How To Tighten Loose Skin 2018 | The Best Methods

In this video, I’m going to teach you how
to tighten loose skin. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from If you’re new to the channel, it is such a
pleasure to have you here. If you want to excel your health and your
life, be sure to subscribe, hit the little bell notification, and you’re going to be
well on your way. In this video, we’re talking about how to
tighten loose skin. This is a big problem for a lot of people
and everybody’s interested in how you fix this problem. Now, there’s a couple ways that this can be
brought on. It’s a natural process of aging where you
start to have looser skin and you start to have more wrinkles, and so if you want to
really think about anti aging, then this is going to be a video you really need to watch. The next big thing is postpartum. If you’ve had some pregnancies, definitely
that’s always a thing for women trying to shrink that loose skin around the waist and
then last but not least, weight loss. Anybody who has lost weight in a unhealthy
way is first of all going to really have a problem with the loose skin so what I find
is people who actually lose weight in a healthy way with a ketogenic diet or something along
those lines versus someone who does it by going onto a liquid fast for weeks on end
and just drinking liquid shakes, you know that more unhealthy way or some of these different
diets out there tend to produce more loose skin that does not shrink with the fat loss. So another couple things to mention about
the weight loss topic is that if you’ve been overweight for a long period of time, it is
much harder to shrink that loose skin. And also when it comes to any of these right
here, as you age, it gets a little bit tougher to shrink that loose skin. So anyway, with those things in mind, let’s
go ahead and talk about some of the natural things that you can do to support this loose
skin. The first thing you can do is you can use
hyaluronic acid, so hyaluronic acid can be found in many different ways. First of all, you can supplement with it or
you can use it as a lotion. Supplementing with it is probably the primary
way that I recommend using it so that you can actually work to tighten that skin. The next big one is collagen. When you look at the main structural protein,
the main structural component of the connective tissue collagen is the first one that stands
out, and so if you want to actually work on tightening that skins, supplementing with
collagen is going to also be very important. The other thing is that people who have a
lot of cellulite collagen can also help with that and support that process. Now the one thing that’s not even written
on here is you can also supplement with amino acids which is going to support that loose,
saggy skin. Now, the reason I wrote bone broth here is
because both hyaluronic acid and collagen are both found in bone broth. You know I’ve done a couple videos on bone
broth. You can go ahead and check those out. The bone broth is really going to support
the loose skin by giving you both of these components right here. So you know though you can get a supplement
of collagen, you can get a supplement of hyaluronic acid. You can also use bone broth to support that
loose saggy skin. The next thing you can do is use exfoliation,
so when you exfoliate the skin any area that you’re having loose skin, whether it’s around
the waist or under the arms. Essentially what’s going to happen is you’re
going to increase blood flow and skin turnover in that area. So essentially what you can do is use a coconut
oil sugar scrub, exfoliate that skin on a regular basis, and it’s really going to help
a lot. Next thing that you can do from there is weightlifting. Okay, so there’s a lot of people, especially
women who feel that weight lifting is going to bulk them up and give them a body that
ultimately they’re not going to like. But the thing is is weightlifting has many
benefits, especially as you age. And so if you are weightlifting what you’re
going to find is you’re going to be able to tighten up that loose skin in many areas. You know when you look at the skin under the
arms or you look at skin on the legs or anywhere on the body, if you’re actually working those
muscles in that area, you’re gonna see that skin tight enough. So that’s very important to do. So utilize weightlifting in order to help
you tighten up your skin. And then last, if not least, there’s a skin
toning elixir that my wife really likes. And what it is, is honey olive oil and lemon
juice. So the honey works as a really great skin
moisturizer. So what you do is you take three teaspoons
of honey and you mix it with olive oil, which is rich in vitamin E, you just put a few drops
of olive oil in and then you put a few drops of lemon juice in which is rich in vitamin
C, and then you just mix that together, put it on the skin, and then let it dry. Essentially what happens is all those nutrients
are getting into the skin and it’s going to really support that loose sagging skin. So these different methods work really well
right here. You know, my wife has actually use these different
methods postpartum and found that they worked very well and so not only can you use them
for postpartum, but rapid weight loss and also aging. And the other thing I want to mention here
is that when it comes to shrinking this loose sagging skin, you know there’s a lot of different
potions and lotions there on the market. What it really comes down to is you need to
actually be consuming these different things.So you know, it’s not about just putting all
these topical things on your skin in order to get results, but actually consuming the
proper nutrients so that your skin can actually be healthy. Because as your skin turns over, it’s about
every three months that are skin cells, completely turnover. As they turn over, they’re going to become
healthier and healthier if you’re consuming these different nutrients that are really
essential when it comes to skin health. So guys, be sure to give this video a thumbs
up, share it with your friends. If you have any questions, put them in the
comment section below. Other than that, check out my other videos
on weight loss and how you can increase your health naturally. And then until next time, folks subscribe
to the channel and I will see you in the next video.

