fucking explode

  6. I've had palpitations with chest pain for about 3 and a half years now. I had my first ones when I was 12 and they lasted about two hours. My parents took me to A&E but by the time we could see a doctor they were over and the doctor basically sent us straight back home. Ever since then I've continued to have them, and last year I started occasionally losing my vision for 10 seconds plus when they occured so I waited 3 months for one hospital appointment because of the NHS, and basically got told to have more salt, which I have done and nothing has changed. From the video they have all been like SVTs. And honestly, at the time I was relieved that the doctor said it was nothing serious but it's at a point where I don't understand why I keep losing my vision for no apparent reason, and it's become quite scary, I'm nearly 16, and get about 5 hours of physical activity done a week, and my diet is fairly balanced, and honestly, I just want somebody to explain to me what is going on because I don't know what to believe anymore.

  7. ive been getting heart "flutters" whenever I lie down. drives me nuts. i've had palpitations since my twenties, so 30 years now, but again they have gotten worse and now when I lie down – didn't used to do this. i also get lightheaded sometimes. worried.

  8. I have always been more aware of my heartbeat. So i count it multiple times a day. Which makes it worse! It feels like my heart has skipped a beat, it scares me so much cuz it can happen all day, or at least once a day. But I feel burping helps.

  9. You actually seem like you know you’re game. I’m an RN … most cardiologists around my area are too busy to take a good history of the patients.

  10. I have moderate mitral valve regurgitation with episodes of SVT that I have to cough to get a normal rate back. It terrifies me. I do take 125 mg of tenormin daily. Yet I still get ectopic beats and SVT

  11. Thanks for the video, doc. I’d like to
    share my situation and get yours (and others) opinion while I wait for a cardiologist appointment that never seems to get closer. I’m a 31 y/o male who sometimes gets PVCs after exercise or anything that is strenuous. Never during that I can tell. The pvcs are completely asymptomatic, I’ve never had any other complaint aside from just feeling them. They can sometimes not show up at all after working out or show up 5 minutes after or later. Sometimes they last for 2 minutes or for several hours. A lot of articles I read suggested that getting them after exercise was ominous opposed to in rest. I’d also like to point out that my heart rate would be normal when I’d still get them, as in low 60s and I’d get occasional pvcs. I had a stress test in 2017 prior to having them and was told I was very low risk of any cardiac disease, but what I’ve read online sounds very disconcerting. Just wondering your thoughts, thanks again.

  12. Hi Dr, please allow me to share my situation, i am 39 years old very active who stoped training for two month and decided to go back to train after a long holiday
    i went for a walk for first two days and on the third day i thought its time for me to start jogging, i start jogging for the first 10 minutes with a very smooth regular heart rate (140bpm) as i can see through the monitor and suddenly i experience my heart went so fast up to (180-200bpm) my monitor went red for almost 15 second and went down to (140bpm)i stoped immediately and continued walking till i lowered my heart rate to 90bpm.
    i visited a cardiologest the next day they started to do an ECG, Heart scan, treadmill test and halter to monitor the heart for 24 hours.
    all the result was fine and the heart condition is good. i am so worried to go back and train now to avoid experiencing the same.
    what you think is the cause of the heart speeding and may you advice what i should do or other test i should carry.


  13. Hello doctor I feel like I have what you called extra heart beats .but this happens at rest and when I am anxious to.i have gotten an ekg and a echocardiogram both look good ..should I investigate this further or let it be .they seem to be very scary to me cause all of a sudden it's like I can feel my heart stopping and then beating fine

  14. Thank you doctor. I've been diagnosed with sinus arryhthmia more accurately sinus tachycardia with the scans and ecg showing up clear. I was a bit worried that what I have might kill me despite having a large array of test come out negative. This video cleared my mind a lot. So thank you ❤️

  15. I have a sqeaky leaking sound. I got the same thing one time getting blood taken and the nurse said she was on a valve. Well I get the same sound from time to time. Laying down they said it was acid reflux. But I don't have symptoms of acid reflux

  16. If a person has bigeminy? Even if it isn't a danger, but clearly something that isn't correct. Anyway to normalize the heart beat even when the heart hasn't stopped and needs a reboot? Lol.

