how to tell if you have M.S. ? Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Symptoms

how to tell if you have M.S. ? Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Symptoms

how do you know you’ve got MS you may
have had some of the symptoms if you ever look at the top right of your
screen you can see the little circles that pop up and they’ll give you some
examples some symptoms some early signs of a mess but how do you know you’ve got
MS what do they do what’s the procedure what do you have to do to help the
doctors diagnose you with MS if you’ve got diagnosed or not if you’ve got
diagnosed if you got MS or not diagnose it could be Lyme there’s a lot of people
that say that it could be associated with Lyme disease so you could have a
misdiagnosis you ever checked here’s what you can do first off medical
history the doctors will look your neurologists will look at the medical
history that you’ve had have you had symptoms and signs of MS in your medical
history so every time you have something like a numbness like a tingling like a
pain like a dizziness like a the sight blockage those kind of things you need
to report that to your GP or general practitioner your doctor that will put
that in your medical notes and they will use that to help with your diagnosis
your eventual diagnosis with ms then they’ve got after you’ve had that if
you’ve had a couple of exacerbations in the recent recent you bother a numbness
you couldn’t walk you couldn’t see you couldn’t feel you couldn’t think
whatever it is if you’ve got a history of that if you can show two times that
that’s happened and they can prove that you’ve got damage to your brain or your
spinal cord or your brainstem then they can see damage twice then that gives
them a good flag to say come on let’s just check so you’re gonna have an MRI
either of your brain or your spine or your lumbar region down there because
there isn’t a blood test to detect MS or not the reason you would get a blood
test if they’re going through all that is to eliminate other things so you’ve
got to have medical history you’ve got to have exacerbations or relapses or
attacks and you’ve got to have blood tests that rules out other things once
they’ve done all that then they can send you for a more detailed MRI or if it
warrants they can check your your cerebral spinal
fluid dear CSF and they do that by injecting a needle into your spine
spinal tap it’s called or a lumbar puncture as is called in medical terms
don’t worry it doesn’t know I had a student do mine and what they can do
with the lumbar puncture they can confirm all the other things that have
happened in your medical history in your attacks in your blood group testing
getting rid of all the other things that it can be so once they’ve got your CSF
they can do something that’s like a potential thing they measure the
electrical activity or resistance of that particular fluid once they’ve got
all that they can give you a diagnosis or MS so make sure you go to your doctor
not even go to your doctor just let them know phone them up now we got an in
chester vez and you can phone them up and let morse know what’s going on with
your where your noggin once they have all those things and they’ve ticked all
those boxes then perhaps they might give you a diagnosis of ms they might not
know because doctors are reticent to give that kind of a coldie sack of
diagnosis there is no way out of that you can only get worse until you die
we’re just kind of like health if you think about it if someone’s really fit
they’re only gonna get less fit until they die what a diagnosis that is the
hurry I bet you’re glad you went running now on yeah I’m laughing but it’s not
funny cuz I used to run there now I can barely walk oh poor me luckily I don’t
have to go for all that rubbish I was quite lucky in my diagnosis I had they
attacks quite close to each other and I had the history and I had all the stuff
and I’m in an area Lancaster where there’s castles loom castra the castle
on the river loon and that’ll help you or help your doctor
your neurologist the person you’ll refer to determine whether you’ve got MS or
not alright so that’s what you do you need history
go to the doctor phone the doctor have something in your history to say you’ve
had this you’ve had that you can show that exacerbations you had MRI scans to
show that there is damage that has been caused at least twice and you’ve had
blood tested make sure it’s not Lyme disease or some other similar condition
that it could be because it could be there’s lots of things that can be don’t
panic he might not be MS it might be something that you can treat like Lyme
and that earlier you get it the more likely you are gonna be able to recover
all right so don’t panic it might not be MS but if it is there’s loads of things
available there to help you out and give you support all right

26 Replies to “how to tell if you have M.S. ? Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Symptoms”

  1. Thank you for sharing Andy as it may help someone. A lot of things do mimic MS, I have had symptoms of a stroke, but nope, it was multiple sclerosis. Have a great day.