100 Replies to “How To Tighten Loose Skin 2018 | The Best Methods”

  1. Achieve autophagy through a ketogenic/intermittent fasting protocol….very powerful method and brings with a list of longevity benefits.

  2. I’m using my husband account … I just have birth to my son 3 months ago and I am so impatient to lose the baby fat and tighten my belly . What else do you recommend ? Besides what you said on the video

  3. So if from 29 to 30 I got lose skin on my belly area is that because of aging? I’m pissed because my problem used to be subcutaneous fat and now is fat plus lose skin

  4. I am sharing my results i have been to the gym for gaining muscle for past two months , i am taking multivitamin tablets , protein rich diet,little massage for blood flow,cold water bath and hot water bath alternatively so its working good actually i already started to see the difference, furthermore i will add collagen (bone marrow) and i hope in six months to one year ill be having clear six pack abs

  5. Hi the info is very enlightinung.thankx .I am 59 post stroke and have neurological damage on the right side head to to. I have great movements mobility and strength but some muscle weakness in certain motion moves I experienced severe just above the bone nerve pain that makes the muscle feel sore in movement. The bone broth is not vegetarian. Do you have any intuitive view of balance to share.please

  6. I’m so sick of chiropractors passing themselves of as “doctors”/medical “professionals” in order to sell snake oil.

  7. Cosmetic surgery, works with instant results. Albeit, if the doctor knows what he's doing. Also, a lot more expensive, obviously. ?

  8. I have lose skin but on my stomach how ok I understand everything else but what exercises will help best to get rid of the extra skin

  9. I’m on a water fast right now. I’m on day 4, but after watching videos on metabolism I’m concerned.
    In your opinion, should I break it tomorrow?
    I’m only doing this for fat loss and to jump start a ketotarian lifestyle change.

  10. Hello Dr.
    I was obese since my childhood.
    But, I played Gym and took diet plan at my age of 23.
    I could reduced a lot of weight slowly (from 190 lbs).
    Now, I am 29 and 160lbs.
    I lifted weight and do belly exercises but the loose skin at my waist is still there. It is really thick and never goes away.
    I haven’t tried your methods.(I just see it now.)
    Can this kind of thick loose skin go away with above methods?

  11. Mmm, I have been on the Ketogenic diet since August last year. I haven't lost that much weight 2 stone, 28lbs, and I have a lot of loose skin. Am a bit sick of hearing that you don't get it on this diet.

  12. Carrot juice, live brewers yeast does marvels for the skin. Coffee in the elixir makes an amazing exfoliation, and it's less agressive than sugar, for those with sensitive skin. Thanks a lot Nick, really accurate and professional!

  13. These are great tips do you know of the vegan alternative for bone broth?? Things to consider for tighter stomach is HOLLOW BODY really life changing for me.

  14. I really HATE misinformation.You can definitely lose weight in a healthy way AND still have loose skin. Your credibility gets put to the side when you are too young and not experienced to talk about a subject you shouldn't talk about. You are going to birth a new Youtube channel my ignorant friend.

  15. Thanks for the video…i water fast often and my skin is tighter I don’t believe it’s unhealthy to give your digestive system a break ….