  17. Glad for this video. good insight as I had concerns with my heart this week that caused me to freak out and go full on vegetarian for a week due to weird heart beats on and off.

  18. i have PVCs and an awful family history of heart problems. i’ve been to the hospital and i’m going again in 2 weeks for more tests wish me luck!!

  19. Hi doctor am experiencing palpitation from 3 years n thought am dying !!! Sometimes I got it in my sleep or any time during the day !! Already done several ECG test !! But doctor said my heart is normal !! But the problem is when I get palpitation my bp raise !! Somestime its goes up to 16/8 !! N feel dizzy …N when take inderal 10mg its OK !!!am really does know wat is happening !!if u can help me please !! Thx

  20. So I am 35 years old (quite successful Asian, running a family business here in Islamabad/China), and from the age of 26 I've been using cocaine hydrochloride, and alcohol recreationally. Recently, I have noticed waking up in the morning with palpitations, on the left side of my chest, it is quite perturbing. Some years ago I had an ECG and nothing came back. My friend is a GP I haven't told him about the usage of cocaine hydrochloride as I fear he might stop my medication i.e, Valium and Codeine. So my palpitations are like fluttering, and sometimes a hard heartbeat, no pain but of course I haven't told them about my cocaine usage. Maybe it's time to put the coke down? My GP thinks it's fine (which probably it is) but I know something he doesn't i.e, that I snort about 2 grams of coke during the end of the week and about 30 units of alcohol as well. I use the Valium to prevent a comedown/hangover while on my binges during the weekend.

    My job used to be extremely stressful, as a single mistake could have made me go bankrupt, so after work in the bed, I would be thinking about if I have done everything correctly, and just going through everything in my head.

  21. Sir kindly tell me if stifness, pain n numbness in left arm( with sometimes palpitations n sometimes not) are also symptom of anxiety .

  22. When I smoke marijuana, my HR goes up to 145 for 30 min then drops too about 100. I have an Even rhythm and my At home EKG says Tachycardia.

  23. My heart skips a beat here and their too and its scary and then i go into a panic mode and of course my heart starts raising after that because i get really scared. I have been to the Urgent Care so they can get it checked Dr find nothing I also got a 24 hours Holter Monitor and found nothing but they don't happen every day :/ hopefully my next Dr. visit I can get my them to do a Event Monitor test for at least 2 weeks and they can see what I really feel. I know i'm low on vitamin D and have been taking over the counter medicine. Can it be that? 🙁 ugh this sucks .. this stresses me out and makes me really sad and lots of bad things get into my head.

  24. When I’m doing sports and I stop and take a breaks my heart just starts racing out of no wear then stops after 10 seconds and goes back to normal

  25. Thank you! Now that I’m getting help with cptsd, no meds, the palps are so alarming! I can make them go away with breathing and meditation. Cardiologist is not worried but to put my mind to rest we r doing a echo and monitor. This explanation helps so much ??✌️❤️

  26. I have to tell you my palpitations were so bad and so chronic I felt like I couldn't breathe…cardiologist said tons of PACs but nothing could be done…fast forward a few years and I noticed my ferritin went from 38 to 206…doctor said normal but I felt like I was rusting from the inside..I started blood letting by donating 2 cups of blood at the blood bank…I noticed within the first week my palpitations seemed less, and just yesterday I realized I never have palpitations,anymore…ever…I will go every 3 months now..iron even a bit too much drastically affects heart rhythm..I wonder if it might be the underlying cause of Afib too, the mystery arrhythmia. I listed to Dr. Levy's video about ferritin levels and because of him I started blood donation….interesting isnt it? Thank you for your videos

  27. Thank you. You just confirmed that caffeine can cause palpitations. I noticed getting them after drinking
    Certain coffees such as instant cooffee.