  2. Great, positive information as usual Andy. Yes, peeps, please report everything and don’t give up reporting, even if you don’t feel listened too. Not even when you might be fobbed off with depression and told it’s all in your head. My symptoms, looking back, started with freezing cold bone pain before having kids 25 years ago, then vision disturbances, total exhaustion, confusion. Everything reported but nothing put together; all treated with anti-depressants and physical symptoms treated separately. 5/6 years ago my bladder and bowel went bananas and couldn’t have sex, lost all normal sensations from waist to knees, had ‘sciatica’ diagnosed which has left me with a limp since then and wide gait. 3 years ago went back to GP, couldn’t balance, looked drunk, felt I was going to sleep when driving so gave that up for a bit, or walk properly and felt like I was dying from inside out, like it was spreading and cloaking me in heaviness, pushing my shoulders down (now have a stoop, unless I use a walking stick). Finally got a Neurologist appointment. MRI showed leisons in brain and spine. Told I had arthritis! Given weekly injections. Did initially reduce inflammation, then it stopped working and symptoms got worse. Another contrast MRI November 2017 AND Lumbar puncture this time which confirmed MS. Given horrible steroids which didn’t work except gave me strength to run away to New Zealand December 2017. WARNING: Do not make significant changes to your life whilst on steroids, it is NOT a good idea! So coming back to UK to face this MS and see if any treatment can be given.
    I would suggest a person with random, weird symptoms (especially emotional and behavioural) as well as the more commonly talked about symptoms, keeps their own log and just report everything, even if you feel medical professionals believe you to be neurotic. You are not! And it’s your body and your intuition telling you something isn’t quite right. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but realise it can take years to diagnosis MS, so don’t be angry (I certainly was,coming out of that now), don’t give up, stay strong, be a pest, and don’t run away to another country! Hahahaha, gotta laugh…and cry…at the same time, then fling your arm up and hit someone in the face! Yep, did that yesterday, poor bloke. Sorry! ???❤️

  3. Good advice . Not nice when you think it's all in your head especially when your GP tells you it's something else and you know your own body tells you there's something wrong at least when you get a diagnosis you feel a lot better because you know it's not all in your head

  4. Thanks andy <3 the struggle is real! I really hope my doc is taking note of all the weird things I'm reporting. Sometimes it's hard to keep reporting when it feels like your not get anywhere or made to feel it's being imagined. Feels lile i have hit a brick wall with my doc and i nearly gave up trying. Then I found your channel✊✊✊ you have given me the boost I needed and will be heading to the docs tomorrow – been needing to for last month or so but it's felt futile and I've been feeling rough,,, so it's been really easy to put off. You give me hope. So many thankyous!!!!

  5. I don't have insurance so will it be more difficult to get a doctor to listen to me? I hate to even say this, but this runs in my family and I know that I have it. It explains so much. I thought I was going crazy.

  6. Hello Andy. Good to see you again and great information as always. I have a couple of questions. Are you a doctor? I know you have MS but your medical terminology is so good I was wondering if you are also a physician. Number 2. How advance is your MS and have you try medical marijuana? I am asking because I have a lot patients with MS, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's that are on medical marijuana and is doing great things for them.

  7. I am really very scared right now – I am about to go to my G.P I have an extensive list of stuff that is happening to me and I am scared not because of the things that are happening but because I think the doctor is going to laugh at me and call me a hypochondriac! ? I shouldn't have to feel like this! I just want some help ?

  8. Andy you have such a wonderful sense of humor, lovely accent, knowledgeable, sweet and kind! Sending you Hugs from Las Vegas.

  9. Don't be afraid of a spinal tap. It's one of those things that you say to the technician "tell me when you do it" and he says "it's already done".