  16. I have like wrinkly stretch Marks on my boobs. I dont know if it is stretch Marks or loose skin if im being honest. They arent coloured

  17. Bullshit
    Weight lifting isn't doing anything to your skin
    As others said, collagen is gonna be absorbed in the for of aminoacids. Almost same benefit of any protein source like beef…
    You should respect people with loose skin and really try to help them…

  18. Hey, ive lost 50kg in 1,5 years and now im left with some saggy skin around the waist. Im looking for non-surgical procedures to fix the loose skin.
    Have you got any sources on the claims made in the video? Im still trying to find proof that HA and Collagen actually support skin tightening and not just skin regeneration in f.e. wound healing.
    Also, in case someone with the same problem is reading this, anything regarding exfoliation / using oils has been proven to be ineffective. Vitamins of any kind cannot be absorbed by the skin. Skin cells just like any type of cell get their nutrients through blood vessels. There is no peer-reviewed study that supportes skin tightening through oils. The only proven effect is improved regeneration in wound healing from burn victims.

  19. Bone broth LOL that's a lot of bulshit the only way to tighten loose skin is the stop drinking water for 2-day periods at a time and cause your body to consume those cells

  20. "Healthy methods like ketogenic diet" or "unhealthy methods like one of those diets". Why are you presuming ketogenic is healthy if you acknowledge fad diets are by definition unhealthy?

  21. has anyone tried the coconut oil sugar scrub? and what kind of sugar do you use? and why sugar and coconut oil, what does it do to the skin

  22. Okay question: I am around 186 lbs, relatively young and want to be around 90-100 lbs, would loose skin be a problem? I've seen people lose 100 pounds and barely have any loose skin.

  23. I World mi me tomo know eh y Ud i am casting for o ver a monte, 18 hrs, hace breakfast at 6 am, Lucy at 12, no snack, just water, why my glucose Isaías over 100, I never han a sugar problem

  24. Honey, olive oil and lemon juice is also a fantastic gallbladder cleaner. If you start pooping what looks like floating rabbit poo, its because the juice is cleaning your gall bladder. You'll feel better too.

  25. Dr. Nick Zyrowski thank you very much for the imformation provided.

    I have a doubt, i'm 27 years old can i take collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements or it's not for my age? Should i take them together? or start with one of them? Will this help improve the aspect of a little loosen skin in breast, arms? In combination with exercise and all of the above you mendioned?
    And if i gain muscle will the skin become more tighten and reduce the loose skin? I think i've lost muscle since last year, Can be this one of the reasons my skin looks more loosen?

    I know these are many questions, but I would really appreciate your opinion.

    Thank you.

  26. Do we leave the elixir on or do we shower after it dries, also what part of the body should it be applied because 3tsp is a very small amount.. Thank you

  27. Does anyone have results using these methods? My physio told me that it's not possible to tighten loose skin after dramatic weight loose?

  28. This information is very informative, looking forward in trying some of the suggestions? What colligen, or bone broth can you suggest to get on the right path in helping firm loose skin? What about face or under neck area?

  29. I'm 62 years old soon to be 63 I'm overweight I'm losing weight healthy but I have an issue with saggy skin on my facial area since I've lost 40 pounds how often should I take collagen how often should I drink the bone broth I just need to know X how often do we need to do the amino acids and everything else that you were talking about I hope this really works cuz I hate saggy skin

  30. You forgot the key element of drinking water. First thing in the morning, drinking half your body weight each day, moisturizing the skin with self massage, but avoiding all sugars, salt, and processed foods and lastly sleep. Best for me is it takes 3 months for new skin tissues to renew. So it takes time and consistency.

  31. Hi!! Thank you for this video! I have a couple of questions, how often should I exfoliate with the sugar scrub. And is a powder form of collagen and hyaluronic acid ok?

  32. I think you're amazing. One pet peeve…. 'EXspecially'. There's no such word. 'ESpecially' is the word. You're brilliant. Don't let that little word make people go elsewhere. You're very smart. Thank you!

  33. My belly Sucks after delivery. İt's been 3 years and I didn't get my flat stomach or tighten the loose skin yet. However, I am doing all of that! It was badly cut deep due to the fast enlargement during pregnancy! I've thought about plastic surgery but I swore to myself I am not opening my belly anymore. One kid was enough one time through that mess was more than enough!

  34. I have loose skin on my lower back and love handles ughhh I hate it . I been fasting . I feel like the fasting is just helping with the fat

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