  28. Im going to the heart dr mine is all screwed up since i was diagnosed with low thyroid , it fluters, skips beats , races at night i get faint & dizzy when i do house work , or bend over , i can stand in one place and feel like im going to fall out like my heart stops for a second my regular dr is an ass i told him all this he just ignored me if i croke im hauntin his but you can bet that

  29. Sir, i have palpitations from few weeks and i have gastritis i burp all day long and i feel discomfort in the chest while i lie down…i took chest xray ecg and thyroid test…everything is normal but palpitations are not stopping pleasee help me

  30. I was getting palpitations all the time then I cut down to one coffee a day and they stopped.

  31. I don't know how to thank you enough. I suffer from terrible bigeminy PVC's with chest pain and am on beta.blockers. I had the whole slew of tests done revealing mitral valve prolapse with mild regurgitation but was told structurally my heart was sound and not to worry, but not one Cardiologist explained what was actually happening like you just did so I thank you so very much. God bless you. I wish you were my Cardiologist.

  32. Having a tachycardia as a result of having an Asthma attack is the worst feeling ever. It can last 24/7 during the attack or even having mild cold or flu that lead to chest infection and affecting tachycardia to rise to 120 at rest and 140-150 at simple daily tasks like walking around the house, climbing and ascending the stairs. Even taking Beta Blocker won’t help when an acute asthma exacerbation happens for few days.

  33. I wish more Docs would do this.. provide examples and show you what could be an issue (Ive decided my problem is NOT as bad as what I thought after seeing this) but a doctor I know..and sadly seen..all she has on Youtube is her dancing to her friend playing Ukulele…ffs

  34. can i ask you if its normal that i have palpitations im tapering off propanolol 10 mg 3 times a day but my anxiety is getting high when i got palpitation

  35. Every so often my heart starts pounding for a few seconds and it feels like bubbles are going through my heart.

  36. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing or what time of day or night, my heart rhythm changes every few minutes all day every day. BPM’s go from 60s to 30s back to 60s every couple minutes. My BP goes from 110/70 to 95/55 then back again as my HR changes. I’m at a loss…

  37. very helpful but wondrred: my heart beats faster than. your topping (normal) mine from 70s to now 80s but can beats go faster as we become older seniors (I'm latter 67)?

  38. Do you want a challenge ?? I've been told I have Inappropriate sinus tachycardia and a concealed pathway possible WPW, there has been clear evidence of pre excitation but an ep study couldn't trigger my arrhythmia, I also get runs of eCtopic beats, can you cure me ? nobody has been able to ! Its ruined my life.

  39. York Cardiology – What if there is a heavy feeling in my chest or shortness of breath? I get them sometimes but goes up to 150 for about 10 min. Same fast beat, not uneven beats. Last time I felt the heaviness in my chest so I got scared. But I was hungover. I do have mild anxiety but don’t get them at those times. I will be laying down. They come on very sudden

  40. I just feel my hearth beats all the time, but ryth is normal and number of beats are just correct, around 60 with no activities… i cant sleep normal bcoz of that, i get chest discomfort as i cant get enough breath … ekg shows no irregularities… could it be stress??

  41. Hi Dr. Gupta

    I’ve noticed that after exercise (pretty intense Crossfit type exercise) I get what feels like a “skipped beat” heart rhythm which lasts for about 10 minutes then it subsides.

    No pain at all.
    Just a skipped heart rhythm.

    I’m 42, a non smoker and my max heart rate when exercising is around 170/180 bpm.

    Is this something I need to be concerned about?

  42. Love this video very helpful…I've had rapid heartbeat, thinking it was heartattack…but my doc had prescribed prednisone which increased my heart rate and then anxiety kicked in and my heart rate went to 155 bpm….since that I have anxiety from the scare and have had 2 episodes of rapid heart rate but only at night….my doc said this is anxiety but I'm thinking what if it's not….what if I have a SVT? My doc said my EKG showed normal rhythm just rapid….so that's a good sign I guess…..