  10. i have been having symptoms for 20 years getting worse and worse. 20 years on i started having more sight issues and i have finally been referred to see a neurologist in salford. After seeing the ophthalmologist for my eyes they sent me for an MRI now i have an appointment with the neurologist in 6 weeks time. no one has mentioned MS yet but the neurologist i have been referred to is an MS specialist, could be to rule it out.

  11. Andy, I’m having pain behind my right eye. The pain actually starts at the base of my neck goes up behind right ear and then right eye. Lightening sharp pains. I take something for it (OTC Meds) put ice on my eye and neck and sleep it off. Or TRY! But, STILL I have the aching pain behind the eye. I’ve also been having pain in my sternum area and ribs. Feels like something is squeezing me from my waist up to my upper chest. I also have numbness in both of my feet. And my CRP lab test was TWICE the normal range. One day sitting in my living room, everything good. Started seeing what looked like bright zigzag lines in both central and peripheral vision. THAT went away. Then, the pain just outta the blue, hit me hard and fast. Stayed with me until i couldn’t take it anymore and my daughter took me to ER. Gave me dilaudid shot. Went home. ER said it was migraine. Two or three days later, pain still with me. Went to see my GP. Gave me Torodol and phenerghan. Took the edge off. Went to see a eye doctor, and he’s the one that got me in with a Neurologist. Waiting to see an OPTIC NEUROLOGIST this Tuesday. What do you think. Also, having brain fog and sometimes I can’t even think of the words I want to say. Can’t remember my grandkid’s name at times. My daughter and I were talking on the phone. And she said MOM, YOU ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH YOUR SPEECH. Sometimes, I think i am dyslexic or something. I know what I want to say, but sometimes the words don’t come out right. I think I’m going cr-azy………

  12. What a great video you put out. What a great personality you have. I am glad people like you are bringing more attention to MS. It’s been so quiet for a long time about it. I wish you the best of health and happiness.

  13. I enjoy watching your videos, what a great personality, you are so funny! You are an inspiration! About 7 years ago I had stroke symptoms, slurred speech, brain fog, foot drop, nerve damage in legs, I had CT scans, MRI, nerve conduction test, and spinal tap, I seen a neurologist for a while, I healed and was able to use my foot after about 6 months, since then I've had many symptoms that I just ignored, my left eye twitching, numbness and tingling, and weakness mostly in my legs and more in the left side of my body, recently, I started having severe fatigue that caused me to go to the doctor I was told I have CAEBV found in my blood test causing the fatigue and symptoms and shortly after I had an attack my whole left side went numb and I was confused, dizzy and had to pull to the side of the road for over 30 minutes, before I could think enough to drive again. My Dr. I have now is sending me to a neurologist to be checked for MS, wish me luck! I sure hope I'm able to stay as positive and cheery as you if MS is what I have! Thanks for your videos it helps me have a greater understanding.

  14. Just found your channel, thanks for all the info and personal perspective. I was just told 3 days ago I have CIS so I've been looking around for information. Thank you for this?

  15. Thank you so much for documenting your personal journey and giving wonderful info. I've been struggling with severe fatigue and heat sensitivity for years and have developed other symptoms as well as been diagnosed with another autoimmune disease, and I still get nervous about reporting things to my doctor for fear of not being believed. I finally emailed my doctor about symptoms I've been having and we set up an appointment next week thanks to encouragement from videos like this!

  16. I'm really hoping I'm not suffering from MS right now.

    I've been getting muscle spasms on my right arm, although it could've been from a needle poking a muscle.
    I've felt lightheaded when I walk long distances.

    My twitching goes away when I calm down though.

    I'm really hoping this is all coincidence. I've noticed this after I had an Entivio infusion, before then I had a tension headache on the back of my neck.

    So do you think this could be coincidence? Or am I suffering from it?

  17. Hello Matey almost one. Year to today I. was searching my utube for what was wrong with me and there. you were It turned. Out to be TD nevertheless just as bad You pointed me. In all the right directions I found a young smart neurologist. who took me off all the. drugs I was on incorrectly and today am almost fine. Love. Annie

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