  43. Doc, my GP took an ECG on me and it showed an extra beats on the screen. He didn’t seem concerned but I would think A follow up with a cardiologist would be wise. Can you offer any insight? He took the test because I was complaining of heartburn and in his eyes anything chest related should at the very least get an ECG. I'm somewhat worried. Thanks. BTW, you have a terrific demeanor and you obviously chose the correct profession.

  44. My pvcs hurt like hell. I feel them working out, at work, at night. I had them non stop for 3 days and had to stay overnight in the er. The pvcs combined with ventricular tachycardia. They say its benign but how can anyone live like that?

  45. I am SO glad that I came across this very great man and that he shares his wisdom. The information has helped me out considerably.

  46. My heart beat has woke me up. I wake up in the morning sometimes scared that something is going to Happen to my heart. Makes me feel weird. I have still yet went to the doctor I have had this feeling for probably 3 or 4 years. Just came out of no where. I’m 31. Mine just beats weird. And it seems to throw off my breathing. I catch my self having to take a deep breath like I forgot to breath.

  47. I haven’t been able to sleep for a week cause I feel my heart beating at my chest any suggestions ???? And it stops here and there too

  48. Since I started with perimenopause….during ovulation days or when I my miss my period …I feel like a flutter on my chest…its usually seconds…I feel like a puff tru my exaphgus….and i get really bad anxiety…thinking it's my heart….I been to the ER many time and wore holter for a day and everything is well…thank God…but j get terrified when I feel that?

  49. This is such good peace of mind.

    I just collapsed onto my bed like 15 mins after working out and I felt my heart beating strangely felt like it was skipping beats.
    So I checked my heart to be sure and it THUMPED 8 times unaturally hard and fast and then went back to normal. It seemed a little like his beat at 6:40 but only 8 fast beats after I noticed and started counting.

    But he explained very clearly that that is just a pretty normal thing unrelated to a heart condition.

  50. Hi Dr Gupta, I have the regular palpitations where you feel a sudden hard beat then goes back to regular. I have been stressed lately but also drink a lot of caffeine and some alcohol. 2 yrs ago i had ekg, monitor and also stress test and the cardiologist said i have PVC and he said it was a negative test. I cut the alcohol and coffee at that time and they went away. then continued with the coffee and drinking. now i feel them again infrequently but sometimes i think stress has been causing discomfort in my chest. Just wondering if I need to go get another set of tests done again.

  51. Thanks for your video. I have extra beats, although it is pretty much happening all the time. I'm 57 and when I was 30 my doctor said my rhythm was "regularly irregular". I start having palpatations almost a year and a half ago. They're present on EKG, I've had an echocardiogram that showed I have mild pulmonary regurgitation and my problem is coming from the upper part of the heart, they said not to worry. They also did a holter monitor. My concern is that having this irregular rhythm will eventually cause more issues.

  52. 9:40 … i get this a lot at night lately. Imma talk to my GP when I get the chance because it scared me so much the firsts two days I was having it. Usually when I'm lying in bed, but it is very new to me. Scared to lie on my side at night because I "think imma die" but it's very relieving to hear it's more than likely extra beats…thank you Dr. Gupta!!!

  53. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and one bad symptom was heart palpations..had it for almost 4 months before getting back to normal

  54. Pvc one after another feels like can’t breat and hearts gonna stop gives me an adrenaline rush feel like might throw up and freak out heart doesn’t go fast more like it’s gonna stop

  55. Hi sir
    My heart is suddenly beats fast for 2-3 hours and after I feel free. I went for checkup and my gp said no problem. But I feel tension can you pls suggest me

  56. Hello i have tachycardia since 2nd grade normaly my heart beats fast idont like the feeling normaly it will Go away .sometimes its minutes and sometimes is hours im noticing that its triggered by stress or thinking that im gonna get an episode then im noticing that i have alot of adrenaline and i think thats what's making my tachycardia trigger

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